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Autosave bug

A topic by DarklingArcher created 54 days ago Views: 46 Replies: 2
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It's impossible to save game during combat, but the game often tries to autosave anyway and fails, which leads to some buggy behavior. The "saving..." message doesn't disappear, as if the game couldn't complete the autosave, and if you attempt to /save after that, the game freezes.

This bug happens fairly often during a bandit encounter, and also happened to me once during a battle with a legendary monster. It gets quite annoying, as I cannot save game after killing the bandits and grabbing their loot.


Hey there!

Thanks for the report. I'll look into in tonight and see what I can find.

I took a closer look at the issue, saving the game much more frequently than I normally do, so as not to lose anything important. The failed saves started happening more frequently the longer I played, and don't seem linked to combat as I previously thought (one happened when I tamed a moose, for example).

You mentioned the browser version of the game is saved in the browser cache, right? My theory is that when the game runs out of cache space, the saving process cannot be finished correctly, and the game freezes if you choose to save anyway.