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Hi there. Great app. I have some feedback and suggestions.

1# When trying to open a json file to load a map made in MFCG it doesn't show any json files, you have to change the file type within open file window from custom to All. I suggest by default it will have all or json so we dont have to do that. Also a new user might not think to choose ALL.

2# When switching from map mode to ground mode, it would be great if the center of the screen is where the ground mode will start. So if you are zoomed all the way in and switch to ground mode it will start where you are on the map more or less. Making it easier to find a place you want to explore from in map mode first.

3# When in map mode, zoomed out would be handy if you could double lmb somewhere on the map and the screen will center the map there, which would work in tandem with suggestion #2

4# On the rmb menu, would be nice to have preset dawn, morning, afternoon, night to change to. I know there is hotkeys to randomly change lighting. But being able to use presets would be useful too.

5# In map mode it would be nice if we could export as PNG (perhaps this will appear where export as .obj was when in map mode) this way we could gen a city within the app and export it without having to use MFCG)

> Question: Why is it when you press 5 and press it again and again the roof tops change size etc. I notice it is changing colors of some roofs to light or darker shade, but also sometimes lowering the size of the roof or raising it. Unless it is the trick of the eye?

Pressing 6 causes the lighting to change but all the gables or roofs disappear entirely. Keep pressing 6 and its just lighting changes, but the trees can shrink or get bigger. Roofs do not reappear.

This all might be intended. 

Where it says for converting monsters from other modules; what did you mean by treat them as 1d10s?

Hello. I just brought this, was the soundtrack suppose to be included?

I've had an eye on this game for a while. Looking forward to playing it when its released!

Fantastic tool. The incredible detail and being able to zoom right in, is simply amazing. 

Feature Request 1# What about an optional for overlay for a grid (optional square or hex) which could also generate unique hex/grid numbers in the center (being another layer/option in itself) that could have some color & size parameters with it too. This would be great for tabletop or solo RPG gamers where players could explore a city etc. 

Feature Request 2# Also similar to another request i see here, what about an option to display on the corner of the map the population number. This could be based off number of residential buildings generated. This would help a lot if the map is used for a game where you want to give a realistic est of how many people live in the city.

These looks great! Could these be used in a Interactive Text Adventure game instead?

Great. Thanks for letting me know. It works! although initially my Norton A/V blocked it from accessing the internet. I just had to allow that and re-start the game. I managed to connect no trouble. So I will check out the game tomorrow.  

Thanks for your reply. Ctrl+click nice and simple method for displaying all descriptions at once. You could add that to the hotkey-list.

On the app itself top-left there could be a small font saying Press F1 to see hotkeys- which would appear in a free window or on the leftside of the app screen. Pressing F1 again to hide it. Perhaps exporting the map wont show them, even if currently displayed.

When you said non-square maps do you mean like rectangle maps instead for larger maps?

I had another thought too for larger maps, a Fog of War tool that can be toggled on/off. Which could be round or square frame over the map and the User could make it bigger or smaller via hotkey + mouse wheel and anything outside of the FOW window/overlay is just blank hexes or just not displayed. A GM/DM could use this app on a tv (connected to pc) or laptop and display the world 4x4 or 6x6 hexes at a time giving the players a sense of exploring the map rather than seeing everything at once.

Perhaps clicking a hex will center the FOW over it. 

Of course printing the map out and cutting out a square or circle on a sheet of cardboard would do at present. 

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Thanks for the update, especially the numbers for hexes! I found purple seems to be a good color for them to stand out. 

I just realized i had to click on towns to get the description to pop up. Also some non-POI hexes have descriptions too. Nice. Would it be possible when exporting to have a tickbox to show descriptions in the exported image?

Do you plan on having coastal towns and harbors generated? these could have a small dock or Anchor icon right on the coastline.  I could see people could use multiple maps within the same world as it were in a campaign and departing from harbor/map and arrive at another, on a different map. There could be an option of how many or none.

Is there any plans for options for larger map size, like doing a large continent? 

Just tried out V6 of Windows version. In V5 i reported nothing would happen once game loaded.  This time round pressing enter to connect i get a message "There seems to be an issue connecting to the main server. Press any key to end this program. " I have tried 3 times now.

Not sure if this is temporary because the server is down for specific reason or something else?

Also another issue, i have to launch the game from its folder and running the exe file, if i try to click on Launch button in Itch app nothing happens, the game apparently is running and then closes. I do not see powershell window open at all. At least it can be launched manually.

Still hoping to be able to check this game out sometime in the near future.

This looks fun and very replayable.

A couple of ideas for future content:

1# What about you guys having a competition for your community, whereby fans design a game, they create a single pdf with an opening 2 paragraph idea pitch and then further details, example images, gameplay etc. Maybe have a page limit.

A game that will fit inside a playtime of 30min to 3 hours play time.  You pick the best one or the community votes for the best one and you make it. This could be a yearly competition. I bet there are many with a good idea but do not know how to code. 

2# Another idea is you create a coding series (video) for a basic game you make and those in the community follow along, learning a long the way. You could reuse some of your art assets for it.

No it wasn't that game. It was like a prototype or could of been from a GameJam. But it was 3rd person and in some alien city which had tall buildings and you walked around the streets which were full of moving crowds of NPCs- often going one direction on one side of the road and another on opposite side of the road. You sort of had to move with the flow and then attempt to cross the street which had hovercars going to and fro. I dont recall there being any interior locations. But you had to track down a bounty amongst the throng of alien citizens.

27inch monitor with resolution of 1920x1080

I will keep an eye out for the patch. You can PM if you want when its ready and i can test it again.

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I downloaded the windows version (i am using Win 10) and it opens powershell and has the name of the game at top left and the text 'connect' a few paragraphs down in center, which cannot be clicked on. Doesn't look like the screenshots in this post. Which has buttons and borders etc. Edit: i just realized i didn't follow the install instructions. I just tried that but it is the same issue if you just double click on the rbbs.exe file.

I cant even type any commands, like maybe connect idk. The manual/handbook doesn't say anything about first time playing, a guide how to create an account or main gameplay loop etc. 

Still interested in trying this game out. Is this game being made in windows or linux? I am guessing Linux since there is only a linux file with an update in this post.

I am still interested in playing this, if the windows version can be fixed.

You need to lock the mouse pointer to one screen. I have a two monitor set up and sometimes when my character is close to the edge of the screen my mouse moves over to second monitor and the game switches to the desktop when i LMB click.  I like the game, the graphics and being able to interact with NPCs.  Even being able to ally with them (although whether or not they come to help when you need it later idk- would be nice if there was a hotkey for that and they materialize and help fight- but only once. So you need to choose when is the best time). 

But i am not a big fan of having to restart from checkpoint if you die and often over and over.  What about adding an easy mode (perhaps difficulty level can be changed anytime during the game), where you respawn where you died, or nearest safe point if it was a drop when roping over a chasm for example. But the player will only get half of their BM back or something like that.  

Those players who love as it is wont be affected in normal mode and im sure you could add a hard mode for players who have beaten the game. Perhaps also for those who have beaten the game- perhaps they can unlock some new weapons and clothing that they can use on their next new game play through.

Okay fair enough. Perhaps this idea could be implemented on those other projects down the road too, as an option. Would be useful if someone wants a D&D session that involves exploring or moving through a city or village etc.

How did it go? 

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This example i made with another 3rd party Hex grid app and also, i wasn't about to set it to single or just double digits. In your map generator, you could make an option to have the number show top or center or bottom of a hex.

Maybe also have font color for Hex number and size as options too, bigger font number might make it more readable.

And the user could turn off (if its possible) the little 1-6 table denoting POI locations to make it easier to read hex numbers. As they could easily export a version of the map with out hex/numbers and have the 1-6 legend table denoting the POI so the map is not obscured in anyway. The hex version could be for movement only. 

I hope the example helps.

This is great! Any chance you could add numbers as an option for hexes? like in the center of hex. This could make it suitable for pbem type of ttrpg or if playing with friends in discord and being able to call out a hex number for where they want to move to etc.

Another bernband fan here. I liked what i saw in this prototype. My Norton AV went nuts on a bunch of dll files, but i think that was from the linux or mac folder. As the game ran okay.

I couldn't find anywhere to buy food? 

At first i kept throwing my gun down instead of firing it until i worked out how to use it properly.  Would be nice if we could holster (unequip) the pistol. At one point i couldn't collect money, whether it was because i had too much i dont know? 

Also when i killed bounties and then checked the contract, i expected the number of them to be killed on contract would go down. But it didnt. So then i wondered maybe i was shooting the wrong ones? even though they were same color as image in contract. Is there some other difference we need to look at? I think it would be interesting if there are some subtle differences like different color shoes and maybe some lines for a breast pocket or something like that.

So you have to get close to them to see if its your target. Maybe they will run off if they see you coming with a pistol, so only draw it out when you are ready.  Perhaps the enemy has a faster rate of fire to make them a little harder.  And adding more NPC milling about could make it harder to find them, but also easier to blend in if following a target.

This game also reminds me of another game that is similar to bernband, where you had to follow targets around in crowded areas at an alien spaceport or city?? I cant recall the name of it. It had an insane amount of NPCs.

Great job! I need to fine tune the lighting effects, i didn't see a gamma option?

I haven't tried fast-travel yet, but combining that with photo snaps we can take is an awesome idea.

I would like to suggest a few things, an option to crouch so we can view something lower or view something underneath.

Would like to see things like insects, leaves falling and birds flying about, landing etc, and the sfx for that. Although the sfx of birds might of been present, i am hard of hearing, so didn't notice.

I half hoped we could walk down to the village and explore it. But that would be a lot of work, but it would be something i would love to explore over the course of an hour or two. 

I could imagine some of these as standalone games if they could be expanded on in map size in the future. Maybe via community poll of what they would like to see first and willing to buy.

I'd pay $25-30 for a game i could easily spend hours exploring if the map is large enough to do that. The Australian one or was it the NZ one had part of the map with a river and you could wade a little in. I could imagine having a canoe in the game where the player could paddle down the river and stop where they like and explore. A game where you could literally get lost in the forest would be awesome.

Also you could add a 'deploy campfire' mechanic, so long as it is flat, it can be placed. And player could sit next to (lower POV). Just use the tried and true method of crafting games. Green transparent outline of object for you can place and red for you cannot. And add a sitting posture. Which moves camera to lower level.

And if there was a setting to choose rate of daylight, where some insects are more noticeable at the close of the day.  The player could also set a starting time of their walk if they want to change the scene, longer shadows etc giving it a new feel.

Going back to the burning campfire, watching the sun go down and then seeing the bright campfire and sparks of the flame etc and hearing the night life would be very immersive and give the map another way to experience it. And on that note, why not have a torch for at night, making a walk through the environment at night another interesting experience again. There could even be a mode where you start at night with a torch and are randomly placed on the map and you have to make it back to the start.

Perhaps in the future you could team up with someone who can do really good animal animations and we can see wild life.

Anyway not to ramble, this Japanese one is your best yet!

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Cannot install this win64 version. I get an error file build undefined or something like that. Oh, it seems this issue is with the Itch app itself, as i am able to download this on the browser version of itchio.

I didn't know about this game believe it or not. I have played Warsim off and on and i can see original inspiration from this game.  Its a shame the code was lost. I actually prefer this exploration style of play over running a kingdom play. 

Just a couple of questions...

1) Charisma, Luck and Sneak has no values in the Skill points menu, i cannot level these up. is this because from failures you eventually get these skills? like with failing lock picking you can increase your skill, but also can do this when spending skill points too.

2) Are all the regions random? including number counter to clear them?

3) Are the levels of regions how hard the enemies will be to kill or difficulty across the board, eg. picking locks will be harder too etc

Thanks for your feedback, which has valid points. I will work on these post-competition to further polish this micro gamebook. As for the example of player choice being a little strange, I was going for the reader directs the story type of gamebook, where as you know some choices leads to a scene without the main character being present. But I can understand how some lines like that being unconventional to the norm of choices can throw readers off, I will correct that after the competition. Thanks again.

Updated gamebook with 1 fixed typo

Love your game, you should definitely keep on it post jam. Reminds me of Card Hog on steam. You could add crafting and biomes, which could be simple backgrounds of power snow, sand for deserts etc, which some cards could be a resource based on the biome etc.

lol When i first read the title, i read '..where you fight for information' and i thought that sounds  interesting. Still formation fighting is an interesting different take in this genre.

I have recently re-uploaded both files to fix a broken path which was at Section 2 having an option to goto 7 when it was suppose to be 17. I posted a comment about this, but it seems it only appeared on the project page and not here.

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1# What do the numbers mean? 

2# And why sometimes you dig 1 tile and other times its 5-7 tiles that get done with the single click? 

3# When do we get to assemble the parts? i did the Australia site and after finding all bones it seemed all i could do was leave?


I think we should only dig one tile at a time not 5+ etc. Also it seems there is only one depth, would be nice if we could keep digging down. This might mean having layers, where player can set to view only current layer they are working on.

Although this is suppose to be about Dino bones only. There could be other artifact objects (eg. pieces of pottery, carved stones or stone blocks) which could have some procedural aspect) which are there from other time periods and you must take care not to break them. I guess you would need tiles with some rng surface mesh so its not easy to spot a dug tile (not at bedrock) that looks different because it has something. 

Maybe a limited number of dig turns based on size of work area, perhaps for harder levels. So the player has to think more carefully about where to dig.

Sounds like an interesting game. A new take on a jigsaw puzzle.

I have re-uploaded both files to fix a broken path which was at Section 2 having an option to goto 7 when it was suppose to be 17.

Mine will be rather straight forward, I use two variables in it and thats it. Since it is my first gamebook and with the 4 page limit i figured i would play it safe. But I do hope we will have some more of these Micro Gamebook Jams and not just once a year. Maybe once every four months? It also is good for those dipping their toes into creating a gamebook for the first time or returning to it.

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I have finished mine, a friend proof-read it, I suppose it is easier to do that if it is not your own work. I am leaving it for a few days to come back to with it, with fresh eyes to see if it can be further polished. I managed to have three endings. I am looking forward to reading others peoples work when they get submitted.

Yeah having lots of fun with this story, very much seat of my pants writing method. Nearing completion of draft 1. I figured out by trial and error how to adjust spacing in Open Office, for those who are also using this program; to the right side of screen in OO in the properties panel there is a Spacing: with two icons tool tips tell you increase or decrease spacing after paragraphs. Before that i was highlighting paragraphs and clicking on single spacing trying to see if that was the way to do it, but that did make it look tighter, i then tried spacing 1.5 and that was too wide. So I am not sure if the original spacing between lines was how it is suppose to be much like this text in this message or can you can get away with squashing them together a little with single line spacing in a paragraph? I don't know how to get it back to what it was. But at least if figured out how to adjust spacing after paragraphs.  Anyway one thing i am finding with this comp is, it is teaching me to write more efficiently and make lines shorter. Something I think helps bigger works too.

(3 edits)

I like game mechanics too, but for this idea i have it doesn't really fit and space wasted explaining. How did you adjust line spacing?, word processors is a bit of dark art alot of the time. I want to remove double spacing, i think, when doing dialogue i want to sometimes go down a line but it inserts a space and pressing backspace causes the cursor to go back up to the last line of text. I would like to remove space between section number and text beneath it too, if that is allowed?

Thanks for your reply. I did manage to sort it out in the end. Thanks. Working away through my first draft to see how much fits into four pages. My current idea does not have any game mechanics, it doesn't need any.  Still, i will have plenty of time to try another idea.

I don't own word because its too expensive. The first page looks good in open office but the other pages have weird large boxes (maybe these are tables?) and a margin in the middle. I cannot remove those and do not know how to delete those other 3 pages, even after searching how to online. Could you make page 1 available by itself? hopefully i can just keep writing below it and OO will make the next page identical in margins etc.

That sounds fair. I have been brain storming some ideas. I have done some text adventure gamejams before, which in many ways a gamebook will be much easier in comparison (in theory anyway) with most of the focus being on just writing and branching. But i have never completed a gamebook before, i started one a while ago but had other projects going at the same time.  But Gamejams are fun and also short enough to actually finish it, along with limitations that forces you to avoid being over ambitious which often can get you into trouble.