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Three Fingers: Greenlit. Released this Weekend

A topic by Alderman aka biggt created Aug 24, 2016 Views: 292 Replies: 1
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Hello strangers, I don't know if i've posted here before so forgive me for doing it wrong.

This is a game i've put a lot of my time and effort into. I am going away in September so I have self-imposed a deadline of the 29th to put all the finishing touches on and Upload it (ie this Weekend)! I hope you can give it a shot and sincerely hope that if you do you enjoy it. I have been making games for literally half of my life and would like to continue doing it forever. All the support I can get is greatly appreciated. Much love.

Looks really good but I would recommend to do some screenshots and change the preview image/logo.

Why dont go for the look of the game with the image?