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Couldn’t get this to run, tab stops responding. Watched a video of it and it looks good though.

I restarted but it put me back to Level 1. Still a great game, I didn't take the bug into account when scoring.

This is pretty good, I won against myself several times ;-) As others have said some additional hint to time it properly would be a good addition.

Very good idea, well implemented. Flashbacks to technical drawing in school.

This is very well done. I couldn't make it past level 12 because shooting the gravity switches stopped working but I really enjoyed it.

I try to make every game about space, you try to make them about cookies ;-) I liked the variety and the ability to unlock the final level, good concepts.

Thanks. It’s a hard game, each orb takes about 25 shots to destroy.

Lovely game. The wind animations are *chefs kiss*.

Love it. The movement and some of the sprites remind me of The Simspsons: Escape from Camp Deadly on the original game boy.

Nicely done. That game over drawing is heartbreaking.

Beautiful all round. Well done.

Love the graphics and the color palette. I enjoyed curing the patients, somewhat reminds me of the insult duelling in Monkey Island.

Lovely graphics and music, love the gameplay idea.

Have you seen my stapler?

Very nice game. Insanely difficult, but rewarding. Best of luck in the competition.

Very pretty game. Love the palette.

A nice (difficult) high score game, very well put together.

Nice game. I enjoy a good gameboy roguelike. I liked the combat a lot, simple and effective system.

Thanks for playing. Project Wormhole on PS1... now that's a blast from the past.

That was the inspiration originally, thanks for playing!

Thanks, I had to code the soundtrack by hand in arrays in C so it was going to be short! I'm just glad you played it long enough to find it repetitive!

Can't get this to work. It's just stuck on the 'made for trijam' screen. Will rate if I can get it working later.

Nice game. Love the style.

That was great fun. I love the name, the look and atmosphere of the game. Really well put together.

I love the atmosphere of the level, definitely a good base to build off.

Love the aesthetic, really nice game.

Very nice. Graphics are very good, your son has talent.

This is very cute altogether! Well done.

Brilliant game. I can see a lot of emergent gameplay ideas already in the six levels that are begging to be developed further.

Hi, thanks for playing. The screen only shakes when you get hit but I probably need to make it more obvious.

Sorry about that! I was told he was too cute to squish and then my conscience got the better of me.


Oh no! I didn’t come across that in testing. Thanks for the kind words.

Interesting control mechanism. It worked quite well once I got used to it.

Nice, I played it up to the level with the red spike but couldn't get past it. I thought it was hilarious that I could land on a platform with just the cow's head. Great music.

The cute graphics contrasted with the death graphic is quite something! Nice game.

Fun little game.

Great illustrations.