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Great post. What paint program are you using for the art work? I love the ruin buildings.  

I do have one little piece of feedback for the edge of the swamp large tree stand image, within the image to the left i cannot help but see a face with x out eyes and a long tongue going into the water. I know its suppose to be two little crosses and tree roots being the other things in the water? Im not sure if others see it that way too? perhaps you could remove one of the crosses to make it less like a face.  

Nice demo. I really like the music, the guitar fits well and the art work is simple but effective and adds to the game. I wonder if there will be other guitar tracks for other areas of the game such as when entering darker or more dangerous areas? and another track when encountering unknown characters or situations.

The Archive is a nice feature, it would be cool if  there is a search bar which can handle two keywords and search the whole archive, reordering it to the search and highlighting keywords.  So you might enter a region name + second keyword.  That could be a fun way to delve into what you already have learned rather than the game track of this for you, where it might say when you arrive at a location 'here is the ruined hunters cabin the tinker said you will find something written on the inside wall..' etc. Typing hunters cabin would jump to that part in the archive of conversations.

Also you could perhaps add the ability to highlight a sentence or paragraph and right click to save it as a personal archive, another option in the side menu. Which kind of acts as a note book, adding what we might consider important info to quickly re-read later.

Anyway keep up the good work and i look forward to playing the game when its finished.

Its cool it has TTS as an option, but i noticed there is no way to turn off the music, which i like to do anyway after while as music can loop too much or need a break from it. 

Thanks for your reply.  Anti-virus must of been the problem removing the .exe file. Usually it has a popup and asks me or informs me and i have an option to reverse or move file out of quaratine. But i got no notification. I tried to download from your website Win 64 but the download failed- twice. So i downloaded the 32bit version and that downloaded ok and i am able to run it. 

I had another game on Itch that also had issues with the launching, which was an unzipping issue that was solved by downloading game outside of itch.

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I get a bad directory name error or something like that. I did manage to download the demo from the website version of itch but there was no setup or launcher/.exe to run the demo. I even tried a different drive but no difference.

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I am having problems too, i clicked on Install and it created a folder and seems to have unpacked all the files there but no launch option on Itch. Going directly to the folder and tried to launch and got error "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".  I also tried to set it to run typewriters or winsetup.ext as Windows Vista Service Pack 2, but that didnt do anything. The instructions was to unzip, but there is nothing to unzip.  There are 7 files. 

Update: looking at the downloads section of Itch app, it says An error occured during installation zip: unsupported compression algorithm.

Why doesnt this game have a proper installer?

The Hit community · Created a new topic @Dev Any updates?

Just wondering how this game is progressing? im guessing you have a full-time job that takes up a lot of your time and so game development might be slow. Still would be good to know how much you have progress since last demo update and if there is a roadmap for 2019? 

i'm still keen in seeing this game fiinished and playing it, im sure there are others too but with little info coming through one tends to forget about it. 

Enjoyed the demo! great work!! I did get the odd freeze for like five seconds, i did drop down some of the graphic settings which helped but still got a occassional freeze. I only discovered this game today, so i dont know much about it. But i do hope there will be some strategy involved in terms of a campaign map and you choose order of attacks which can impact other missions if you do poorly or choose poorly etc. I couldnt work out how to fire chaff. Look forward to playing the demo some more and will look into this game some more. Thanks for the demo.

Thanks for the update. Here is a new screenshot showing some background weirdness, these are like flat colored squares and are seen in the background of the city block.  The other buildings otherwise appears to be fixed now in terms on of those earlier reported texture glitches.

Ok. Feel free to post in this thread when you do update (as i will get an email notification) and i can check if this issue is completely sorted in the next update. 

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Yes much improvement for me (build 3-8-2018), but some buildings are still glitching. The main building you start in is almost perfect, a lamp was glitching in the room i was in (see first pic below), but everything else inside and outside the building was spot on.  More screen shots of which buildings were still glitching. I didnt explore the whole block though just what you see.Lamp Shade Glitch

Lamp Shade Glitch

Also is it possible to open/close doors currently? 

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This latest demo is doing the same thing as last time, rather than having a single color fill for walls and floors etc, its many lines at different angles, patterns and colors and it flickers and changes patterns as you move (settings set to 1920x1080 and Beautiful). See screenshot below, apart from that I can move around fine. I have a Ge Force 1060  6gb.  Why is it messing up? is this a shader issue?

Glad you are still working on this game, screen shots are looking great and will look at buying it once i can play it when i can play it without the artsy glitchy graphics.  

This is neat. Would it be alright to use some screenshots for a text adventure game? 

I think with more features; and more building types etc you could make something worth charging for.  This would appeal to those who make text adventure games and wants nice looking city maps, D&D tabletop players who wants whip up something for a homebrew game etc. Writers who want to visualize their cities and towns etc. 

Some more suggestions:

1# Export options > PNG, Gif, PDF (maybe last one would be tricky to implement?)

2# Overlay options? More for top down view > Square grid and Hex Grid this could be useful for D&D table top games.

3# Polygon Stickmen like population? Toggled off and On. Some will be still and others moving in groups or/and individually, probably suit a smaller city. Topdown view could just be dots. If Exporting is in and GIF format is one of the options; it would be cool if you had polygon stickmen that you could generate a 15sec gif of them moving about. 

4# More zones; like farmland type zones that could have wavey lines and straight line squares as fields. 

5# Rivers

6# Walk speed slider or when at street level moving cam around will be at walking speed, unless you hold LShift to make it feel like you are walking around rather than zooming around too fast. A toggle key could switch back to normal cam speed if desired.

7# In light of my initial suggestion of making a commerical product with this to help fund to get in more features, i can see a continent option where one is generated. To save on CPU resources rendering a continent in 3d why not make the continent world map 2d.  And then you can place upon it city maps the Toy Town generated in RTS form upon it. This could be a 3d image that is placed on the map, when the user double clicks on this on the world map the 3d town version loads in.   

You could have a side panel that pops out with the list of placed towns so you can jump to them- the camera will fly across 2d world map to it and then load it.  So in short the world map cannot be walked on or viewed in first person. But the cities made as per normal can. The world map just gives a means to visualise where the cities and towns are in relation to one another.  

Also there could be clipart like images that can be placed on the world map (custom import option to) such as icons to depict types of terrain, mountains, forests etc. 

Thanks for your reply. 

I suppose you can add more side missions and possibly another campaign in the future as DLC, along with more cards and decks too. 

As far as community involvement with game events, why not have a competition for player submitted ideas, these could be limited to, two lines (like elevator pitch short) and you could pick the best 10 or 15 or something and implement them in the future.  You could take this idea for side missions too, this would be fun for the community to be involved and also perhaps some ideas will come to light you would of never thought of since you are a one man band.  Anyway just some ideas. 

I like the idea of this game a mix of CCG and RPG and XCOM with some dynamic play along with a linear plot path it seems.  

1# How replayable is this game? Is it possible to keep playing post game once the story is completed? 

2# Will there be any possibilities players can create content, in the form of small events or whatnot? if so will there be an event editor built into the game or would they have to be knowledgeable with scripting or a game engine to do that sort of thing?

 I think it would be cool to be able to add events other players make as to add to the pool of random events that can occur.  

I hope this will change in the near future. Am looking forward to this game, will probably buy into the ea if this will run properly on win 10.

Good work!! 

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Thanks for your reply Dan,

Actually my interest in this game goes back to when you created a reddit page for the Hit a year or so ago, and posted on there with suggestions etc and after a while it seemed the game was dead, so was glad to know you are still working on it as its a great idea and the scope you are going for.  I believe you are a one man band on this project so understandable there are somethings that you haven't had a lot of time to catch up on. 

My PC Specs:

CPU: AMD 8320 8 Core @3.5ghz , 64bit, Win 10, 8 gb Ram, Nvidia Geforce 1060 graphics card.

This is what it looks like. Also notice the skybox looks fine. It flickers as you move. 

On a side note, i think your game could have some graphic modes, like Black and White (like a b&w movie style- maybe some film grain texture filter layer on top like Mass Effect did in their early games) and a mode where it looks neon cyberpunk just for something different or someone mods the game with a cyberpunk flavour..

I only have the demo installed which when played the graphics looks like it has corrupted textures that flicker as you move about, the building structures are fine though but nothing like the screen shots. I suggest making all development builds free to play and make it only mandatory to pay when most of the gameplay is in (like some games are on itch) and lock the last free playable build as the demo, this way you get more people interested in the game rather than play the current empty world demo with glitchy graphics, not a good impression. 

Great stuff! Thanks for all the hardwork. I really like how the Tiny Dungeon is looking, in many ways these look better than the larger voxel models because smaller sometimes likes more refined in detail.  How are you converting the 2d sprites to 3d voxels? Are you just doing it manually with the character model maker in RPGinABox or is there some program that can convert sprites to voxel? which if it was doable (i have no idea) could be a neat feature in itself especially if users out there already have many of their own sprites or using some free sprite apps out there could decided making characters in sprite form is quicker and then convert it automatically in RPGinABox (again if that is actually possible to code in?)

I just discovered i can display images properly in here using the 'direct' method , i thought to pass on the info for others or future members who might use photobucket also. All other methods seem to either not work or display part of the url. 

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I was thinking it oculd be another option for a combat system- similar to a boardgame and digital game on Steam Talisman, where you have Atk and Defense stats when you go up against an opponent you roll a die as a modifier to an attack- if the character has a piece of armor or a weapon this gets tallied into the equation as well and thats it. 

For other ideas for uses of cards- weapon and armor sets could be on a card with their stats, and cards could act as keys as well, like one card could be ("A drunken off-duty night guard once gave away a password to a good friend of mine."- Use this card at the lower gate of the Black Castle) or something like that. Another might be an invitation to talk to a blackmarket dealer the card vouches for the PC etc

Cards could denote skills- Your perception for traps has increased double. (Which means booby traps will be visible in the game- where as some might be considered hidden with just a trigger in the game that the player might set off other wise) and with this idea the player maybe can only carry or have active 5 cards- so some might boost stats or be a foot into the door in some place another might allow the PC to regenerate full health once etc. 

Card Artwork with RPGinABox:

The way we create an image for items for the inventory could be used on the card applying a basic image along with a background design either in templates form which we add onto or from scratch. Perhaps a editor for a card face could be a vector shapes editor with layers and we can give borders (thickness and style templates) and fill and a text box with perhaps two small boxes on each bottom corner for stats. They all could be universally the same template but the player can alter the design and import an image the same way for inventory items. This way games will look different from others in terms of card designs. They wont be flash as large budget card games- but would fit the game i think if you have basic colours and layers to stack shapes in a way to create a pattern or image (the racing game Forza is a great proof of concept for how basic shapes along with layers can create amazing art- but i am not suggesting having something as complex as that- but along those lines). Alternatively the user might have an option to load an image they created elsewhere and place it on a blank template and then move two stat boxes to where they please that is the top layer. This way those who are good at art can create something with their own tools if they want to. 

Here is some examples ive made as concept cards for a text adventure game i was making but never finished..i used to create it. 

The borders and text boxes could be something the RPGinABOX could have some templates for to create shapes and layer them within the game editor or the user could important the image into a paint progam and make something like this. My card concepts below use a photo image in the background. These examples below could allow to have some gameplay events in a simple way- such as gun jam or being ambushed out of nowhere and not see the creature in the game at all- it could just be an event that twittles down your health or morale etc.. 

Some battles will involve enemies present and animating a menacing pose or something and we use the battle scene or room, and the cards doing the battling in the foreground- perhaps there is a slash, sparks, explosion effects built into the game that can be assign to card types when a battle concludes after two cards are revealed and a die roll to modify stats where you might get +3 attack and the enemy only gets +1 giving you the higher attack of both cards have the same attack strength.  

Also if the player has a small party- cards could reflect combat strength so it might be combat strength vs combat strength of opposing side. 

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Good to hear you have something similar in mind. I think depth in combat could be something like active armor and cool-down for some special attacks, maybe weapons that deteriorate over time with use (eg. melee weapons) that sort of thing would give a game depth where the player has to think carefully about what weapons to equip and when to use them. Also ammo depletion could be a think too, so if in your game level you have ammo cache hidden away but dont have a whole alot of ammo the player might conserve their more powerful weapons for harder enemies. 

Also i think it would be cool to include the ability for a game to have a card deck, (4 or 3 cards you can have at a time) the deck could be when you find a card you get the next one in the pile as it were) that is special abilities you learn could be a card with stats that can be enhanced or one time attack so a mash up of ccg and turn based combat like in those videos. These cards could be fanned out like you do when holding them in your hand but to the side and the player could click on one to activate one, perhaps cards on the left are active ones. This could for things like changing a stat of a weapon to crazy high for one combat turn or until fight is over etc. 

This would make loot interesting because although you could find an uber weapon or whatnot, cards can open up to more possibilities the ability for the whole group to exit a fight unhurt, make your squad invisible for two minutes (which normal enemy detection doesnt apply for 2 mins) etc. So keep that in mind too, it could be something that can co-exist with the combat system or maybe a user decides to make his game like a boardgame with card based attack and defense. However i know that might be more work, but i was more thinking of the examples i gave above for card use- either passive or a one time play. Maybe cards can have value which you can cash in duplicates. Anyone just a thought.

I just wanted to share a video about a game that is similar to Grimrock but in the Sci-fi genre. It has the same control system as in RPGinAbox and i guess GR (which i haven't played).  I quite like how the combat system is done here so I thought i point it as one way combat could be done in RPGinAbox as a suggestion or one concept to consider since its dunegon crawler that fits with RPGinAbox. 

However the only thing i dont like is the combat screen background is always the same for a map. I think it would be interesting if like you could take a screenshot of players current area and sort of do a skybox like background of it with the center being the same tile floor as you are on where the combat takes place, would that be something that could be possibly done/added to RPGinAbox. I think it would make the combat feel less repitive even though you might have frequent types or mixes of enemies in a battle.

Another video of it with the exploration side of it for some inspiration..

These are great. Will you post these on the forums here too?

Also the Tiny Duneon screen shot looks awesome. You mentioned conversion, what are you converting from? can RPGinBox do 2d sprites as well?

Thanks Justin for your reply. I didn't catch it until now. That sounds good. I suppose when a spotlight is added, we could switch to the PC model that has a torch in their hands (not as a separate object) but part of the character model as a work around.

Having a flashlight would be great for exploration type games, like in Minecraft exploring in the dark with just a torch could get quite tense knowing there are mobs luring around in the dark or you might fall down a hole.

Okay thanks lectronice. What about holding an object? such as a burning torch? or the PC cannot pick up/hold objects that can be held yet? I wanted to do a battery operated torch that the batteries slowly drain, so the player might have to turn it off to save power and use their memory of what they last saw as they navigate tunnels/cave.

I was going to ask about being able to have some global control of lighting of a map too. Lighting plays a big part in games and films to set tone and mood or even as example like Minecraft how you have varying degrees of light, very dark areas and some poor lit areas to very bright areas. I wonder if we will be able to set up lights like some 3d programs like Poser, choosing direction, radius and intensity. I suppose this will come when the new features that is coming to the Godot engine is updated? or some point after.

A flashlight torch that projects/beams the light straight a head of it (when on) and have everything else dark?

Yeah i will go the single object route for now. I like the sound of when you implement allowing multiple objects in a tile space that we will be able to tweak the position of objects like in my photoshopped version above the briefcase isnt perfectly straight which helps makes it look more believeable in a scene then everything perfectly straight or right-angled.

I will sign up with Imgur as you suggested, thanks.

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Okay that sounds good. I will try that thanks for the idea.

What about my suggestion of half size voxels? i am by no means an expert on voxels, would half size voxels allow us to create smaller objects that retain detail? would that be possible to implement or not possible? if they would be worth having.

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I notice when placing an object you can only have two on one tile/grid/square but on either side, not in the middle. So you can see the gaps between the objects.

<a href="<img src=" http:="""" user="" daza_07="" media="" spaces2.jpg.html"="" target="_blank">Current photo Spaces2.jpg"/></a>

What i want to achieve is have objects side by side, like this photoshopped version below..

Desired Result photo Spaces2_aimingfor.jpg

Is there a way to do this? I tried reducing the object grid size but didnt make a diiference, i guess the grid is just there is a creation aid only. When we do get the ability to copy an entire object and paste it i could have the two objects like these two suitcases side by side as a single object and it would still fit the current system of things but look better without having these noticable gaps when placing them on the map. At the moment I will have to manually create another identical suitcase next to the other and save it as a single object. But i wondered if there was another trick to do this as above in the picture.

ps. I dont know how to properly embed images, im using photo bucket and out of the 4 options for posting the image the HTML tag is the only one that works in but has part of the code showing.

I am trying to create some objects to scale but had to rework parts to make look correct in scale compared to the NPC. I was thinking it would be neat if you could creating something and have the NPC model/grid right next to your current creation with both bottom/floor grids level so you can immediately see how big or small an object needs to be. This would be even more handy if you create very tall characters perhaps can do the opposite have some regular objects to the left or right of it as you make it this might save a lot of time getting it right. I know the grids have squared lines across but you cant see these if you have a wall of voxels against the grid.

Okay that sounds good.

Okay thanks lectronice i will check that out :)

But being able to create a texture so we could apply them to objects/tiles we have created, eg spill stains, blood, mould, rust, trash, moss etc a script might change some blocks to look like freezing over or ice breaking up etc. The textures wouldnt have to be high res or being able to apply images to them, but create them in the game creator itself when the pixel editor is added (i think i read about Justin was wanting to add a pixel editor or tools something like that?) this could fit in with that. This also would allow fonts/letters to be added to a block which we could use as signs over a building or neon signs where we could change its color like intermittedly via a script.

This would allow the game art to look more immersive.

If and when we get this implemented it would be great if we could apply a tint or filter maybe even a semi-transparent texture alternatively, this would allow all types of glass-like blocks. Minecraft only had one type i think and it did look repitious when you used it on a lot of things, mods of course introduced more. But having a few different ones by default that we could alter colour and transparency would be cool. These also could be used for neon signs and lights too if we fix a light on them.

I know currently you cannot place an object ontop of an object, but could this be changed to allow only 1 object to be stacked onto of another object? i have created a counter bench and i want to put some objects on top of it, register, telephone. I can create this bench as a tile in order to do it, but it means the floor beneath the bench will be blank.

Also what about adding the ability to create half size voxel blocks that would allow us to create something small like a telephone, cereal box etc that could be placed on a table object. Being able to work with a smaller voxel block means we can retain the detail but it will look smaller in the game.

It would be neat if we could resize an object/tile/NPC so you could create a small tree and then resize it to a bigger one or doing different size crates or a type of monster in different sizes etc. However this might be a big ask as to trying to rescale everything so it will stay in correct proportion which might very well be a nightmare to implement. So if its too difficult then i can live without that feature but just thought to suggest it, ideas are free.

I had created an object and a bench set only to find out they were too big, so had to manually edit them to better scale.

But i thought being able to rescale things could save on time and having different sizes to use for things like trees, crates, stairs.

Okay thanks for clearing that up. I thought the map grid squares themselves were universally the same just more of them for map area. So as it is intended what does this mean..that if say create a room we can have smaller size tiles and objects to better depict a smaller environment, is that the idea behind it or just how the the map system works more than anything else?

Perhaps when the user changes the map size, a popup could inform the user that their tiles (not sure about objects?) will have to be the same size as a reminder especially for beginners like myself.

Also the map size could be added to the Map Properties as well so we can tell which map has which size if we are using various map sizes.

Would we have to give tags to our smaller tiles so we can filter them in the list? or perhaps only the different size ones add that in the file name i guess would do.