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I have no idea why you have this rendering the way it does. It forced me to stare at the floor like someone looking for his glasses whilst running away from a robot. I think actually losing my glasses and playing would make the screen less confusing.

On the first map I spent most of the time ignoring gates and just jumping around the walls as I think it gave me a lot more distance between me and the bot. 2nd one i was very confused as I started off looking at a blank purple screen and thought the game had died, then bugged out the bot out by standing in a corner. Didn't finish level 2 but it did have less eye pain than the first.

Only game that made me install things in the jam :( not a fan of that. I advise keeping it to a web build, single executable or .zip (in that order of preference) if you want more people to play.

I like the artwork, however had to come to this page to get what my goal was. Then I had 2 turns and it stopped taking any input :( might have been good but it didn't let me find out.

Reminds me of Interplanetary which is an hilarious game with friends, this could have potential with multiplayer added.

It has potential but needs work, with sounds and some balance (just spam spacebar as much as possible and win most of the time).

I like the minimalistic visuals though!

Nice effects on the screenshake and guns, title screen is good.

Pretty basic platformer otherwise, enemies just walk towards you. The main issue I had was I can't walk up slopes and the map is full of them and I kept expecting to be able to.

I have neither friends nor controllers so can't play :(

The problem with hitscan weapons (or in this case incredibly fast projectiles) is that they're impossible to dodge in most situations. Here though they can't hit you if you're going fast which I guess is the point. The AI doesn't take front and center of the gameplay because of this however, you're not really outplaying the AI you're just trying to move fast around the track like a normal racing game, just if you slow down the punishment is death instead.

Controls nicely, cameras are good, the road was functional if a bit flat. However it's much more fun to ram the enemy and crash about with them than play the objective, but you don't survive long with that.

Fun clone, remember playing games worse than this for hours as a kid. Creativity and theme weren't really there but what is is alright!

Loved the dialog and how the "enemies" started off positive and then got angry or scared when you started hitting them. The welcome to the town was great.

The paralyze animation was excellent, I wanted more moves overall but was having fun with just the 2.

The AI healing each other was a great take on the theme instead of doing enemy AI, you've made co op AI whilst it's the enemy.

Decent visuals and collision detection, however not a lot to do and not very difficult so I spent a lot of time running against rocks specifically to check the collision detection to try and find something to comment on.

Nice polish with the effects and sounds, would be a great multiplayer minigame, however the floaty controls frustrated me.

Fun idea, could really do with being sped up though.

Either have a speed toggle or do like Radiant Historia where you don't have the speed shown at all but just the turn order and then there is no waiting for the next turn to start.