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I didn't realize I didnt have twitter DM's on. You should be able to DM me now

Thanks for the kind words!

Yeah i really need to update my trailer and take out the kickstarter 2019 part.
Right now I'm using my twitter followers as a metric to know when I'll have enough community reach to actually have a successful kickstarter. The aim was 500 followers then try do a campaign.

Thanks for checking it out. I'm learning about Godot while making the game.

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Thanks for giving it a go and the support! Kia kaha. I may add something like that later on in the game. I'm trying to make it without any UI or menus though to keep it more immersive.

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Thanks! If you move the box guy all the way to the left or right, you can push the guy on top off with the branch hanging down.   

I should probably mention that the Kickstarter is delayed until later this year.

Thanks for the kind words.

Holy moley. Sorry the email didn't go into my main inbox earlier. I'll get you all the info today. Thanks so much for choosing me as a finalist

Cheers man. Thanks for doing the playthough and I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for giving it a go. Your idea about making the mushrooms bouncy is intriguing.

Thank you so much for the support, I still have some stuff to sort out before the launch, so maybe early next year.

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It should be once the full demo is complete. I have plans to have a 30fps mode as well for slower computers. Right now its set to 60

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Thanks for giving the game a go and thanks for posting the playthough :D

What type of computer are you using? Maybe its just the capture program but it looks like its running at like 2/3 the speed it should be.

Hahaha I have never seen that bug before. Thanks for finding it and documenting how you got it. I think i know what i can do to fix it.
Glad you enjoyed the game.  Are you going for the photography style as well for your next game?

Whoops i forgot to actually put in the video:

Thank you so much for the support. I'm hoping to make a Kickstarter to fund the full game once I complete the demo.

Yes i can.

Can i comment on my own post? lets see