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I love Wolf3D-likes and your visual style - the cover image is fantastic and evokes an Amiga feeling - but I'm not too hot about roguelike and procedural generation, as I think it often leads to impersonal and unbalanced levels. I'll still keep an eye (I also voted for it on Greenlight) and consider buying. If I can leave a suggestion, a later Campaign Mode with fixed, hand-made levels that go beyond the limits of the procedurally generated ones.

Thank you for your interest and for voting on Greenlight! I understand your concerns about the procedural-generated levels. When I set out to develop Cthon my goal was to try to create a shooter experience that felt at least a little different every time you played. Randomness is just as much a part of Cthon's DNA as its obvious references to Wolfenstein 3D, System Shock, Doom and countless others. A fixed-level mode could be interesting, but I unfortunately can't make any guarantees about whether it will ever make it into a release. If you ever reconsider, I do hope you enjoy it immensely.

Decided to get it in the end, also knowing that it has passed Greenlight and will eventually land on Steam ;)