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Great idea and execution, I had a great time playing it ^^ 

Both the art, narrative and design work really well together to make it a enjoyable experience and having some small jokes scattered along the game makes it even more enjoyable.

One of my favourite things of the game is how it's the charismatic intro lets you know perfectly how the game is gonna work, making it a natural tutorial for the player.

I would really like to see an extended version of the game where picking and upgrade disables or overwrites another making you adapt to the change.

Thanks for making it!

Really liked the game! The idea is totally on point with the theme and its execution makes it simple to play but really enjoyable to retry. 

I know this is a jam game of course and I think the game is really good as it is but if the developer wants to make a post-jam version I will like to leave a list of things that come to my mind to (maybe) improve the game:

  • Push enemies on slash ending to protect player a bit after attacking. Although not having this makes player choose better where to end the slash, so I will only add an slight push to help players when the "end slash" options are really tight
  • Score multiplier when players slash multiple enemies with one slash. This will reward players that try to group enemies having at the cost of having a more full screen and less space.
  • Bigger difference between death enemies and living ones. Once you achieve a "decent" score like 30 it is difficult to see where there are living enemies and where there are death ones, making really difficult to hit a good slash with a glance (specially when you have to avoid enemies while moving)
  • Remove explain text after it has been read once. The speed of the game and the urgency to try one play more make me skip through the text clicking really fast and ended on my stupid self clicking slashing to a foretold death.
  • I'm not sure about this because current version feels good but maybe trying a different way to spawn enemies waves, a version that leaves slightly more space or even a strategical way to spawn enemies that leave patterns with safe spots will make it more playable for more players.

Thanks for making it, hope to see more games from you!

Thank you so much for making a video about Drytown! The minimalistic style of Drytown helped us to make a bigger game in terms of puzzles and animations for the Ludum Dare! Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much Nathan! We are really glad you liked the game ^^ And yes Zelda is one of the main inpirations and so is Minit!

Wow! Thanks! That is one of the highest scores we have seen, thank you for playing it and uploading a video!

Hahaha Thank you for making the video! It was really fun seeing someone playing the game for the first time!

Hmmm, it is true but I can't fix it since it is how Bitsy works, sorry. I can't change the screen when reaching the end of the level, Bitsy only allows to change the screen by placing a trigger tile that needs to be inside of the screen :( That also causes both bugs.

Thanks though for the feedback! And please do not delete the comment, it may be useful for other players! 

Thank you so much ^^ I'm really glad you like it!

I have just added an installer download, hope this fixes the issue ^^ Thank you so much for saying it and pointing a possible solution!

Hi Mutant Gamer, 

First of all thanks for taking the time to play the game and upload a video about it ^^ Secondly, I really agree with the need of a How to Play screen, will add it this week while I fix a couple of bugs and add Mac and Linux downloads.  

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi itch community,

On Halloween we released CurlyHop, a Top-Down Gameboy-like game where the player must smash enemies in order to deflect them and shoot them towards other enemies.

We started CurlyHop as part of GBJAM 5 but we could only spend 5 hours in it, so we decided not to upload it for GBJAM and finish it later. Almost a year later we decided to start it again and finish it on October and here is the result!

 Hope you have fun! 

PD: Considering adding a color palette swap shader next week as well as Mac and Linux downloads!

Great game! Loved the art and the humor, great adventure as old ones ^^