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The one piece of feedback I'd give is that I'd like enemy spawn rate to ebb and flow a bit. As it stands, the spawn rate only goes up, which leaves me feeling like I basically have to be manning the guns at all times after a bit. If there was a sine-wave-ish ramping up and down--let's say, with about 30s between the trough and the peak--that gives me time to go buy upgrades and/or repair the drill in relative peace...but then, will I get caught off-guard? (I'd recommend having the actual time between peaks vary each time, so the player's always guessing how much longer they have.)

Also: Is there a depth at which you reach another dock and can go back to the surface? Knowing this would affect my strategy as well.

I am going to adapt this to so many absurd surreal meta-narrative campaigns and no one can stop me

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Shoot, the autoaim! I completely forgot to change that from the default. There's another item for the post-jam version...

And yeah, I really should've added a teleport trigger to the floor in Machinehead. I went out of my way to not use killfloors in this--it's a puzzle game first and foremost. I actually considered having enemies at one point, and decided that it was too low-priority (and even if I added them, they'd just push you around).

The lack of music is 90% bad planning on my part and 10% not knowing what I'd do for music. I'd love to say it's supposed to be an atmospheric thing, but the reality is that halfway through the week I woke up at an awkward hour to help a housemate with our new fridge and that left my brain just kind of not working for a couple days. I ended up having to rush the last four or five levels. I'm really glad that people like the level design, because I was definitely nervous about that.

(Edit: Listening to Point of Departure right now. Yeah, this would've worked real well. The only thing I really had in mind for the music was either "chill atmospheric stuff" or "something with breakbeat".)

EYE is...look, near as I can tell, every piece of text in that game was Google translated from French to Russian and then into English. It's a mess, but it's a fascinating mess, based on the devs' homebrew tabletop RPG and full of overly-complicated mechanics that are never fully explained.

Lore-wise, it straddles this weird line between Equilibrium-style cultish gun-clerics and cyberpunk dystopia, which is probably where the strongest part of the comparison is. There's talk of enlightenment and holy duties, and also gang members that may be useful if properly bribed. I can't tell if EYE would be better or worse with a more competent localization, and we may never know.

Man, this was wild. I was playing with keyboard, sadly, but I still enjoyed the heck out of it. My main struggle was with range; getting the right distance on a curve is harder than it looks.

It was also kind of counterintuitive that the gun swayed vertically by default, but I suspect I would've been even more disoriented if I had to do a vertical curve by leaning sideways and then doing a sideways swing. It's probably easier with controller, where you can precisely control the lean.

Overall, a really interesting experiment in input. I really appreciate experiments like this, even if I can't quite wrap my head around the necessary inputs.

I haven't got a lot to say that hasn't already been said, but damn the pump-action feels satisfying. I've always loved games that do the "click again to pump" thing on shotguns. (Well, I've only ever seen it in doom mods, but still!)

I also appreciate the little bit of lore at the start of level 1. The idea of a gang that's using reality-bending to its advantage is fun, and the phrasing of "Kill these 3 targets and you will gain access to the light" is delightfully ominous. Someone else compared the levels to EYE already, but that bit of implied storytelling is what really gave me EYE vibes--or maybe a bit of Cruelty Squad.

I agree with Zackarotto in that it'd be cool to have a bit of stealth, with enemies not immediately recognizing when one of their number has been possessed. If you really wanted to, you could probably build an entire immersive sim around that mechanic.

Thanks! It makes me really happy that I was able to pull off show-don't-tell tutorials. I've always loved games that do that. I hope I'll get better at it as I keep making stuff.

(Of course, not writing down the names of anything has some drawbacks. Internally, the green shot is called the Heavy Bolt and the orange shot is called the Sticky Bolt--of course, you never really get a chance to see the projectile in flight, but it *is* shaped like a big chunky rivet.)

Re: the final level--the intended solution involves getting the orange sticky bolt and using it to grapple into the tower's mouth. I'm not surprised that there's a way to skip getting the sticky bolt. I'm not going to 'fix' it; I love that there's technically speedrun tech in this little thing.

I also love working in GZDoom. It's a little clunky for certain things, but it's just so good for prototyping an FPS in, and building levels is just so simple.

The green symbol makes your bolt affected by gravity. Try shooting over the fence.
(Honestly, I should have adjusted the height of the fence, but I ran a bit late doing the levels and didn't do as much polishing as I'd like.)

This is deeply interesting to me. I only have one critique: the visual effects make it unclear when Mind Split triggers a multi-hit. It's fairly obvious on Heal, and when my entire party gets Feared or Enraged, but occasionally I'll drop an Adrenaline on a Mind Split party member and only that party member gets the status effect glow.

Wait a second--I saved and loaded back into a world, and everything in my inventory disappeared?

It appears to be working, though I have FPS drops when lighting changes. Thank you!

I get the Unity crash handler right away. I pastebinned the console output; if you can make heads or tails of it, it may be useful.

MODLANDS community · Created a new topic Linux builds?

I'm having trouble running this through WINE or Proton. Will there be a Linux build?

I wish this were longer. Actually, I wish this were a hacking minigame in another game. It fits well as a 'minigame'.