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Looks good! Keep the work, I started also by recreating games.

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Update: Google Play Services / Kickstarter

Hey Guys, the game is on Kickstarter and allready 40% funded!

I also implemented google play services so you can unlock cool achievements and leaderboards!

Looks really good but I would recommend to do some screenshots and change the preview image/logo.

Why dont go for the look of the game with the image?

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UPDATE: New coins and coins in boxes

[Coins with particles and the new gem animation]

[Coins in Boxes with new animation]

UPDATE: Double Jump

To bring more dynamic to the game, I decided to decrease the jump power but implement a double jump.

UPDATE: Fireball Ammo in the box

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Hello everybody and welcome to the Super Alien Adventure Devlog !

You have to jump, shot and stomp to survive your adventure! Oh.. and coins!

You can also slide on ice... and shot snail shells !


#1: Implemented a pickup to fill up your shotable fireballs:

#2: Polished the coins and made boxes work with coins too

Story Time

I wanted to make this game because I always wanted to play a Mario game on my mobile device but never found a game which makes me happy.

I started around 4 Weeks with some dirty attemps. But during these weeks Ive red many articles about game design, started to draw ideas and learned many things about coding so it ended up here. Because I love to get feedback and make unseen things seen by other people I would like to start my devlog right now.

I hope you like and I will update this almost daily.

I use C# and the Unity Engine.

If you are interested in older GIFs showing some old progress just let me know!

You should know

// I know that I use art assets, and I've got allready hate for that. But I am a bad artist and to create a Game good Assets are really usefull. With things like the Bubble for the pickUp I try to add some lovely touch to the assets, so it is NOT like every game made with them. The Coding is completly done by me and I do NOT use Unitys Physic or Collision Engine, I wrote my own to detect if the player is walking on or against ground and walls. Thank you ♥