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Okay fair enough. Perhaps this idea could be implemented on those other projects down the road too, as an option. Would be useful if someone wants a D&D session that involves exploring or moving through a city or village etc.

How did it go? 

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This example i made with another 3rd party Hex grid app and also, i wasn't about to set it to single or just double digits. In your map generator, you could make an option to have the number show top or center or bottom of a hex.

Maybe also have font color for Hex number and size as options too, bigger font number might make it more readable.

And the user could turn off (if its possible) the little 1-6 table denoting POI locations to make it easier to read hex numbers. As they could easily export a version of the map with out hex/numbers and have the 1-6 legend table denoting the POI so the map is not obscured in anyway. The hex version could be for movement only. 

I hope the example helps.

This is great! Any chance you could add numbers as an option for hexes? like in the center of hex. This could make it suitable for pbem type of ttrpg or if playing with friends in discord and being able to call out a hex number for where they want to move to etc.

Another bernband fan here. I liked what i saw in this prototype. My Norton AV went nuts on a bunch of dll files, but i think that was from the linux or mac folder. As the game ran okay.

I couldn't find anywhere to buy food? 

At first i kept throwing my gun down instead of firing it until i worked out how to use it properly.  Would be nice if we could holster (unequip) the pistol. At one point i couldn't collect money, whether it was because i had too much i dont know? 

Also when i killed bounties and then checked the contract, i expected the number of them to be killed on contract would go down. But it didnt. So then i wondered maybe i was shooting the wrong ones? even though they were same color as image in contract. Is there some other difference we need to look at? I think it would be interesting if there are some subtle differences like different color shoes and maybe some lines for a breast pocket or something like that.

So you have to get close to them to see if its your target. Maybe they will run off if they see you coming with a pistol, so only draw it out when you are ready.  Perhaps the enemy has a faster rate of fire to make them a little harder.  And adding more NPC milling about could make it harder to find them, but also easier to blend in if following a target.

This game also reminds me of another game that is similar to bernband, where you had to follow targets around in crowded areas at an alien spaceport or city?? I cant recall the name of it. It had an insane amount of NPCs.

Great job! I need to fine tune the lighting effects, i didn't see a gamma option?

I haven't tried fast-travel yet, but combining that with photo snaps we can take is an awesome idea.

I would like to suggest a few things, an option to crouch so we can view something lower or view something underneath.

Would like to see things like insects, leaves falling and birds flying about, landing etc, and the sfx for that. Although the sfx of birds might of been present, i am hard of hearing, so didn't notice.

I half hoped we could walk down to the village and explore it. But that would be a lot of work, but it would be something i would love to explore over the course of an hour or two. 

I could imagine some of these as standalone games if they could be expanded on in map size in the future. Maybe via community poll of what they would like to see first and willing to buy.

I'd pay $25-30 for a game i could easily spend hours exploring if the map is large enough to do that. The Australian one or was it the NZ one had part of the map with a river and you could wade a little in. I could imagine having a canoe in the game where the player could paddle down the river and stop where they like and explore. A game where you could literally get lost in the forest would be awesome.

Also you could add a 'deploy campfire' mechanic, so long as it is flat, it can be placed. And player could sit next to (lower POV). Just use the tried and true method of crafting games. Green transparent outline of object for you can place and red for you cannot. And add a sitting posture. Which moves camera to lower level.

And if there was a setting to choose rate of daylight, where some insects are more noticeable at the close of the day.  The player could also set a starting time of their walk if they want to change the scene, longer shadows etc giving it a new feel.

Going back to the burning campfire, watching the sun go down and then seeing the bright campfire and sparks of the flame etc and hearing the night life would be very immersive and give the map another way to experience it. And on that note, why not have a torch for at night, making a walk through the environment at night another interesting experience again. There could even be a mode where you start at night with a torch and are randomly placed on the map and you have to make it back to the start.

Perhaps in the future you could team up with someone who can do really good animal animations and we can see wild life.

Anyway not to ramble, this Japanese one is your best yet!

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Cannot install this win64 version. I get an error file build undefined or something like that. Oh, it seems this issue is with the Itch app itself, as i am able to download this on the browser version of itchio.

I didn't know about this game believe it or not. I have played Warsim off and on and i can see original inspiration from this game.  Its a shame the code was lost. I actually prefer this exploration style of play over running a kingdom play. 

Just a couple of questions...

1) Charisma, Luck and Sneak has no values in the Skill points menu, i cannot level these up. is this because from failures you eventually get these skills? like with failing lock picking you can increase your skill, but also can do this when spending skill points too.

2) Are all the regions random? including number counter to clear them?

3) Are the levels of regions how hard the enemies will be to kill or difficulty across the board, eg. picking locks will be harder too etc

Thanks for your feedback, which has valid points. I will work on these post-competition to further polish this micro gamebook. As for the example of player choice being a little strange, I was going for the reader directs the story type of gamebook, where as you know some choices leads to a scene without the main character being present. But I can understand how some lines like that being unconventional to the norm of choices can throw readers off, I will correct that after the competition. Thanks again.

Updated gamebook with 1 fixed typo

Love your game, you should definitely keep on it post jam. Reminds me of Card Hog on steam. You could add crafting and biomes, which could be simple backgrounds of power snow, sand for deserts etc, which some cards could be a resource based on the biome etc.

lol When i first read the title, i read '..where you fight for information' and i thought that sounds  interesting. Still formation fighting is an interesting different take in this genre.

Good effort. I Liked the artwork, would love to see other stories done like this, of course without there being a page limit there would be room for speech bubbles.  Perhaps the speech bubbles could have numbers instead of text as per norm in a comic. Text section could be at the very back of the book, written in plain text as per standard gamebook. It would be interesting to see how that goes, and reusing panels for the same scene but the writing could be very different depending on the point in the story. Anyway enough rambling on..

Some feedback for your entry (spoiler warning below for those who haven't yet played/read it)

1) Panel 1, where it said 15 i thought this meant go further along the corridor. But realized it was to peer into the cage there? Another panel i saw there was an arrow that accompanied a number which made it more obvious it was to continue along. But from the beginning it wasn't clear. Perhaps the 15 could have a faint arrow pointing to the cage door?

2) 4th page with the spider above, i felt the consequences of the choices should of been on different panels, it was a little too easy to see (same for the rats). And i am not sure why the coins for choices here? now thinking about it some more, we were suppose flip of a coin? perhaps a spinning coin might make this clearer or the player can just blindly choose using a simple: ? 18 ? 19 etc 

3) Panel 12 wasn't very clear to me. I thought perhaps the 18 + X was to be totaled to turn to a new panel? going by X as the value seen panel 7? wasn't sure if that was intended. I couldn't quite follow panel 22.

I have recently re-uploaded both files to fix a broken path which was at Section 2 having an option to goto 7 when it was suppose to be 17. I posted a comment about this, but it seems it only appeared on the project page and not here.

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1# What do the numbers mean? 

2# And why sometimes you dig 1 tile and other times its 5-7 tiles that get done with the single click? 

3# When do we get to assemble the parts? i did the Australia site and after finding all bones it seemed all i could do was leave?


I think we should only dig one tile at a time not 5+ etc. Also it seems there is only one depth, would be nice if we could keep digging down. This might mean having layers, where player can set to view only current layer they are working on.

Although this is suppose to be about Dino bones only. There could be other artifact objects (eg. pieces of pottery, carved stones or stone blocks) which could have some procedural aspect) which are there from other time periods and you must take care not to break them. I guess you would need tiles with some rng surface mesh so its not easy to spot a dug tile (not at bedrock) that looks different because it has something. 

Maybe a limited number of dig turns based on size of work area, perhaps for harder levels. So the player has to think more carefully about where to dig.

Sounds like an interesting game. A new take on a jigsaw puzzle.

I have re-uploaded both files to fix a broken path which was at Section 2 having an option to goto 7 when it was suppose to be 17.

Mine will be rather straight forward, I use two variables in it and thats it. Since it is my first gamebook and with the 4 page limit i figured i would play it safe. But I do hope we will have some more of these Micro Gamebook Jams and not just once a year. Maybe once every four months? It also is good for those dipping their toes into creating a gamebook for the first time or returning to it.

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I have finished mine, a friend proof-read it, I suppose it is easier to do that if it is not your own work. I am leaving it for a few days to come back to with it, with fresh eyes to see if it can be further polished. I managed to have three endings. I am looking forward to reading others peoples work when they get submitted.

Yeah having lots of fun with this story, very much seat of my pants writing method. Nearing completion of draft 1. I figured out by trial and error how to adjust spacing in Open Office, for those who are also using this program; to the right side of screen in OO in the properties panel there is a Spacing: with two icons tool tips tell you increase or decrease spacing after paragraphs. Before that i was highlighting paragraphs and clicking on single spacing trying to see if that was the way to do it, but that did make it look tighter, i then tried spacing 1.5 and that was too wide. So I am not sure if the original spacing between lines was how it is suppose to be much like this text in this message or can you can get away with squashing them together a little with single line spacing in a paragraph? I don't know how to get it back to what it was. But at least if figured out how to adjust spacing after paragraphs.  Anyway one thing i am finding with this comp is, it is teaching me to write more efficiently and make lines shorter. Something I think helps bigger works too.

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I like game mechanics too, but for this idea i have it doesn't really fit and space wasted explaining. How did you adjust line spacing?, word processors is a bit of dark art alot of the time. I want to remove double spacing, i think, when doing dialogue i want to sometimes go down a line but it inserts a space and pressing backspace causes the cursor to go back up to the last line of text. I would like to remove space between section number and text beneath it too, if that is allowed?

Thanks for your reply. I did manage to sort it out in the end. Thanks. Working away through my first draft to see how much fits into four pages. My current idea does not have any game mechanics, it doesn't need any.  Still, i will have plenty of time to try another idea.

I don't own word because its too expensive. The first page looks good in open office but the other pages have weird large boxes (maybe these are tables?) and a margin in the middle. I cannot remove those and do not know how to delete those other 3 pages, even after searching how to online. Could you make page 1 available by itself? hopefully i can just keep writing below it and OO will make the next page identical in margins etc.

That sounds fair. I have been brain storming some ideas. I have done some text adventure gamejams before, which in many ways a gamebook will be much easier in comparison (in theory anyway) with most of the focus being on just writing and branching. But i have never completed a gamebook before, i started one a while ago but had other projects going at the same time.  But Gamejams are fun and also short enough to actually finish it, along with limitations that forces you to avoid being over ambitious which often can get you into trouble.

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I presume if you live in a country that is a day ahead, one can start the competition on their 1st of March and finish it on their 30th? thus starting a day early technically, but also finishing a day early. Since this wasn't mentioned i presume we can do this.  Or will we all go by the countdown timer regardless?

Well I guess Simon will clarify that, i may have read it wrong myself where it says: "Entries can be made anytime between the 1st and 20th of March." It sounded like to me, we can start/make our work/entry on the 1st March, else it could also be read as Entries can be submitted between 1st of March to 20th? Usually a gamejam has a period leading up to a Jam where we can plan out our game but not start on it until the starting date, although gamejams are usually about writing code or making a game with a game engine/creator, and so that part cannot start until the date, but fleshing out the gameplay design and story can be planned out in advance. So of course a gamebook is different in that respect, i think it should of been made clearer. At any rate i hope which either case you can still submit your game.

Thanks Simon for the template. I opened it up in Open Office and noticed at the bottom of first page two boxes that the others do not have, is this intended? see top left of image. Or is Open Office not displaying this correctly?

You have done a draft already? I thought it doesn't start for another 3 days?

Could there please be a one page template providing; font size and margin sizing already to go? this will help squeeze the max of words we can fit in and also be what will fit well in the ezine too. Thanks.

Could you share what other short ones you found online?

Well done! Reminds me a little of Bernband. 

Ok fair enough. 

Hey Dan. Do you realize your game page for The Hit cannot be viewed on Itcho without a password? i have no way to contact you about this. I see it has a price tag now, but don't know what the deal is with the password prompt when trying to view the game.

Really looking forward to this being released when it is ready. I notice the demo had some updates too, which version is the demo compared to the current build of the full game in progress? I don't expect the demo to be brought up to date because that would be a waste of dev time on the game, but curious to know the current comparison.

This sounds and looks good. Is there any low res pics (watermarked) somewhere? so we can look over all of these before buying?

Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for the instructions. :)

How do you import a city from the other Medieval City generator? I understand we can walk around a city we generatored in the other city generator.

I suggest in future perhaps adding a popup window perhaps when we press F1 or ? key in Toy Town to display the hotkeys.

I am sure you have thought about this already and has been suggested before, but I think if you combined Toy Town with Medieval City Generator into one app and put it on Steam you would get lots of sales. The high appeal would be of course being abkle to seeminglessly switch between top down and tweak a city to your liking then explore it on foot and explore would be a huge draw card.

Plus being a creative tool for D&D GM and authors who want to use it for reference for writing and literally being able to visualize what it looks like from street level for their book or text adventure. In the past i know some writers have used Minecraft to do that, visualize interior and space of a ship or whatever. 

Seriously. The ease of being able to gen a city as per Medieval Gen then instantly walk around it as per Toy Town, switch back to 2d and place a new spawn marker to explore another area. Apparently we can do that already between the two, but not very inituitative as to how to import a city into Toy Town. 

If you add some basic NPC models in basic clothing in 2-3 colours milling about, each slightly different in height, weight and maybe slightly different walking gait and pace. Maybe some props carts, barrels, trees. I dont mean to the degree you would need to in a full blown game, just enough to be a tad immersive. 

Add moving clouds that cast shadow and player can choose time of day for different sun placement etc.

Add a basic screen shot mode with a focus ring and maybe tilt-shift mode with that. 

Anyway sorry about the ramble, i initially meant to just ask how to import a map into Toy Town lol

The leaderboard idea was for ingame viewing yes.  Perhaps you could have stat sharing in the settings by default off, but mentioned somewhere (or even on the leaderboard or stats/profile page) if the players would like to see/compare to others, toggle that option on in settings.

Fair enough on the taxi-cab business idea, this idea was more of a casual thing- rather than a empire building idea. Extra flow of money coming in. But yeah some ideas need the chop if it doesn't fit the vision. I do recall you saying something a long the lines of you wish Stellaris had more exploration? i agree, the combat side of it i'm not really into because its all about in the end attrition and becomes like a board game of risk. The discoveries parts was what interested me most. Although you can fiddle with the settings and have no Ai opponents i think. But one aspect of discovering things often it will be something you have seen before or/and reuse of the same images. I think some discoveries about ancient alien races was suppose to slowly unravel as you learn more about it. But i think it can be difficult to come up with ideas of what doesn't sound the same everywhere, in the end its all linked into technology you discover and unlock new tech, rather than about other things as well.  And you cant really relate to alien races, not like ancient findings history in the real world.  Where learning about how they lived in relation today is interesting.  I agree with No Mans Sky, i am still waiting for an exploration update, there is a modder called RayRod who has really opened the game up in this area, way more biomes and weirdness which im surprised Hello Games haven't hired him, top work. But that is what the game needs. The landmass looks better and more varied than before, still needs more variation in plants and animals. 

Anyway i was inspired by Stellaris to make a Text Adventure for a game jam last year and managed to make it to the finish line. Although the game is more like a demo

I recently inspired by your game to started a new one from scratch that is actually more straight forward in the building blocks of it compared to the gamejam version. I use a text adventure creator (called Adrift) which is mostly drop down creator but can handle expressions and is object based in terms of properties etc. Its very robust and it does have its quirks like any program.  This time round rather than being about salvaging its space trucking which is a idea i had ages ago when i played a lot of ATS or ETS2. However text adventures are rather different than a game like yours in terms of movement, so i have some ideas to make it a bit more interesting than moving about like on board, although it will have some board-game like mechanics. The Salvage game was hastily put together over two weeks and a bit of a mess under the hood. But I learned quite a bit from that so this time it will be better, more organised. I have some other text adventure games in development too. 

Anyway as for your suggestion about having me as a NPC passenger that sounds great. I think i can PM you on here? Daza would be fine for the name and i will come up with something for a basic short conversation. 

Rather turn make my feedback thread into a novel, i thought i would post other suggestions ideas in another thread. Maybe one new or two ideas at a time so the thread can stay rather focused.

So these ideas would be last features to add to the game of course. But often some games have a problem of getting wealthy, reaching max level and completing the main story line etc and then there is nothing to do (seen everything) and just left with the gameloop of the game. I guess i suppose even with engaging end game content you will still come to the end.

Idea 1# Player can eventually start their own taxinaut company (might already be planned?) this could be very much like Eurotruck Sim 2 where you can buy garages at different cities, upgrade them buy trucks and hire drivers and they go looking for jobs themselves and level up and earn more money. The player by this point would have explored a lot of systems and perhaps have found where they can buy cheaper taxicab stations or depots- however maybe some are cheaper because its in a hostile system or light of policing which means likelihood of your cabs getting damaged or clients doing a runner. It would be great if you were be able to design the look of the taxicab, abit like lego but with shapes and being able to change colors of the shapes. They could have number on top denoting cab number. And it would be immersive if you from time to time see them fly past you if you are in the system they work in. Something which ETS2 does not have unfortunately.  So this company can be managed from the UI and pretty much run itself once you hire drivers, possible hire a manager who takes care of repairing/maintenance fees company taxis and possibly bringing to your attention some cabbies who have crashed or damaged their cab too many times and ask if you want to fire them (or you could preset to auto-fire any driver who damages a cab over 50%) sometimes it might not be their fault and you could be firing a good cabbie. A good cabbie could get more fares in a shift. 

Idea 2# Daily Challenges and End Game Challenges

1) Not new ideas here as well. But since the game is SP having a leaderboard of top cabbies (i think i havent already suggested this?) there could be different filters for different leaderboards, so the player can choose to focus on one such as most fares, most distance traveled, all round score etc.

2) End Game or short game Challenge

These could be preset or semi-dynamic; such as complete x amount of fares on hostile planets and complete the X challenge 100% and no fees over 10K. This is just a basic example of what i mean, im sure the dev could think of better ones. This could also be for a short game challenge. Like you are a casual player and would like to reach a goal within a week or over 10 hours of play etc. It wont mean the game ends but you have completed your goal. The player then could do another one, so in a sense these are like side quests. If they all are handmade then some of these could connect to official side missions out there. This idea for end game goals could give replay value if player wants to restart from scratch. Or they can restart with a bonus eg. retain all their contacts and cab- but start with little cash- much like some games where you complete the game but you keep your gear from completing the game and get to play it again on a harder level with you gear)

3) Daily Challenges 

Pretty much what (2) is but in shorter time span of 1 day, this could have its own leaderboard and players who are bored or what something to do if they have completed most of the objectives or wants a challenge can do the daily challenge. Ideally this would be procedural or dynamic challenges so they are always different in terms of where, limits and objective. But also interesting, perhaps some ideas from the community could help shape this. Also there might be a gap between new players and those who have a game going with many systems explored and lots of cash, so the challenges have to be in the middle i guess, unless you have 2 challenges a day- one for experienced/advanced game save (for the lack of better wording) and new players or not far into the game. Perhaps the easier challenge could work into the tutorial initially to help them branch out a bit.