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I felt I needed to add a bit more to my comment.
An excellent game, very fun and addictive! I absolutely loved the idea!! Continue!!!

Graphics are awsome and the little details you put like the dadelions flying just add a very nice touch to the game and make's it feel much more alive. It would be fun to have at leasta check point or 2 as restarting the whole dungeon one killed is a bit tiresome for me. And a small basic tutorial on what give's what and some way to easily see our money and inventory.

I could also add an extra treasure to add additional slots for quirks instead of just 4.

A must have and a must play to me, very good platform controls and the gameplay is seamless!!! Seriously, very good Job!!!

Download on link

    After finding his truck that no one saw, the guy finds a paper.  His name was written on it but it was a bit washed out by the rain, Something finishing with "ric" and last name Flanners.  Something troubled Ric in his mind, the name he gave himself for now.  What happened? Who is he?  Ric forgot everything.  How did he get here? Ric starts his truck but nothing happens.  His truck is out of gas.  This is what happened...Ric was trying to find gas for his truck by exploring the ancient ruins of what seems to be a burried castle.  Why is there a castle burried?  What happened to all these people?  Where must he go?  Ric packs up food for another adventure in trying to find the truth of those mystical ruins and in search a civilisation to get gaz for his truck.

Improved graphics, more levels, harder puzzles, new items and traps.  Welcome in an all new adventure that will blow your mind.

Guide Lines:

- You must unlock the red door in each level.  To unlock the red doors, you must collect ALL keys and open ALL the wooden doors. - You NEED a key to open the red door. - You can walk through sand. - Collect keys to unlock doors. - Other objects can be used throughout the game.  You will learn how to use them as you go forward in your adventure.

Take note of the level codes, they will permit you to jump directly to the current level you are playing if you stop.