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Team Danger Crew

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Thanks for playing and for the kind words. Hope you feel better soon!

We used Electron for that. You build your app as if it was a normal browser React app, then include your bundle code in an Electron project to run as a Desktop app.

Hey, thanks so much. Our followup game will definitely have a map. :)
Really appreciate you playing!

Hey, thanks for the report... we'll look into this and hopefully patch soon. Hope you enjoy the game!

Thanks for playing!

So glad to hear! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing to the end! Not Drew at the end, but a different character. They definitely look similar, though.

We appreciate the feedback and will consider these points in future versions of the game. Thanks again!

Try looking in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\dangercrew\storage

If you see any .json files in there, send them to us! Thank you for helping us troubleshoot the issue.

Hey, sorry to hear about the saving problem on Windows 10. We've heard a few other reports recently about this and will look into it. Feel free to shoot us an email (team[at] and we can try to fix your save file.

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Discord: punkydrewster#2807

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Hey, maybe someday! We're working on a new engine now that would make re-releasing on mobile way easier. Also, thanks!

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Hey Luna,

Thank you for your candid feedback and bringing this to our attention. Our intent with the character's name was never to make a trans slur; however now that you brought it to my attention I can see how it could come across as such. The character's name was intended as a homage to "Trinity" from The Matrix (with the 3 from leet speak). I am so sorry that this was so poorly conveyed. We are working right now on patching the game to correct this.

EDIT: The update is now live

Hey, thanks so much for playing. The next game is in development now!

Haha, you're totally right! Def might patch that in the future.
Thanks a ton for playing!

Hey Nick, thanks so much for playing! Glad you're enjoying the game, and THANK YOU for contributing to the Racial Justice and Equality bundle!

Sign us up!

Thank you for running this. Amazing team and people at Itch.

Awesome picks for the Selects Bundle. Loving the spooky seasonal site updates, too!