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Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for the instructions. :)

How do you import a city from the other Medieval City generator? I understand we can walk around a city we generatored in the other city generator.

I suggest in future perhaps adding a popup window perhaps when we press F1 or ? key in Toy Town to display the hotkeys.

I am sure you have thought about this already and has been suggested before, but I think if you combined Toy Town with Medieval City Generator into one app and put it on Steam you would get lots of sales. The high appeal would be of course being abkle to seeminglessly switch between top down and tweak a city to your liking then explore it on foot and explore would be a huge draw card.

Plus being a creative tool for D&D GM and authors who want to use it for reference for writing and literally being able to visualize what it looks like from street level for their book or text adventure. In the past i know some writers have used Minecraft to do that, visualize interior and space of a ship or whatever. 

Seriously. The ease of being able to gen a city as per Medieval Gen then instantly walk around it as per Toy Town, switch back to 2d and place a new spawn marker to explore another area. Apparently we can do that already between the two, but not very inituitative as to how to import a city into Toy Town. 

If you add some basic NPC models in basic clothing in 2-3 colours milling about, each slightly different in height, weight and maybe slightly different walking gait and pace. Maybe some props carts, barrels, trees. I dont mean to the degree you would need to in a full blown game, just enough to be a tad immersive. 

Add moving clouds that cast shadow and player can choose time of day for different sun placement etc.

Add a basic screen shot mode with a focus ring and maybe tilt-shift mode with that. 

Anyway sorry about the ramble, i initially meant to just ask how to import a map into Toy Town lol

The leaderboard idea was for ingame viewing yes.  Perhaps you could have stat sharing in the settings by default off, but mentioned somewhere (or even on the leaderboard or stats/profile page) if the players would like to see/compare to others, toggle that option on in settings.

Fair enough on the taxi-cab business idea, this idea was more of a casual thing- rather than a empire building idea. Extra flow of money coming in. But yeah some ideas need the chop if it doesn't fit the vision. I do recall you saying something a long the lines of you wish Stellaris had more exploration? i agree, the combat side of it i'm not really into because its all about in the end attrition and becomes like a board game of risk. The discoveries parts was what interested me most. Although you can fiddle with the settings and have no Ai opponents i think. But one aspect of discovering things often it will be something you have seen before or/and reuse of the same images. I think some discoveries about ancient alien races was suppose to slowly unravel as you learn more about it. But i think it can be difficult to come up with ideas of what doesn't sound the same everywhere, in the end its all linked into technology you discover and unlock new tech, rather than about other things as well.  And you cant really relate to alien races, not like ancient findings history in the real world.  Where learning about how they lived in relation today is interesting.  I agree with No Mans Sky, i am still waiting for an exploration update, there is a modder called RayRod who has really opened the game up in this area, way more biomes and weirdness which im surprised Hello Games haven't hired him, top work. But that is what the game needs. The landmass looks better and more varied than before, still needs more variation in plants and animals. 

Anyway i was inspired by Stellaris to make a Text Adventure for a game jam last year and managed to make it to the finish line. Although the game is more like a demo

I recently inspired by your game to started a new one from scratch that is actually more straight forward in the building blocks of it compared to the gamejam version. I use a text adventure creator (called Adrift) which is mostly drop down creator but can handle expressions and is object based in terms of properties etc. Its very robust and it does have its quirks like any program.  This time round rather than being about salvaging its space trucking which is a idea i had ages ago when i played a lot of ATS or ETS2. However text adventures are rather different than a game like yours in terms of movement, so i have some ideas to make it a bit more interesting than moving about like on board, although it will have some board-game like mechanics. The Salvage game was hastily put together over two weeks and a bit of a mess under the hood. But I learned quite a bit from that so this time it will be better, more organised. I have some other text adventure games in development too. 

Anyway as for your suggestion about having me as a NPC passenger that sounds great. I think i can PM you on here? Daza would be fine for the name and i will come up with something for a basic short conversation. 

Rather turn make my feedback thread into a novel, i thought i would post other suggestions ideas in another thread. Maybe one new or two ideas at a time so the thread can stay rather focused.

So these ideas would be last features to add to the game of course. But often some games have a problem of getting wealthy, reaching max level and completing the main story line etc and then there is nothing to do (seen everything) and just left with the gameloop of the game. I guess i suppose even with engaging end game content you will still come to the end.

Idea 1# Player can eventually start their own taxinaut company (might already be planned?) this could be very much like Eurotruck Sim 2 where you can buy garages at different cities, upgrade them buy trucks and hire drivers and they go looking for jobs themselves and level up and earn more money. The player by this point would have explored a lot of systems and perhaps have found where they can buy cheaper taxicab stations or depots- however maybe some are cheaper because its in a hostile system or light of policing which means likelihood of your cabs getting damaged or clients doing a runner. It would be great if you were be able to design the look of the taxicab, abit like lego but with shapes and being able to change colors of the shapes. They could have number on top denoting cab number. And it would be immersive if you from time to time see them fly past you if you are in the system they work in. Something which ETS2 does not have unfortunately.  So this company can be managed from the UI and pretty much run itself once you hire drivers, possible hire a manager who takes care of repairing/maintenance fees company taxis and possibly bringing to your attention some cabbies who have crashed or damaged their cab too many times and ask if you want to fire them (or you could preset to auto-fire any driver who damages a cab over 50%) sometimes it might not be their fault and you could be firing a good cabbie. A good cabbie could get more fares in a shift. 

Idea 2# Daily Challenges and End Game Challenges

1) Not new ideas here as well. But since the game is SP having a leaderboard of top cabbies (i think i havent already suggested this?) there could be different filters for different leaderboards, so the player can choose to focus on one such as most fares, most distance traveled, all round score etc.

2) End Game or short game Challenge

These could be preset or semi-dynamic; such as complete x amount of fares on hostile planets and complete the X challenge 100% and no fees over 10K. This is just a basic example of what i mean, im sure the dev could think of better ones. This could also be for a short game challenge. Like you are a casual player and would like to reach a goal within a week or over 10 hours of play etc. It wont mean the game ends but you have completed your goal. The player then could do another one, so in a sense these are like side quests. If they all are handmade then some of these could connect to official side missions out there. This idea for end game goals could give replay value if player wants to restart from scratch. Or they can restart with a bonus eg. retain all their contacts and cab- but start with little cash- much like some games where you complete the game but you keep your gear from completing the game and get to play it again on a harder level with you gear)

3) Daily Challenges 

Pretty much what (2) is but in shorter time span of 1 day, this could have its own leaderboard and players who are bored or what something to do if they have completed most of the objectives or wants a challenge can do the daily challenge. Ideally this would be procedural or dynamic challenges so they are always different in terms of where, limits and objective. But also interesting, perhaps some ideas from the community could help shape this. Also there might be a gap between new players and those who have a game going with many systems explored and lots of cash, so the challenges have to be in the middle i guess, unless you have 2 challenges a day- one for experienced/advanced game save (for the lack of better wording) and new players or not far into the game. Perhaps the easier challenge could work into the tutorial initially to help them branch out a bit.

I wonder if most people you talk to are younger players. Why not when creating a new game you get a prompt for normal game mode or trainer wings (instead of wheels). And in Trainer wing mode those pesky birds are turned off on the starting planet. Usually in a game the starting area is fairly easy, even MMOs have this so players can get a handle on the basics without dying all the time and they give up. This way younger players who love a challenge can still experience the game as its meant to be and those older or more prefers to have things a little slower paced or are casual players with short time to play; can learn how to play the game without having to restart a lot because dying and spawning has you going backwards (1 vudu and large debt) so you may as well start completely a fresh. So i would even in the beginning make death a complete restart anyway. Its only later on when you have brought things and have i guess forged contacts and explored a lot of areas etc that you do want to claw your way back again. Especially if you have money banked for so such an event.

Ah that makes sense now. What about having a decent size pop up window that appears lower bottom when arriving will appear, since it has to be addressed having it appear so will not be annoying and we can just interact with it and move on. But i have a feeling you intended it to something the player must remember and if you forget you get fined. Just like irl with speed signs if you forget to look at them you take a risk of going too fast, unless you are a local and know where the speed changes are on the roads. So if that is what your intention is, then perhaps in tutorial mode (like when you arrive at a motel for the first time player gets some tips) you could have a window popup as suggested above and telling player about this custom of Stations. I am not sure if you have specific colors of text in bulletin board window? like red for very important messages? perhaps for important ones they could be in red and BOLD, so the player who is a skim reader can quickly check if they do need to read something carefully. Just some thoughts.

I also did some system traveling initially i wanted to fly to that system far away that sells the anti-grav tech. But the list of destinations GM3322 etc dont really help in knowing which ones to go towards as it might take many jumps to get to that system. I did work out that if you click on Ok (or whatever it was called) when choosing a destination it will show its path and you can back out of that without accepting it.  I think it would be more initituive if the travel agent window goes to the right or left of screen and all lines from starport are drawn to all destinations it goes to and the player simply clicks on the one they want. It would save a lot of time and be more straight forward to see which destination you need to take to move you closer to your further away destination. 

Also another space game i played recently called Endless Sky had a good destination travel system for jumping between systems. You would click on the far away system you want to go to and it would draw lines to all the systems inbetween and use a blue color line according to how much fuel you had. If your destination is beyond your fuel reach, the remaining lines/links system to system to your destination would be red.  I think something like this could work- especially if traveling on a larger vessel and not having to worry about arriving at one stop and having to change flights as it were.  I think Galatic Liners are suppose to fly the furtherest but havent worked out how to find them at a Starport yet. 

I checked out a Starport for the first time today and i liked how there was internal traffic, and lines. However at junctions the traffic is a mess, going really slowly if you make contact by accident with another craft you enter a conversation mode which often can be unwanted. Perhaps when the player bumps into another craft at slow speeds and a conversation is possible the game auto-pauses if it doesnt already and a dialogue icon appears over the other vehicle and player has to click on it if they do want to talk to that npc, else if the player moves on the icon disappears. This would speed up play.   Getting back to the traffic jams, i think there could be lanes- that have intermitted blinking lines (like a runway) which having corridors for the Ai to follow and cannot cross over might make things look better and flow better.  These could have invi boundries that even the player cannot cross over? this could be only inside Starports.  And possibly use decent size roundabouts for junctions for better traffic flow. 

Also while here i got pinged by Federal Security for some reason and they wanted me to stop, which i did and demanded i pay 50k for unknown reasons. I am not sure if this was too many road rage i accumlated over the course or the game or it was a case of extortion. I didn't have enough so they threatened me with a laser gun, the window said choose Action.  It took me a minute to realise my action choices were in the far right slot panel after i noticed the usual icons where gone and thus i must need to click on something there. I  only had the choice of inaction.  Long story short i was shot to death. So thoughts on that..ouch lol.  Perhaps the popup encounter window could be moved to be adjacent the choices slots, which maybe a white border could go around the encounter window and merge with the choices slot panel area as if they are one. Or there could be choices slots below the encounter icons within that window. 

Also some better information why i was being fined. I might of clicked on something to fast to not have re-read it but it would be nice if some dialogue could be had, not sure if there is a stat for charisma or conversation skill where you could attempt to talk your way out of it or at least reduce the fine. Such a conversation mini-game here might be fun. However some NPC could get impatient if the conversation goes around in circles and decides to shoot you.  

Part 2 of my Feedback...

Even though i have got better at avoiding those birds, i think they should be removed from starter planet completely, before i suggested reducing them. I think they would be fine for other planets in another system once the player gets the hang of things.  I had banged up my taxi and had a client and since i couldnt speed up to get out of the way i had further more crashes where the client wanted to get off.  Also i think the player either starts with more money or crash damage is reduced or possibly the taxi has armor on the vehicle (which i think the Dev mentioned already).  It is so easy to go backwards in debt and repair costs become too expensive, even borrowing more money to do repairs you end up crashing again and then cannot get any more loans. Which basically means starting the game over. Since respawn leaves you with 1 vudu. Its a vicious cycle and sucks away all the fun. I am not suggesting making the game super easy because that can be no fun either. 

I will break up my feedback into smaller posts so the dev can reply between them.

Okay, thanks for the info. Do you think it would be possible to have a quick keys hotbar at the bottom of the slots? that are pre-set numbered (1,2,3,4 etc) like in most RPG games where you want to quickly cast something or drink or equip something.  I think your game could do with that so we can use a consumable like with that repulsor or engaging  a tempory speed booster etc. I was thinking about something like this when playing but forgot about it until now. We could just drag down the icon we want to hotkey slot. 

Ah okay, it makes sense now. Perhaps that ex-taxinaut (moon dog was his name?) when he mentions Starports he could say "But do remember not to get confused with Spaceports. Starports are found in a system and Spaceports  planetside.")

I wonder if having a Codex for the player would be an idea. The ingame tool tips are still useful but the more complex stuff can go over a new players head or too much information to absorb. I have been making notes. I like the depth to the game so in no way do i suggest streamlining that.  I wonder if you have a codex that also has a search function, player types in keyword and information displays in the popup-codex. Even if you start with copy and paste the tutorial info already created you get when visiting new places like a motel or home for sale site for first time you get some conversational tips and some other concepts could just be a short paragraph for now. Being able to type a keyword would be faster than clicking on hyperlinks within the Codex, although you still might decide having a Contents landing page for the Codex, which would be good for new players whom do not know what to search for and want to read an overview of how things work. 

This would be handy for players who might take a long break from the game and wish to return and need to remind themselves key gameplay points.  For example i could type Armor and there could be 2 hyperlinks Personal Armor and Ship Armor.  Also having a back and forward arrows on Codex pages like a web-browser could be handy as well, so we could go back and read about the other type of armor.  I understand that would be a lot of work.  Alternative is a browser based Codex or type of wiki where the community can enter in information or make changes to it when things are re-worked.  Also a browser version instead could be handy for players to have it on their second monitor while they play, pause game and then search for something on the web Codex.

But i understand if you would prefer to do a Codex like this last once all the systems are locked and done, as you might make changes and that would mean re-writes of the Codex.  

I know you have a couple of tutorial videos but i found it hard to follow as i am hard of hearing. 

I dont think edit posts will show up as a new post so i will post what i added to this thread as i see you have replied since my editing.

I think my suggestion of being able to make custom waypoints is now redundant.

Talking about the Mini-map again going with deciding how close a bookedMarked site is what about if you click on a Clinic bookmark, it will show on the mini-map (flashing) and also display other Clinic sites you have discovered- that do no flash on the minimap? this would be better than my suggestion of toogling everything on the mini-map i think. Less Clutter too. 

Spaceports and Liners;

I kind of guessed Starports would be in the center of the mini-map by default  and i was happy to find it so, i presume this is for every planet? 

However a side note- the ex-Taxinaut i spoke to who gives you advice etc. He told me Spaceports can have Galactic Liners where you can get transport to other systems more cheaply and they go further. However all i saw was destinations when i visited a Spaceport, so whether that was just bad luck none were there i dont know? how are the G. Liners displayed? is it a icon of the pilot that you can interact with?

I went to another planet in the system for the first time and upon landing on the planet i was expecting to land on the new planets Spaceport but it didn't. I think it would be handy if it did, so we can bookmark it and choose a new destination right away if we got the wrong planet or we are looking for a G. Liner to get a ride with.   Also it would be nice if there was a bar and resturant at a Spaceport- this could be icons to the right of the Starport personel picture we see- the other two icons could be the same over everywhere a drink and food icon. Perhaps at these places there are more intergalatic travelers that have more info and gossip about other systems than say at a normal bar on the planet. 

And perhaps when learning about something about a specific planet or system this info can be added to the popup of said planet or system (currently shows To do) this way we dont have to write down these notes and see them when we visit a systme and hover over a planet eg. "On Xenyu there is a garage that can add high qual armor to your ship."  Or "Rumor has it a wealthy trader has a delievery job - no questions asked".  I dont know if some side-quests will have a popup window listing system and planet and if we visit it- we can activate that ourselves or what. But i think having tidbits of info we learn through conversations will automatically apply themselves to the planet in question. 

(3 edits)

Because of your reply I just discovered how to view planet destinations visited and being able to set destinations, glad to see that is there in the game. Originally in the Galaxy Map i hovered mouse over a planet and it said Todo in the popup so i presumed planet info feature was on the to-do list and didnt click on planet.  But yes being able to click on the mini-map and the game will open up the planets menu (aka Galaxy Map one) listing these discovered sites would save a lot of time and also be more initiative for beginners too.

3# Bookmarks on your panel hud that are for a local planet could only appear when you return to that planet. Not sure if there is a hard limit to number of bookmarks - whether a scroll bar appears when you fill up all the slots? but having them only appear when at relative planet would be really handy and save clutter.

TAXINAUT community » Suggestions · Created a new topic Suggestions

First one is having a Ideas and Suggestions sub-forum and perhaps the Dev could stipulate if he would prefer 1 idea per post- so it can be discussed by others in the community such as why its a bad idea or an improvement upon the idea or whether we can dump a bunch of ideas in one post. These do tend to eventually go into the hundreds over time and duplicate ideas; and it can be hard to expect one to read through all of them to see if your idea has already been posted. Possible solution could be a public Trello page where the Dev or a moderator could move new suggestions into different columns- good thing about trello the cards can easily be moved around into different columns.  Maybe users could be asked to limit their initial post to 2 lines - like a header overview and inside the card where you can write a description write the more fleshed out suggestion for sake of screen space etc. No doubt some players wont be bothered to go to the trello page if one is created and still post ideas here, but it could cut down on those and hopefully be more useful for the dev to sort out what ideas he likes or may consider on trello in a organised manner. 

Anyway i have  2 suggestions for Mini-map;

1# Allow us to right click on the mini-map and we can place a waypoint, another directional triangle (if one direction finder is active - green) will appear as orange. So it would be possible to have 2 (max) waypoint direction finders on the screen a the same time. Orange is for custom waypoints. I am assuming on the map the filled in areas are high density city areas where there are likely to be more places to visit or even more likely more fares waiting?

2# Being able to toggle on/off current bookmarked waypoints onto the mini-map, these could be dots large enough to see its color that matches the bookmark icons in the panel below mini-map. Also (eg. show bookmarks on mini-map is OFF) if we click on a bookmark on the right panel it could show its position on the mini-map as per colored dot. This would be handy to see how far it is visually from your ships position on mini-map to destination. So if you have booked marked 2 medical centers you could immediately see which is closer to your current position.

Where do i get more armor? i am at a repair garage where i thought i could have armor installed on the taxi? but i did see some person armor for sale at another place but that doesn't really make much sense if i had to wear body armor.

Thanks for your reply mosgrom. I can understand some players like it the way it is but gamers cover a wide spectrum now adays (im in my 40s) and younger players no doubt like quick reflexes games etc and there were times i played last night having quick reflexes would of helped. But yeah much less of those birds on starter planet (or even starter system) would be a good idea. What about there is some addons for your ship/taxi you can purchase- where these birds are deflected away from you via rapid release of compressed air from all sides of ship via a hotkey (rmb or/ spacebar) this potentially could deflect 2 birds if they are close enough. You could have a blur outline around the ship when using this. But this device uses compressed air and will need to be refilled (im not sure if there is a fuel/refuel mechanic in the game) but if so where we get fuel is where we could top up our gas tanks. Perhaps this also could be used to brake very quickly from 3 - 0 in half a second- even if traveling fast but uses up more compressed gas (spacebar + w for front)  is used to only have the gas fire out the front of the ship .  This idea could also branch out into combat (i recall reading there is combat in the game but the game is not combat heavy) but imagine there is some yahoos or drunks who like to/ ram taxis in the game- and you can deflect their attacks with this compressed air mechanic (3 successful consecutive deflects will have the yahoo give up and go away or the first time)- this could be a rare event anyway, but just an idea how the compressed air idea could have more purpose. I dont know if you ever will have ground side locations in the future, but this compress air could make the taxi into a hovercraft as well like on water. But i know i am going a bit over board with ideas here lol (excuse the pun).

If you do not like my compressed-air deflect hostiles idea (one might think in the gameworld someone would try to invent something to counter those birds) another idea could be the player can dive under the bird (if in time) or up and over the bird this which only lasts for several seconds until the taxi returns to flight altitude again (player can still turn the whole time though).  Also being able to go up briefly before returning back to the normal flight level this could be handy to fly over buildings where you might have auto-landing on but want to avoid. This mechanic could have other uses in the game in the future, such as Air-racing. Player could buy or hire a racing ship (a taxi driver has to have recreation lol) and there could be a track with hoops that ship has to fly through and sometimes over- a simple colored racing line that can show where dipping is required and going over (this might be too hard to implement but ideas cost nothing). This could be like a rally- as in one competitor at a time and fastest time (you are not racing others at the same time and space) so it will be somewhat skill based being able to turn and use the throttle (although throttle control might have to be more fluid in the game) - maybe controller support in the future. Perhaps some tracks will have a leaderboard that shows other players rankings.  But anyway i am getting off tangent here. I was just pointing out these two ideas that could have other purposes in the game. But the other secondary purposes would be further down the list of ideas naturally. Still these might be redundant ideas as there could be higher priority ideas to work towards which i understand, i am just put ideas out there for consideration. 

Will it be possible later on to buy faster taxis? either they travel faster and turn faster or you can only have 1 type (turn faster or go faster)?

I will try adding more armor to my taxi, thanks for the idea (i didnt know i could). 

Came across your game this evening, havent sunk a lot of time into it yet as its late. But i found the basic in-game tutorial good.  However i keep crashing into other ships especially the bird like ones that do not stop. This even happens if you stop and they fly into you.  I get there has to be some sense of traffic and sort of a mini-game of dodge but i feel there is too many of them, where i could see this getting tedious and stressful. Perhaps night-time there is less of them or some planets there are less traffic?  the other types of ships do stop to avoid collision which is good. I understand the bird like ones are suppose to be a hazard. Perhaps cut those ones down by 30% or at least have a game setting where we can using a slider adjust to what we prefer as a form of diffculty (some players like a casual chill style game and others might relish twitch reflexes every 20 seconds).  So my first two goes with the game i crashed to the point of wrecking my ship, first time it was game over and restarted with my ship needing repairs and I had 0 Vudu, im guessing i had to borrow money to fix it. I restarted the game.

Also on the main screen where there are icons for some buildings/landing zones some are self-explaintory and some are not- it would be nice to be able to pause and hover mouse over ones you dont know what they are to be told.  One was a motel that i accidently flew into and had to click through the explainatory bits before i could leave again- what about when flying over a landing zone the ship stops and we hit L to land or click on the land button rather than auto land (perhaps there is a setting for toggling auto-land ).

Anyway that is all the feedback i have for now. Will have another go tomorrow and dig deeper into the game. 

I will wait for it on steam. Just if there is any procedual aspects to the game like locations?

Yes that is it. I came across that again other day. I think the same guy who made that little game made this new short game? anyway i think the two could fit - with a slightly bigger world. The immersion of lots of NPCs works well.

Controller support?

I like the simplicity of it, the art style. I seriously think this has potential to expand;  any chance you could go procedural cities?, with some buildings you could go into, i remember another game/tech demo that had that, although no shooting- more of a explore the world and escape, there were lots of NPCs walking about which helped set the immersion). Dang  i cant remember what that was called? anyone know?

You could also add some basic  CYOA text interaction with getting intel on your bounty or paying for access to closed on shortcuts etc- intel could be such as narrowing down which quadrant they are in the city sector,  sometimes they give an exact location which you see on your hud that you already got in place in the game already for more money- however sometimes these leads to ambushes.

The gameloop would be the same but more exploration and more npc presence, have a basic map with zones on them- which clues of bounty are made from paying for intel or the bounty intel when you take the job says he or she will be either in Quadrant A or B etc. 

I think this would be worth paying more for (and go on Steam) if you added this sort of thing and even has potential to add things to spend money on- like better weapons and stun weapons, like some bounties require target to be caught alive, which makes it more challenging.  Interiors for buildings like stairwells and hallways, elevators etc where you chase your quarry who might have some hired help.  Heck i could envision a MP mode where players have to get to the bounty first as well as some roles of being the body guard of targets and being able to mark where other NPC guards will stand and face. 

Great post. What paint program are you using for the art work? I love the ruin buildings.  

I do have one little piece of feedback for the edge of the swamp large tree stand image, within the image to the left i cannot help but see a face with x out eyes and a long tongue going into the water. I know its suppose to be two little crosses and tree roots being the other things in the water? Im not sure if others see it that way too? perhaps you could remove one of the crosses to make it less like a face.  

Nice demo. I really like the music, the guitar fits well and the art work is simple but effective and adds to the game. I wonder if there will be other guitar tracks for other areas of the game such as when entering darker or more dangerous areas? and another track when encountering unknown characters or situations.

The Archive is a nice feature, it would be cool if  there is a search bar which can handle two keywords and search the whole archive, reordering it to the search and highlighting keywords.  So you might enter a region name + second keyword.  That could be a fun way to delve into what you already have learned rather than the game track of this for you, where it might say when you arrive at a location 'here is the ruined hunters cabin the tinker said you will find something written on the inside wall..' etc. Typing hunters cabin would jump to that part in the archive of conversations.

Also you could perhaps add the ability to highlight a sentence or paragraph and right click to save it as a personal archive, another option in the side menu. Which kind of acts as a note book, adding what we might consider important info to quickly re-read later.

Anyway keep up the good work and i look forward to playing the game when its finished.

Its cool it has TTS as an option, but i noticed there is no way to turn off the music, which i like to do anyway after while as music can loop too much or need a break from it. 

Thanks for your reply.  Anti-virus must of been the problem removing the .exe file. Usually it has a popup and asks me or informs me and i have an option to reverse or move file out of quaratine. But i got no notification. I tried to download from your website Win 64 but the download failed- twice. So i downloaded the 32bit version and that downloaded ok and i am able to run it. 

I had another game on Itch that also had issues with the launching, which was an unzipping issue that was solved by downloading game outside of itch.

(1 edit)

I get a bad directory name error or something like that. I did manage to download the demo from the website version of itch but there was no setup or launcher/.exe to run the demo. I even tried a different drive but no difference.

(1 edit)

I am having problems too, i clicked on Install and it created a folder and seems to have unpacked all the files there but no launch option on Itch. Going directly to the folder and tried to launch and got error "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".  I also tried to set it to run typewriters or winsetup.ext as Windows Vista Service Pack 2, but that didnt do anything. The instructions was to unzip, but there is nothing to unzip.  There are 7 files. 

Update: looking at the downloads section of Itch app, it says An error occured during installation zip: unsupported compression algorithm.

Why doesnt this game have a proper installer?

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Just wondering how this game is progressing? im guessing you have a full-time job that takes up a lot of your time and so game development might be slow. Still would be good to know how much you have progress since last demo update and if there is a roadmap for 2019? 

i'm still keen in seeing this game fiinished and playing it, im sure there are others too but with little info coming through one tends to forget about it. 

Enjoyed the demo! great work!! I did get the odd freeze for like five seconds, i did drop down some of the graphic settings which helped but still got a occassional freeze. I only discovered this game today, so i dont know much about it. But i do hope there will be some strategy involved in terms of a campaign map and you choose order of attacks which can impact other missions if you do poorly or choose poorly etc. I couldnt work out how to fire chaff. Look forward to playing the demo some more and will look into this game some more. Thanks for the demo.

Thanks for the update. Here is a new screenshot showing some background weirdness, these are like flat colored squares and are seen in the background of the city block.  The other buildings otherwise appears to be fixed now in terms on of those earlier reported texture glitches.

Ok. Feel free to post in this thread when you do update (as i will get an email notification) and i can check if this issue is completely sorted in the next update. 

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Yes much improvement for me (build 3-8-2018), but some buildings are still glitching. The main building you start in is almost perfect, a lamp was glitching in the room i was in (see first pic below), but everything else inside and outside the building was spot on.  More screen shots of which buildings were still glitching. I didnt explore the whole block though just what you see.Lamp Shade Glitch

Lamp Shade Glitch

Also is it possible to open/close doors currently? 

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This latest demo is doing the same thing as last time, rather than having a single color fill for walls and floors etc, its many lines at different angles, patterns and colors and it flickers and changes patterns as you move (settings set to 1920x1080 and Beautiful). See screenshot below, apart from that I can move around fine. I have a Ge Force 1060  6gb.  Why is it messing up? is this a shader issue?

Glad you are still working on this game, screen shots are looking great and will look at buying it once i can play it when i can play it without the artsy glitchy graphics.  

This is neat. Would it be alright to use some screenshots for a text adventure game? 

I think with more features; and more building types etc you could make something worth charging for.  This would appeal to those who make text adventure games and wants nice looking city maps, D&D tabletop players who wants whip up something for a homebrew game etc. Writers who want to visualize their cities and towns etc. 

Some more suggestions:

1# Export options > PNG, Gif, PDF (maybe last one would be tricky to implement?)

2# Overlay options? More for top down view > Square grid and Hex Grid this could be useful for D&D table top games.

3# Polygon Stickmen like population? Toggled off and On. Some will be still and others moving in groups or/and individually, probably suit a smaller city. Topdown view could just be dots. If Exporting is in and GIF format is one of the options; it would be cool if you had polygon stickmen that you could generate a 15sec gif of them moving about. 

4# More zones; like farmland type zones that could have wavey lines and straight line squares as fields. 

5# Rivers

6# Walk speed slider or when at street level moving cam around will be at walking speed, unless you hold LShift to make it feel like you are walking around rather than zooming around too fast. A toggle key could switch back to normal cam speed if desired.

7# In light of my initial suggestion of making a commerical product with this to help fund to get in more features, i can see a continent option where one is generated. To save on CPU resources rendering a continent in 3d why not make the continent world map 2d.  And then you can place upon it city maps the Toy Town generated in RTS form upon it. This could be a 3d image that is placed on the map, when the user double clicks on this on the world map the 3d town version loads in.   

You could have a side panel that pops out with the list of placed towns so you can jump to them- the camera will fly across 2d world map to it and then load it.  So in short the world map cannot be walked on or viewed in first person. But the cities made as per normal can. The world map just gives a means to visualise where the cities and towns are in relation to one another.  

Also there could be clipart like images that can be placed on the world map (custom import option to) such as icons to depict types of terrain, mountains, forests etc. 

Thanks for your reply. 

I suppose you can add more side missions and possibly another campaign in the future as DLC, along with more cards and decks too. 

As far as community involvement with game events, why not have a competition for player submitted ideas, these could be limited to, two lines (like elevator pitch short) and you could pick the best 10 or 15 or something and implement them in the future.  You could take this idea for side missions too, this would be fun for the community to be involved and also perhaps some ideas will come to light you would of never thought of since you are a one man band.  Anyway just some ideas. 

I like the idea of this game a mix of CCG and RPG and XCOM with some dynamic play along with a linear plot path it seems.  

1# How replayable is this game? Is it possible to keep playing post game once the story is completed? 

2# Will there be any possibilities players can create content, in the form of small events or whatnot? if so will there be an event editor built into the game or would they have to be knowledgeable with scripting or a game engine to do that sort of thing?

 I think it would be cool to be able to add events other players make as to add to the pool of random events that can occur.  

I hope this will change in the near future. Am looking forward to this game, will probably buy into the ea if this will run properly on win 10.