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The graphics are extraordinary! Very nice concept. Here are my thoughts:

• The game feels too slow, notably when throwing the seed. The animation when the (whatever it is) leans down or positions itself for throwing, it takes to much time. The aiming should be, to my opinion, immediate because it's tiresome.

• Those walking things are slow and sometimes, waiting after them is too long. BUT, the concept of showing me what to do with them is very nice. I just find it a tad slow when using them and when waiting for them.

• Now, maybe this is a beginner level so there's not much ennemies, but adding some very few hazards besides holes would be nice.

• Making me restart at the last place is brilliant. Thank you for not penalizing me too much!!!

• May I suggest other colored seeds? Other walkers which are powered by other colored seeds. Maybe a specific place to change your seed color. That would add up to an interesting puzzle challenge further on.

• And yes, keep up those very high quality graphics, absolutely gorgeous. I loved the demo! Keep it up!!!

Thanks for playing and the detailed review! Here's my view on your feedback.

I purposefully made the game slow because I'm making unique art for each level. Its fine to race through repeated tile-sets but I'm trying to keep Seedlings grounded in reality. I will likely make the box and the wall climber creatures a bit faster though.

Having changeable seed colors to change the mechanics of current creatures is a cool idea but I'm trying to keep the tutorials to a minimum and that would get overly confusing fast. Also the art style is based around the current seed color. Most other colors wont look natural and will feel out of place.

With keeping with the grounded in reality theme, making more types of tree creatures, each with their own mechanics as the game progresses makes more sense. There's 5 more in the current build of the game. 

There are more hazards later on in the game.

Thanks for taking the time to review and I'm glad you liked the photographic art style.

I may have not properly expressed myself concerning slow. The game speed is good, it's more the time it takes for the aiming to appear which makes me feel dozy and want to rush it. It's an inverted reaction to the slowness. I may be weirdo, but when a game purposly makes things like aiming slow, I tend to want to rush it even more because I'm tired of waiting. As for the creatures, I understand the different speeds so that did not really make me hold back.

As for seed colors, You don't need 15 colors, if we keep your current art style which is great and I enjoy an author that tries to keep it's design to it's art, maybe just an additional blue style which would relate to water. 2 colors would not make it overly complicated and would make things interesting. But, hey, that's just my point of view, in the end, it's your idea and your game.

Honestly, I really love your photographic art style, and I also love that your creatures stick with your realistic art and don't seem seperated from the rest like many other games with that problem. It's also fun to just admire the view. From the up close blured tree branches, the darkened grass and the background huge crisp clear leaves and plants.

I'm glad to read that there are more hazards. I will add a little something, I love your green glowing effects that capt attention, but early in the game, there's a little glowing plant on a wall which does absolutely nothing and I tried to go there. I don't know if it was intended for that, but it's the only glowing plant I saw which I did not know what to do with. It turns out that it did nothing, all I had to do is move forward. I played a second time, and at that moment, a walking tree trunk is supposed to fall down and release a seed to a climbing bug, but this time, it did not come, I had to go under this glowing plant for that tree trunk creature to appear.

I also got a bit messed up initially because that tree trunk creature releases a seed to a climbing bug but the climbing bug never gets back down, so I waited for nothing there until I realised I just needed to hop in the tree trunk and continue my way on the right.

Besides these minor things, I say it again, Very nice game and continue on!