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Heh, I had fun with this one. As insanely overpowered as +400% HP on a single piece of equipment is, obtaining it is the biggest challenge the game has to offer, far more difficult and rewarding than beating some random thugs with mismatched equipment. The game can be played both the normal way and the grindy way, and both are enjoyable due to how the enemies are generated. The difficulty stops raising somewhere around level 35, and the game has minor bugs like equipment fitting where it shouldn't.

Nice idea, I like it.

Build a water-shooting turret nearby

I thought it'll pump out slag from there

The thermal pump description says it can pump out lava, but I'm not able to place it on volcanic terrain, is this a bug?

One exploit that I would like to point out, if you build two upgraded altars you can use them to completely stop the waves, and then you can have all the time you want, assuming that you constantly make sacrifices, Aztec style.

Just discovered a new area, and it's astonishing:

An excellent, gripping game that glued me to the chair for several hours.  The graphics are enjoyable, the special effects are great, the random events add to the replayability value, and the game requires serious tactical thinking - managing your resources in a balanced way is the key to success, as is playing your cards in the correct order and using combos.

Anyways, I managed to survive until wave 15 and got close to restoring the city of Ratropolis to its former glory, before succumbing to the inevitable doom.

Also, regarding bugs, you apparently overlooked that achievements in the English version are untranslated from Chinese.
FARA community · Created a new topic A few questions

Hi! I really enjoyed the game and all, but there are a few things I don't understand:

- Sometimes the castle guards attack me for no reason. Sometimes they are friendly, sometimes they are hostile, and sometimes they suddenly decide to murder me in the middle of the hallway with no explaination.

- What is the use of seeds? I can't feed them to the animals, or plant them. (I've even dug a hole and all)

- The "research animal species" quest is not working for me. I've found the relevant animal, investigated it, even brought two live specimens to the town, still nothing.

- The game has thrown an error when I was resting in the village:

"ERROR @ 8,17,0-x34-8z0-local from Commoner. This hopefully won't cause a crash anymore, but please report it with the information below: .

Map: [object Object]

Area: [object Object]

Action: rest"

A cute and relaxing game, though I had trouble figuring out what each building does.

I took a closer look at the issue, saving the game much more frequently than I normally do, so as not to lose anything important. The failed saves started happening more frequently the longer I played, and don't seem linked to combat as I previously thought (one happened when I tamed a moose, for example).

You mentioned the browser version of the game is saved in the browser cache, right? My theory is that when the game runs out of cache space, the saving process cannot be finished correctly, and the game freezes if you choose to save anyway.

FARA community · Created a new topic Autosave bug

It's impossible to save game during combat, but the game often tries to autosave anyway and fails, which leads to some buggy behavior. The "saving..." message doesn't disappear, as if the game couldn't complete the autosave, and if you attempt to /save after that, the game freezes.

This bug happens fairly often during a bandit encounter, and also happened to me once during a battle with a legendary monster. It gets quite annoying, as I cannot save game after killing the bandits and grabbing their loot.

The game freezes if you level up after killing the Mad Vizier.

In fact, I consider it not much harder than any other bonus location, if you plan your actions carefully. For comparison, being assaulted by a group of ogres in Arcadia or hordes of MaxHP draining enemies in Turdak's Sanctrum is a much more terrifying sight.

Also, I've finally defeated him :D

Just for the sake of doing it, since it's easy to grab all stuff on the floor without putting up a serious fight with him.

This time I've fully assembled my strategy just in time, and focused on draining his mana with my ice attacks. He did spawn with weaker minions this time, and I ended up only moderately wounded.

A great and unconventional roguelike that is challenging even to well-prepared players.

 In one of my first playthroughs I got to Anomaly:3 with a score of 4307, and ended up getting defeated by the summoner in there, which not only has proffessional strategy, fully upgraded monsters and powerful healing abilities, but also is at higher level at the player.

Anyway, my attempt to to get resistances from the will o' wisp at the cost of 9K was a bad move. 

The second wall in the jumping tutorial is too tall to jump through. It looks like I'm supposed to jump onto a crate first, but that doesn't work either.

Just enjoying this moment of pure awesomeness.

I spent several hours of gameplay to get as big ship as I can with only nanites as a weapon. The results are astounding and extra sparkly.

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An awesome turn-based space strategy.

It took me a while to figure out which block does what and which should go where, but after that, the rest was easy, except for an occassional fight with a 10-block miniboss.

So, here is my battleship, if you are curious: