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cute game. i liked that the path of the wires over each other could be quite ambiguous, forcing you to do them from the top down or making you do a different one first. good work

i liked this a lot. i was expecting the grapple hook to actually reel you in, the fact that it didnt meant i had to be more creative in using momentum to traverse areas. dark grey guy on black background is the kind of fashion choice i would employ in real life. good work

interesting concept, though the spawns can be pretty randomly unfair at times so i didn't go chasing too high a score. good work

i found the best strategy for playing was to hug the sides of the road and book it, mostly just spending money on armor upgrades. it was a little disappointing that you couldn't just run over the enemies in your truck, even if you could knock them away -- and a little frustrating that they don't seem to have a de-aggro distance. but obviously there's more going on here than just what meets the eye, so props for trying an ambitious concept

seems like it was a good exercise for yourself as a developer -- though i'm glad you accounted for how the game would work if there was nobody else playing for async multiplayer, since i've tried it a few times and always found i had to wait for the backup offline logistics

the factory game works pretty well -- i suppose you can't fully automate things without futzing with boxes yourself. i'm wondering how you would constrain this system if you were to keep going with the idea

thanks for taking a video!

i'm of two minds on the medal loop system -- i think building medal value is fun in medal chain systems and its unfortunate that only bad players get to do it a lot, but having a short uncontrollable period of 2x medals doesn't seem quite right for finishing a loop

that's a very kind thing to say, thank you!

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pretty fun, though i barely made it across the finish line before it completely lagged out!

i think maybe a small break between waves to plan and consider expansion might have made it even better, since i mostly just defaulted to stacking tons of the fastest turret and didn't have the time to think about how to do it smarter

nice work!

this was absolutely amazing! i will admit, i nearly got lost on the third puzzle -- i eventually figured out that you can kind of "cheat" by drawing arbitrary lines between paper and waiting for it to say "I need to be more specific". most of the solutions were funny and not too hard to come by once you accept the framing. the ending was great too.

fantastic work!

actually quite a curious idea for movement -- though perhaps ambitious?

it was hard to determine which button will do what out of Q and E at any given time. perhaps instead of Q and E being character-based, they're screen-based or something -- Q pulls the rightmost character towards the leftmost, and other way around for E? there are a lot of different things you could prototype here, so it's an interesting springboard. good work

a match-3 seems like a fun beginner's exercise -- while not impossible to initially implement, there are a lot of quirks to it that require a thoughtful approach, and all sorts of ways to improve on it

i'll echo that animation on moving tiles would really do a ton -- and personally, i like that you went for a theme that's a little off-kilter. good work

maslow's original theory describes a series of priorities -- but in terms of how a human goes about implementing those priorities, it's more like a series of tradeoffs over finishing one floor of the pyramid and moving onto the next one. you might forgo some of your wealth or relationships in order to chase your self-actualisation. safety can have all sorts of hidden costs, as there are risks to just about everything in life

i think that could be an interesting expansion on this idea, but as it stands, it's a cute cyoa-style game.

never heard of it >:) but thanks

it's pretty curious that the rifle doesn't seem to use up ammo in single-shot mode. that in mind, i got a high score of 120 kills... nice work

cool! i loved that i could just hold the button and let the little guy hop about constantly. i like the unconventional controls and the way that you lose control of the drone in signal blindspots. maybe in harder stages you'd have to kind of "drift" through spots like that and use momentum to get through. quite polished too. well done

this damn usb cord is so exacting, i hope you got permission from the micro-usb guys to faithfully re-enact the experience of trying to use their connection standard. nice work

i quite liked the look and feel of this -- rain effects etc are quite hard to get right, but even the simple effect here is effective

does the choice of dialogue affect anything?

my favourite minigame was catch the bus

quite hard to wrap my head around at first. i found i was wishing there was a "grace period" after a block lands, though in the case of this game i'm not even sure what that would actually mean

a nice qixlike that i can actually get a few stages into.

the glass particles when you reveal a section are oddly beautiful... good job

this absolutely rules. fluid, looks and sounds great -- i love the stages where you have to use your ball momentum to manipulate some weird world of goo thingie into the right spot! excellent work!

there's no reason to call your game shitty right from the outset, it was fun. i enjoyed the bleepy scifi sound effects.

framerate really plummets as you get big, and i'm curious why... game crashes if u die or beat the game but i'm sure you're aware of that

funny lil factory game. getting the big water changed my life. obviously unlimited connections between all the nodes means there's not a whole lot to it, but it was fun enough seeing exactly how many turbine setups i could cram into the (wisely limited) play space

it's difficult for something not to get lost in the mix a bit when theres a lot of blue and pink flying around, but maybe green medals (gems) would have been the correct play

nice work. i thought the way the sound effects are done was pretty cute. never played a love2d game in the browser before, but works pretty flawlessly

i think that traditionally when concentration is done using a standard 4-suited pack of cards, matches are done based on number and colour -- i ended up trying to match a 3 of clubs with a 3 of spades quite a few times

highscore: 60

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took all 10 days to make this. music and some sfx aren't mine. i completely ignored the theme. keep this in mind when rating i guess