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Fun little game!  A few thoughts:

  • The controls are really twitchy with mouse/keyboard, and movement is so fast that it can get frustrating while trying to make small movements.  May I suggest a 'Zoom/Slow Toggle' button/key, which doubles the view while halving the character's  movement speed?  This would make placing objects, melee fighting, and driving the truck  sooo much easier.
  • A larger pickup range would be very helpful, as would doubling the time objects stay on the ground before disappearing.
  • Trees tend to explode into planks that fly all over the screen.  I'm assuming that this is a bug.

Hey Deadlydad, 

To fix the multiplayer problems I had to remake the whole input system. Hopefully the new Mouse/Keyboard set up is better for you. If not I can try to add some rotation sensitivity. On the next update I'm adding a precision button while placing that would stop snapping into place on just stick to the grid. In the new update pickups dont disappear unless they go off screen. The planks do go crazy sometimes I'll try to tone them down.

Thanks for the feedback and support, I really appreciate it. Please check out the new update I hope you like all the new changes.