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Daniel Toillion

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What is UpDog? AH SHIT

Thanks for playing! May I ask how you found the game?

You beat it! Nice! Thanks for the awesome comment!


My favorite aspect was the effects, exploding barrels and destructible environment with well done particle effects. Cool concepts, would love to see more of this project in the future. 

I think this game's strong points are the visuals, audio, and camera. The 2D/3D mix was implemented nicely and the sound effects were also nice. Great work!

The audio took me back to my NES days, reminds me of Double Dragon and that Karate game I used to be obsessed with as a kid. It's super difficult but I like how every time I die I clearly deserved it lol. Love the mechanic of being stunned for a second if I miss, that really makes it difficult in a fun way.  My top score was 4500 

Cool concept, nice work!

86 deer, I hope my Grandma is proud of me. Great work, exactly like making my Grandma's dreams come true in real life. 

The world is definitely at carrying capacity for TP games now lol


Thanks! Btw the arrow keys will work also if that is more comfortable for you. 

Great feedback thanks for playing, once the game jam rating period is over I think all of your suggestions are worth addressing for sure. 

That was nice, especially during quarantine, well done!

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It is now! bahahah

Wow this is super funny and cool. I can't believe you perfectly simulated the guy in my local park.

Really nice how you made such a complete game in such a short time. The menus, controls, and user communication are all super on-point. Nice work!

Love watching my pursuers eat shit in traffic lol 

Very nice, loved the blender component.

Watch Quarantine Jam Playing Games Live! from SirAeron on

Loved the voiceover, super cool result for only three days nice job man!

Really satisfying to light the candle and burn the blocks. Player controller needs some fine tuning but this is really great I love it!

Really cool concept, for me after the first car uses a space I couldn't get any other cars to park there. The cars started leaving the lot without trying to park and I couldn't click them anymore? Not sure if it's a bug or I am missing something. Really cool jam result tho great work!

Love the line-of-sight mechanic and the momentum concept is also really clever. Nice work!

Really nice use of power-ups, I like ho the choice matters for completing the next obstacle. Good use of checkpoints and excellent communication to the player.

Super fun, made me laugh a lot also.

Thanks! I have updated the game and the reverse function now has a cool-down on it. Enemies also telegraph their spawn position before becoming dangerous. I hope this makes the game more difficult but also more fair.

Thanks for the awesome feedback! I agree that the reverse feature takes away from the mechanic so I added a cool-down to it based on the feedback of you and other players.

Thanks for the suggestion, in this update the enemy orbs will now spawn safe, blink for a while, and then become dangerous. This will prevent the unfair hits you were experiencing.

Thanks for the suggestions! I added the cool-down to the reverse and it really improved the game IMO:

AmsterJam #1 community · Created a new topic Thank you!

Thanks to those who participated! I look forward to playing the entries this evening and congrats on making a thing!

Main theme: Amsterdam

Make a game about Amsterdam, it's AmsterJam after all. 

Optional themes: Social Acceptance, Harm Reduction

Interpret it however you want!

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Player feedback planned for implementation (post rating period):

  1. Cool down on reversing direction
  2. Telegraph the spawning of objects to prevent unfair collisions
  3. Camera shake

I love the character design. I hope you work on this more after the jam. Nice work!

Thanks man!

Thanks man! I have received so may useful feedbacks and I can't wait for the game jam judging period to be over so I can implement some of them!

Thanks man! Excellent feedback I could totally see myself doing another pass at this game in the future that includes these suggestions.