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Dante Deketele

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Nice firts release

very clean stuff, a real artist at work XD
I like the small details you put in.

Also a very clean

Clean game, nice to see brackeys tutorials are still being recreated. Tip: use the .zip format to make it playable on the app and every other pc that does not have winrar.

Hope you enjoy making games!

nice gameplay!

nice, great ambiance

Verry nice art style! Great game!



lol, thanks!

Hope you had some fun, thanks for playing!


love the minimalistic design! is it possible to complete tho?

Great submission!

verry hard game, but nice!

Nice work!

Verry nice! love the art, sound and everything else!

Great work!

Great job!

Love the idea.

cool mechanics, little gameplay.

Good job for a 3h jam XD.


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I don't know how to play the game.

Is there a tutorial or playtruh?

good work!

nice game!

nice game!

Good gameplay!

well done

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You can keep pressing all buttons and get unlimited score?

Maybe subtracting the score if you press at the wrong time could help.

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The game won't play. Even after downloading the files, i can't get the .html file to work.

Edit: in the instructions you say "open the .exe file".
Did you upload the wrong files?

The screenshots look nice.

np, i will vote for every game

nice game!

You may not have used pixelart but the gameplay is good!

My score was 352.

good work!



post your best! XD

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my record is 45 LOL



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I see you only have 4 votes. with browser support you will probably have more votes in your next Jam. Many people are too lazy to download your game. maybe you can upload it after the jam and people will play it more. Unfortunately, you need at least 20 votes for this jam to get results.

Nope, in Unity you can just click a button and everything happens for you!

Step by step:

in your unity project, go to "File" -> "Build settings" -> select WebGL as platform and click switch platform.
The you can build the game. zip everything in a .zip file and upload it to Then you can select "this file will be played in browser". and you're done.

Here is the WebGL info page:

Good luck!