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Really digging this game so far, but I think I found this bug in the tutorial where after talking with Clive, I was stuck in a crouch stance and couldn't jump over the boxes to progress.

Simple and fast paced mechanics with really satisfying controls. I would consider moving the score counter because glancing at that was often very detrimental. Somewhere closer to the bottom corner rather than the top since that's where the player's eye naturally has to go to check on their color change and resetting the stars provides a natural, though brief, break to do quick stuff like check their color and score.

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Thank you for the feedback. I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. As for your feedback: 

1) I know DX If I wasn't so close to the wire and exhausted I would have definitely proofread it. 

2) Hm... I'll have to take a look at the soldiers again, because they didn't give me that much of a headache in testing, but given that they're random, it could've just been luck. I think making it a pure survival goes against their intended design, but I was thinking of toying around with overhealing Little Warrior (as in, more than his max HP would allow) will spill over into damage against these enemies, that way the player doesn't feel like they're just sitting around. Right now, my plan is to try your suggestion and also try mine, while also lowering their HP to around 8 or 6. That way you only need one or two doubles to finish them off.

3) I found straights to be useful in the right situation because you get some amount of free heals. I'll have to play around with them. I didn't get a chance to look up which poker hands are more common than others.

4) Ah! How could I have forgotten to give the spells some names? Thank you, for any updates I do to this game, they will definitely have names. So far, all I could think of is "heal, "heal-nya", and "heal-nyaga" .

I'm getting Overwatch flashbacks from this. you definitely captured the feeling of playing the healer :)

I feel like this game would benefit from mouse controls. But I love it. Great work. 

I like the concept, but I think enemies spawn too slowly.

You definitely like the atmosphere. Very creepy. I think this is very impressive for a game jam game. Good job.

I always love games that teach real self-care techniques. It's hard to tell but I don't think the meters change if I hold no buttons and I feel like they should.

The first person view is a little too difficult to use, but the assist camera is a great alternative. I reminds me of playing a DS or Wii U game and I bet if you add some cool things that only the first person view can  see then you'd have the foundations of the really solid game.

Egg-cellent work! The difficulty is no yolk, but the pillow mechanic is solid. Egg puns! I really liked this a lot.

I was running into a problem where when I restarted one block would be underneath the the see-saw. So by the third try both blocks were unusable. Still, what I did play seemed pretty interesting.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback.

1) DMG stands for damage. In retrospect, it might have made more sense to call it ATK for attack, but you jam time limit. 

2) I did consider leveling up and having like a deck  building aspect to the game where defeating monsters adds new cards to your deck and LW's DMG stat gets bigger. But I tried to be scope conscious (this is really the first game jam game where I felt like I finished what I set out to do)

3) Yeah, I'm not sure how things skew balance wise, but in my playtesting LW could get pretty low and playing a flush protection spell or a big three of a kind healing spell made for some pretty exciting moments.  I think against the final boss, he literally dropped to 5 HP and then I got a clutch flush which allowed LW to finish the boss off.  It was very exciting.

I didn't see one.

I got out of the house and found myself in an endless hellscape. I wasn't sure what was going on most of the time.

Love the presentation and music.

Love the idea, but it does seem a bit crowded.

Really cool idea. Very topical, lol.

1) This is what living with a cat is like. 2) The game seems a little bugged where leaves disappear, because I couldn't find some of them but the game said there were 2 left.  This is still a cute idea. 

Would really have loved some kind of spellbook to tell what items combined into what spells. Trying it out on my own basically yielded nothing.

Loved the game. Super interesting idea and very good execution.

Really fun. This is such a cool idea and the execution was simple enough to really get into it.

Pretty fun. Love having to balance beating up robots with some other kind of objective.

Pretty fun. Feel bad when I basically threw a goat into a reaper :(