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You can play for free here in this site. You need to pay only if you want the downloadable version.

I changed the download config. Can you try again, please? Just access the same download link again.

I just sent you an email message with the free download key.

You can edit you comment above to remove your email.

I can send a free download key for you. Just tell me your email, or Discord, or other form of contact for me to send you a private message with the download key ( don't have private message option).

You can play for free in this site.  What's the problem with the site?


Your body damage is how much damage you cause on enemy tank when your tanks are overlapping each other.

If you have a high body damage, you will be able to destroy enemy tanks without shooting bullets, just by keeping your tank colliding with enemy tank.

So, it's important to have a body damage higher than enemy body damage, to avoid being killed by super fast tanks.

Thank you very much for your feedback and ideas. Very good ideas, I will use in the next game update.

Thank you!

I believe the best way to kill the fast moving tanks in late-game is to have a high "body damage". This upgrade is very important in late-game. Anyway, I will think about putting a limit on enemy tank speed.

I plan to add boss arenas in the game. I still need to think about a way to make it less repetitive in advanced levels.

Thanks for your feedback.


Thanks for the feedback.

The red tank will run away when he's almost dying, or if he's weaker than you. If you spend most of your upgrade points increasing your "Max Life", most reds will start always running away from you. You can minimize this problem by spending points upgrading your "Movement Speed", making it difficult for them to evade you.

The green tanks are able to dodge bullets. You can minimize this problem by spending upgrade points in your "bullet speed".

I just published a DrawJS update, with the "Perlin Noise" script.

(1 edit)

I'm developing DrawJS, a tool to create and edit images using visual programming.

Basically, you add a sequence of blocks.

Each block is a step that will be executed to create the final image.

By building this blocks you can create cool images in few minutes.

For example:

Video showing an example of logo created in in 2 minutes with visual scripts:

If you know Javascript you can also create your own scripts.

I would like to get some feedback, if you think this is useful, or if I'm reinventing the weel, or something like that.

What do you think?

Link to the online tool is:

Thank you.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will include Perlin noise scripts.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it and still play almost 10 years after I created.

I just published DrawJS.

It's an online tool to draw using scripts.

You can create:

  • logos for your games
  • styled buttons
  • thumbnails for YouTube videos
  • and much more...

You can export your images to PNG format.


When editing my tool, I selected to have a dedicated discussion board for it.

It says I can create categories, but I didn't find any button to create categories, only topics.

How do I do that?

I want to create a category for "feature requests", another for "bug reports", and so on.

DrawJS community · Created a new topic Bug reports

If you find any bugs, you can send here.

DrawJS community · Created a new topic Feature requests

Here you can send your suggestions and request new features.

Hi BiggerBrain, thanks for playing!

To avoid being killed by a tank on top of your tank, you can upgrade your body damage. That way, the enemy tank will lose life quickly when it is on top of your tank!

Upgrading max life and life regen will also help a bit to avoid being killed that way.

I programmed the game to avoid a tank appearing too near your tank, but if the tank is faster than you, it will reach you very fast and you will not be able to evade it if your tank is slower.

Maybe I can program the enemy to never become too near your tank, but in that case I would need to remove the "body damage" upgrade, because this upgrade would not make sense anymore.

I also will continue improving the AI in future updates.

Thanks for the feedback!

In this game you control a tank and have to destroy enemies in different arenas.

Every time you destroy an opponent tank, you earn points that can be used to upgrade your tank.

Play the game here:

Nice game. Challenging and fun to play.

Nice game. Good use of the theme.

Nice game. Very creative.

Hi Doriens, thanks for playing. I published an update with music, as you suggested. Thanks.

Hi John, I just published an update with music, as you suggested.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I was inspired by game.

Hi, I published a new version and updated the AI of the red tank, so it don't stay stucked in the corner anymore.

Good ideas, thank you.

Hi GaunaZX, glad you liked it. Do you have a suggestion on how to expand it? Thanks.

Hi Sinebeast. Thank you very much for your feedback! I will continue improving the game and add more polish. I will post improved version as soon as the game jam ends. Thank you!



Thanks. There are also the modes "double" and "mixed" where some pieces can move 2 cells per move.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing! I will soon improve enemy artificial intelligence and add different tank behaviours. Thanks.

This is a simple and addictive game where you have to bounce and avoid the spikes.

There are 5 different levels.

Play the game at:

Hi NikolayKozloff. I just uploaded a downloadable version.

Very useful.

Nice video. Thank you.