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Thanks for the reply! I found where the files are. I also understand your concern, and assure you I'd activate the key as soon as I get it. No hurry though, I'd rather play some more and wait for updates before eventually diving into the game on Steam, then I'll be glad to ask ;)

Hello, I have two questions:

- Where does the game store the data files downloaded by the launcher?

- No chance for us Itch buyers to also get a Steam key of the game? Beside obvious features that can be only on Steam like achievements, will we be able to still count on future updates?

Anyway, the game is already fun to play in its little window, letting it go until something happens, and I look forward to the planned features. I also love the quadrichromatic pixel art.

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I wanted to buy it but I couldn't because I've got no Mac or iPhone, so thanks for the Windows version! :)

Decided to get it in the end, also knowing that it has passed Greenlight and will eventually land on Steam ;)

I love Wolf3D-likes and your visual style - the cover image is fantastic and evokes an Amiga feeling - but I'm not too hot about roguelike and procedural generation, as I think it often leads to impersonal and unbalanced levels. I'll still keep an eye (I also voted for it on Greenlight) and consider buying. If I can leave a suggestion, a later Campaign Mode with fixed, hand-made levels that go beyond the limits of the procedurally generated ones.

I'd be tempted to buy the game here but, would the purchase also provide me a Steam key (like it's used by many devs who eventually land on Steam after Itch)? Or would I at least be reassured that it will be kept up-to-date with the Steam version (since some devs have this bad habit to forget other platforms exist once they land on Steam)?

My favourite detail is the purification effect. Would be great if there also was a downloadable version for offline play.