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(i had commented earlier, but maybe forgot to push "submit"?)

really nice idea, and well-fits the theme, nice art direction, smooth animations, intuitive "snap" when releasing cards - so, good "ui" mechanics throughout. sadly with that much effort on the deal/shuffle/play interaction, i get that 4hrs isn't enough to actually put something "playable" together. still, call it time well spent if used as a 'keeper' framework for other card games to come. (ie, this seems a "practical" effort) so if I -1 for not-playable it maybe washes out with a +1 for solid useful 'foundation' code.

wasn't able to test, but i'll assume that's it's sort of like tic-tac-toe? :D and i'm going to give you some props just for making any submission within the deadline. :)

plus it's got plenty of room to grow if you ever decided to - like discrete "levels" with additional obstacles (static blocks scattered around), or multiple stars simultaneously maybe with a timeout, or other types of on-screen "hazards", balls with different physics attributes, maybe a multi-ball release bonus, etc.

learned something: sloth + sloth == sloth + envy + lust. simplifying: sloth = envy + lust. :D

(i know.. the words don't matter in the game)

nice simple idea (might suggest that the balance and blocks be in front of the arm, to avoid obscuring blocks during play), and would eventually need some sort of "resume" mechanism (but not in 4 hrs, I get it), never made it past level 3, but that might just be me misjudging the circle-vs-square areas.

i enjoy oddball mashups, and this is like "3-lane-runner meets rock-paper-scissors", except it's with axes, pans and zucchini's (or maybe cucumbers, hard to tell) instead of rps. the tie to the virtue theme is a bit tenuous, the lane-changing is a bit slugging, and the battle ui isn't quite intuitive, but it's quirky enough to have some potential charm.

ok, this is very clever! i've never seen a control scheme like this before, and as such, yes, it took a minute to figure out what was going on, and some instructions might have helped (yes, i read your description that you left them out intentionally, i get it, but..). still, you pick it up pretty quick just by experimenting. (could perhaps benefit from just alternative symbols - the "X" and "%" are perhaps the least intuitive for velocity scaling, ^v for shrink/grow maybe could be a circle with inward/outward arrows at four corners, etc - fwiw, just ideas). might also help if you could touch/drag *anywhere* on screen to slide the controls (so you don't cover them up w finger). and i'd say you could have gotten away with keeping an entirely monochrome theme (didn't need blue/yellow color on ball/star) just for "style points". anyway, none of the above are "complaints", just ideas for you, it's well-done as is.

i wanted to get into it, and almost could, but... played half-a-dozen games and never did manage to score a single point. the "need you here" always seemed to end up on far opposite side of screen from where i was, maybe just bad luck. controls are a bit "random" feeling - i get that the flailing arms are somehow supposed to move you, but it wasn't "direct" enough to be intuitive.

i'm with -- i'm upping +1 star just for the clever pun title. :)

(aside: i've started to expect at least a few problems launching these entries (and I try to overlook them, given the time rush) but i had no problems with this one - everything worked exactly as expected, no glitches, well done.)

fun as is, with potential, i think it could be a good start at becoming a "real game". controls are "intuitive enough", but do take some getting used to - the fall/gravity portion of the move in particular is a bit counter-intuitive, doesn't quite "feel" right, but I guess that's something you're supposed to learn. (btw, you might try "just jump l/r" controls and see if they "fit" -- have you seen "flappy golf" fe?)

I was the Winnnnner!!!!!! :D It's actually a fun head-to-head game with potential (sure, admittedly rough around the edges at present, but hey, 4 hours, I get it) tho would really have benefited from having at least a "restart" button. Not sure I see where the virtue theme comes in though.

i rescued George Clooney! :D controls are smooth, good theme match. camera does lag "a little", but not important. could maybe use a reward sound when items picked up. nice game, fun. :)

looks sharp and I was looking forward to it, but sadly I had a really hard time getting it to run on a Nexus 7 2012 - first time: nothing at all for 10 secs then app died, second time locked up at title screen, third time game barely started and i tapped it and got runtime error ".../libs/touch.lua:60 attempt to concatenate local 'rad' (a nil value)". fourth time's a charm though :) and got to play, tho it was still a bit "laggy". the controls suffice, but might benefit from a better response to the "magnitude" of the swipes (tho maybe it's just cuz i was so laggy - i'll try to factor out my laggy device in my rating tho)

nice moody atmosphere, smooth controls. primary challenge is having quick enough reaction time to stop moving and avoid the badguys when they become visible, would be cool if badguys started to move around a bit as game progresses.

fits the theme, mechanics work well, nice little game. (could perhaps use something that speeds-it-up/makes-it-harder as you progress - once you've "mostly" cleaned up then it just gets easier to finish. maybe if it were on white instead of black, and paper color "bleached" towards white wrt #remaining?)

i got as far as 6 published and $2.4M bank as an indie, figured it was time to retire! :D when first started playing was expecting an incremental "clicker" game, tho it's more of an asset-management strategy game, and the minimal ui was fine. (tho would have preferred separate "spend slow", "spend fast" and "spend all in one click" -type buttons over the shift controls) i think there's actually a potential "real game" in here, though the tie to the virtue theme seems a bit of a stretch.

on win32 after the second game, it "locks up" with a red screen. Quit and restart fixes it, remembers progress, was able to reach the ending. I think the "click dwarves and scissors" of lustitia was my favorite of them. props to you for working in four minigames in one, and props for the most obscure mythology! :D might suggest making the last paragraph (the actual controls) a different color so they stand out, but it was fun. :)

no in-game display (after the title/instructions) on win32, will try apk and come back later.

it's sort of like those "color flipper" games, where hitting one color affects two others, so you try to "balance" them... more or less.. um, right? i really wanted to figure it out and beat it, but couldn't quite, the brief presentation of the rules at the beginning didn't sink in enough, and still sometimes seemed that it worked "backwards"? (not that it really is, just that the confused understanding of the rules makes it appear so) it might also help if there were some "local" (near the clicked dot) animated feedback if you actually click the dot in time. sometimes it's very split-second and you miss noticing the bars. also occassionally dots get stuck near top of screen when starting a new game.

fits the theme, graphics and animation are nice, but it seems to need something more to clue the player in about the relative strength of the opponent... fe, the first time green guy appears you fail with courage 120. but if you instead run, then attack next guy, then you'll have 110 next time you face green guy and you CAN defeat this one (with less courage than the first encounter). so it seems to just be pattern memorization - sort of a "simon" game that you must learn by trial and error.