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That's a really kind thing to say, especially since I had serious doubts about this one. Thanks for playing my game and bringing a smile to my face!

Holy cats! I don't think I've even made it past Simulation 3 when I was playtesting it!

I appreciate you checking out my game :)

I like that idea, since it gives the player more information to make strategic decisions (or at least to avoid an unintentional death). 

The phrase "point blank" was intentionally left vague due to the way the bullet spread was coded. Depending on the angle, the player might not always get hit even if they are in close proximity to the enemies; it is just much more likely.

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Definitely a good suggestion and something I've thought about! I had actually intended the civilians to technically be the player's lives. Maybe I should have made them stationary, since also having the civilians move may have added a little too much RNG.

Regardless, thanks for checking out my game!

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The game didn't turn out as fun as I had hoped, in part due to the randomness of the bullets' trajectory. I intended something more tactical, but at least the current game adheres to the theme of luck.

On a less technical level, I wanted to convey the following themes:
    - "Using luck to help others" (protecting civilians by tricking enemies into shooting each other) 
    - "One man's luck is another's misfortune" (stray bullets striking civilians)

I'd love to hear all your thoughts on how the gameplay can be improved and what more I can do to reinforce these themes.

Thanks for checking out my game!

Thanks for the suggestion! I was so consumed with making it look fancy that I forgot the obvious solution. Will try that next time!

Aw! Those are extremely kind words. Thank you!

Thanks for checking out my game and I totally agree with your feedback! I had a really tough time figuring out how to make the percentages more visible. I had considered surrounding it in white background, but I also didn't want to obstruct the player's view. Any ideas?

Updated to make the game easier (color target percentage is now a range instead of a specific number).

I appreciate you taking some time to check out my game!

Thanks for trying out my submission! I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to convey the rules properly, but I'm relieved to hear you ended up finding the game simple (which was what I was going for)!

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Haha! I used some of the same sprites for the Kenny Jam that took place a few weeks ago!

Needless to say, I love the art - very simple and childlike. But boy, can looks be deceiving!

This game actually made me think way more than I thought it would. The mechanics are simple, but each puzzle utilized them in such clever ways that I loved! I think you've some talent for level design.

As others have already brought up, the difficulty curve was on point. The only gripes I had were:

- Having to use the mouse to navigate the menu
- Parts of the screen were cut off

Other than those (and a lack of a proper menu), this game's got serious potential!

Appreciate the kind words! This was my first time utilizing RNG map (or in this case, platform) generation, but I'm already thinking of ways to control the RNG better for future games!

What an awesome video! I would love to see one of these in every jam (a Let's Play or highlight reel). I really enjoyed your commentary and definitely need to try out some of the games you showcased!

Thank you for the very kind words!

Haha! I'm sorry to hear that! It was definitely a learning experience working with RNG and now I have some ideas to make it more fair in the future :)

Thank you so much for playing!

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I really enjoy games that lean into multiple gaming disciplines. Here, you have strategy, creativity, and reflexes and I can definitely envision a multiplayer version of this much like Slither or I would love to witness battles between quick builders, creative builder, and adept pilots.

In terms of critiques, I found the screen a bit too small and the equipping too precise. Maybe instead of having 8 directions, limit it to 4 and have the equipment slots bigger and easier to click on?

I may be dumb, but it was also unclear to me who's limbs would be decapitated first. Would be great if there was a health indicator!

And lastly (this is complete personal preference), I found the game too "red". I know it fits thematically, but I was having trouble processing the floating attachments, ships, and movement trails from the orange background.

That said, this game definitely has potential as a multiplayer game. Would love to know if you have any plans to pursue that route!

Greetings, Oscar!

I sincerely appreciate you taking your time to give my game a spin and am extremely flattered by your comments!

Coincidentally, your two critiques were actually where I spent most of my time iterating.

In the first iteration of the game, islands would only spawn once a player picked up the coin. You can probably imagine how impossible it was most of the time to get to the next island if you picked up the coin on the far left! I then settled for having islands continuously spawn regardless of coins, as soon as the existing island makes it pass the center of the screen. I do have some ideas on how to minimize the randomness, so this was a great learning experience that I can apply the next time I use random generation!

As for the double jumping, I completely agree with you, especially when collecting coins from above. The movement logic was repurposed from a tutorial video I saw on YouTube. Without getting too tech heavy, I'll just say that there is some calculation that happens as the player is landing and I think that plays into the delay before you touch the ground. Sounds like I may need to rework it or go back to the drawing board entirely. Additionally, I'm also playing with the idea of adding an audio cue on landing. I found that adding audio to the double jump really helped with feedback.

Sorry, my response was much longer than anticipated! But if you have any more critiques or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Certainly things to experiment with, especially the slowdown one! That one's never crossed my mind and I'd be curious to see how that affects gameplay. Appreciate the suggestions again :)

Thanks for checking out my game!

I am still trying to get a grip on what makes good aesthetics in 2D games and will try to apply your suggestion to my next one!

Believe it or not, the character was originally the same size as a tile and forcing him to drop into a hole required a lot of trial and error. I already shrunk him by 10%, but it sounds like it needed more! Do you have any suggestions? Is there a general rule where the characters should be X% the tile size?

Thank you for checking out my game and that is very astute of you to notice! I have updated the game with a fix.

Originally, Red's logic was executed first, which was why he'd lose first in the case of a tie. But now both players can lose simultaneously via exhaustion or ramming into each other at equal speeds.

Thank you for the comment and I hope you enjoyed the game :)

It was my first time making a game of this "genre" (it was meant to be more stealth-like, but it turned out more puzzle-like). Would definitely welcome feedback or ideas so I'll make a better game next time!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Wish I had more time to make more levels and mechanics. Please feel free to let me know things you would have liked to see or what could have been improved!

HTML5 version here!

Copied from my comment on your game's actual page:

Stealth games are by far my favorite genre of games and I loved this!

There was a surprising amount of levels and a few different mechanics I was not expecting (which I won't spoil here).

Whether or not the sprites and animations were intended to be crude (no offense if they weren't!), they actually added to the kid-like charm of the game.

As a somewhat competitive individual, I just had to try to beat the high score touted on Discord (it was 283). I got a 290, but to my surprise, Mr. Leimbach held the true high score of 328!

That aside, the game was much more fun than I expected. The physics worked very well, from being able to control the speed of the cake by pulling back my mouse to how the cake bounced off the head or was vacuumed in by the mouth. It never felt unfair.

Thank you for the kind words!

I have updated my game's page with where I got my royalty free audio so you can too for your future games (I know this sounds like an ad/plug, but I assure you it isn't!).

Stealth games are by far my favorite genre of games and I loved this!

There was a surprising amount of levels and a few different mechanics I was not expecting (which I won't spoil here).

Whether or not the sprites and animations were intended to be crude (no offense if they weren't!), they actually added to the kid-like charm of the game.