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Love it, top marks! Plain and simple. Looking forward to that mobile port :)

Looks cute and quirky, and I liked the smooth movement of the reaper. But I did not understand the combat system. Introducing its mechanics or a short explanation would have been quite helpful.

Interesting! I may be missing the ability to visualise the dice and which side is which, so I didn't get very far. But it is very creative for sure. I think that in an isometric format, this game would be more accessible and fun to play!

I have no idea what's going on here. I can only select a tile, but not move?  I also don't know what I'm supposed to do, other than roll dice. A tutorial or some indications of how the game works and what the goals and rules would help me understand what this is game is.

Hi Tim. Could you be more specific? Is the game not loading or does it not respond to your mouse input? I just played it on Chrome on Mac and it worked fine for me.

Interesting and fun! I love the style and, while I am a terrible samurai destined to live in eternal darkness with a never rising sun, I think this is pretty cool. I can definitely see it as an app with a swipe only mechanism or something. Great job!

Looks nice, and I can definitely see the theme. But with no explanation, just dropping us in there, I was unsure what I had to do, other than survive, I guess? So my recommendation would be to work less on the polish, nail down the mechanics and introduction, and then present it well.

I hear you. You should be proud! It turned out great for a 48h game jam!

Super fun game!! Very creative use of the theme and ...our time. The controls feel nice, the music is on brand, and the puzzles are fun. Good job!

Such an original puzzle mechanic! I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. TOP MARKS! 

I guess my only feedback would be that I felt like I was alternating between moving the wizard and space, and I acknowledge there might be pathways missing in my brain, but maybe encouraging a more dual movement would have been great. Having the exchange be slightly more dynamic would take it to the next level.

Lovely concept! I've seen many two-player games joined by one set of control in this jam, but this circular layout is a nice twist to that idea! Plus, the art style is super slick, minimalistic and elegant. I love that. However, the control layout seems a little awkward, all grouped in the top left of my keyboard. I would have loved to use the arrows keys instead of WASD, for instance. Additionally, I'd say the levels feel small, and I don't mean short. In the sense that there are a lot of things in these small spaces, and make it hard to get a feel for the game, especially in early levels. Also, the music was nice but, like, buffering? Chunking out? But all in all, really cool game!

Thanks for the feedback! We can see where you're going with those suggestions and they're definitely worth testing to see how the game changes.

Noted! We didn't have the time to make one, but might in the near future.

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed it!

I think there's a really cool idea here, but balancing is a little off still. I think that being more forgiving with the docking of components, having more time or better control over the pieces may be good to review. But it's really fun nonetheless. 

OMG - this is the best game of this jam so far! Baba is you meets the crypt of the necrodancer! I can see how there's a lot more to explore, options and rules you can change up, but I really see this landing on, like, Nintendo Switch. TOP MARKS!

This is insane and I am not smart enough to finish it, but fully support it! It is slick, elegant, super well done, fits the theme perfectly and I personally love the minimalism. One think that would help people like me, is having a smoother ramp in difficulty where you kind of teach us the tricks in simple, before going all out.

Really fun! I love these kind of puzzle games. There was this one checkpoint where I would get killed ON the checkpoint, which is harsh. I think they should be like safe zones and maybe there's a few extra elements you can implement, like buttons or switches with time to put you under pressure. But it's really nice and enjoyed the tron vibe u got going.

Glad you liked it! Your feedback is totally fair, I wish we would have had just one more day to polish those sorts of things, but that's part of the challenge! ... maybe a dash ability would have been good? who knows!

Thanks! We will check it out!

Physics games can be awesome! I liked it, but wished I could have a little bit more control over my spaceship. Just a little bit. Maybe? Perhaps? Still fun though.

Bugs aside, I really like how you used the space for your menu (pun intended!). I think there's a lot of room to grow. Good job!

I love that you chose space as a theme and the aesthetics are wonderful. However, I would consider allowing to course correct without a planet (but some penalty, of course) and to reward exploration! But nicely done within 48hs!

Thank you!

I feel like there's an interesting game here somewhere, but I am a little confused on what I am doing and how it works. Maybe a tutorial would help to introduce players smoothly into the mechanics nd rules. It seems like quite a unique idea and others are having a lot of fun, so maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

coooool - this has a lot of potential and your level design is generally great, but I also had a hard time understanding a few things about the mechanic. Letting the player if a game object is "in range" to be linked and which objects can be linked, would have a very useful piece of information. I had to come to the comment section to learn that I can link SPINES and switch them with a box! Once that was clear, the game got real fun, real fast! Great job!

Thank you! We really appreciate this detailed and constructive feedback. It helps a lot to receive suggestions for improvement. Glad you liked it :)

Thanks for playing!

After understanding how to start the game, it got real fun, real fast. It ramps up quickly and squeezes your brain juices. I really like the concept and thin this could really go somewhere with more work and polish. Quite impressive for a 48h jam! Top marks! Looking forward to updates and further development.

Funny! The bone collection sound is sooo satisfying and I'm loving the black & white pixel vibe, too.. I could do that all day. It reminded me of carrion, where you spend mass to do stuff.  Clever.

Please let me know if you make some updates post-jam!

Thank you! And yeah, it would seem that the 2nd level is the most tricky one. We'll take it into account.

I LOVE the concept. There is some polishing to be done; I would like to see how the llamas are connected (a tether/cable or sth), have less powerful gravity modules, be able to regulate them and have them affect other objects to open/close paths. The level-difficulty ramp needs to be reviewed, but for a 48h jam it's impressive, creative and I really think this game can go somewhere. Top marks!

nicely done. I think there's some potential here and that more levels would have really brought the concept to shine.

nice work! real challenging too and is probably a great exercise for the brain.

great use of the theme and cute way of framing the mechanic. I think this could be great as an educational game for children.

Thanks for the feedback! We'll check out your game too.

Thanks! We'll keep the ball rolling for sure.

NICE! took me 425 to finish... but I got there! Really fun concept and I would love to play more levels. I love the chill music in contrast to the challenge... 'twas a chillenging experience.