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A great and unconventional roguelike that is challenging even to well-prepared players.

 In one of my first playthroughs I got to Anomaly:3 with a score of 4307, and ended up getting defeated by the summoner in there, which not only has proffessional strategy, fully upgraded monsters and powerful healing abilities, but also is at higher level at the player.

Anyway, my attempt to to get resistances from the will o' wisp at the cost of 9K was a bad move. 

:D Thank you, and I'm glad you're enjoying Demon. :) Paracelsus is a pretty tough fight, but it's impressive you got to him at all on one of your first playthroughs: the Anomaly itself is a nasty bit of work, long feared by even veteran players. :D Good luck on your future adventures in the Tower!

In fact, I consider it not much harder than any other bonus location, if you plan your actions carefully. For comparison, being assaulted by a group of ogres in Arcadia or hordes of MaxHP draining enemies in Turdak's Sanctrum is a much more terrifying sight.

Also, I've finally defeated him :D

Just for the sake of doing it, since it's easy to grab all stuff on the floor without putting up a serious fight with him.

This time I've fully assembled my strategy just in time, and focused on draining his mana with my ice attacks. He did spawn with weaker minions this time, and I ended up only moderately wounded.

:D Congrats! I don't know that I've seen someone use Ice SP-draining on him before, but I can definitely see how it'd help, and you usually can get all the pieces by the time you run into him.

But don't worry, the Tower's got plenty of other scary stuff waiting for you. :D