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Thank you!

Yep! You can message me on discord - stayfrosty426

Yeah, I have a list of things I want to add to this guy. I reworked my other two bases already - Teeny N Tiny is pretty much done/exactly where I want him to be. Thicc N Juicy I want to rework the organization of it more. After that, Short N Stubby is on my list for a rework. I think he needs a lot of love to clean some things up and add more animations. Fishing/farming/crafting type animations might be nice for him.


UPDATE 1/21/24: Can't let this dude go! Added some new combat animations (parry, strong slash, stab/thrust, bow and arrow), fixes to current animations (walking, rolling, falling, etc.), alongside some new weapon and fx sprites. The MAJOR addition, however, is some long needed organization and shadows! Now, you can more easily trim and set up the spritesheet in various engines with it's cushy 48x48 cell sizes. The sprites still fit that 16x16 format, but for things like the new slash attack it needs that extra bit of padding. I also added shadows , while retaining the shadowless version, for that extra depth and detail. It's super helpful with the handheld skins and the new GBStudio skin tones to separate from the ground. I hope everyone enjoys the new stuff and QOL changes (newly organized folders and sheets broken into major animation type categories)!

Store link:

Just put out a new tileset! After months of no releases, I'm coming out strong with a sci-fi set that's been in the works since August. I teach full time, so that always takes precedent, but I had enough material and time to push out something. I'm pretty proud of the variation and modular nature of this pack in particular.

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I have TONS of plans lol I'm a full time teacher, so this I tackle when I can during the school year. But I do have a grass, ice, factory, and sci-fi settings in the works concurrently.

Thanks for reaching out! Those assets are part of another one I'm planning of various traps - so they aren't tied to just one tileset and can be used with various ones. Not sure of a release date, but make sure to follow me so you know when I do. I also post a lot on socials when I'm working on things, so check there.

Otherwise, you can put the PNGs/sheets into Aseprite and select them and lower them in the sheet or within an engine, you can change their points of origin

Shoot me a message on discord and I can help resolve this: stayfrosty426

Hey! Thanks for dropping by. That's on my radar. I also use GDevelop and know that it's easier to have it sliced up into PNGs. I'm  back at work/teaching now, so it'll take some time. But I do have plans to get some of this stuff into PNGs at some point

Took it before you thought of it :)

Hey! You are in luck! I just finished updating the Teeny N Tiny character base, which I recall you picked up before. Make sure to download the new overhaul. I added a TON of new animations and some additional effects. I've been slowly working on making a colorized version of this set, but it might have some updated sprites. I might include old version of those sprites (like trees especially), but I'd recommend using the newer ones. Make sure to stay posted for the pack to drop sometime this fall. Back to teaching tomorrow for me, so my time will be a little limited with pushing them out. Thanks for the support though! I'm glad you're putting these things to use. Do you have any demos or samples you can share with me? Would love to see how you're piecing things together! Below is a sneak peak at a City Folk pack that goes with Lakes N Fields, but it uses some of the Handheld assets for buildings to get a vibe started.

Store link:

Major update to the Teeny N Tiny character base! Finally closing out my summer with a big overhaul to this guy. I cleaned up several sprites/animations, but added an addition 20 animations - combat, shooting, farming, etc. I even tossed in a bike for good measure! If you really wanted to bring out more in your handheld style game, this short king can really pack a punch. Glad I took the time to clean him up so he's more varied for the devs out there.

Artist here! The levels are made up of tiles and the programmer created levels using Tiled. Glad you like the art! Had a lot of fun making so many variations.

absolutely! You can find me on Twitter and Instagram. So hit me up with whatever you got going on!

Store link:

Short Stack, the brave little turret, is out now! With the ability to hover, scan, alert, and more, he's ready to take down any heroes that get in his way. This sci-fi turret comes in a variety of basic colors, but also "elite" paint jobs to separate the two classes.  He goes well with my platformer assets, but can suit any of your needs. Good luck out there Short Stack!

I do have some unused sprites from a game jam of some animals that go in 4 directions like this. I'll dig around and see if they fit with this pack. I'll be touching up some new animations for this pack and push it out when it's done. I'm working on swimming, shooting, and a few more.

Just finished up a huge overhaul to this and included a few different roll animations and more gun/projectile animations. TONS of things were added, so be sure to download the new version.

Just pushed out a huge overhaul to this! Let me know what you think!

Thank you! Trying to give em bang for their buck.

Just released a new tileset - for platformers. All cave themed complete with vines, terrain, backgrounds, crates, fully tileable and animated water/lava/acid/sludeg, and much much more!

You can pick it up here:

Nice! I hope you enjoy them! I'm working on some more platformer things and updating some other character bases right now,  but I do have a city based top down tileset I'm slowly working on as well to go with Lakes N Fields

The pack doesn't. It's just a base for you to add on to. I just added my own clothes, hair, etc. for the purpose of the screenshots. I'll make an NPC pack some time with some of these, but that would just have some limited animations. 

Thanks for the words! The palette isn't limited necessarily, but it's focused on highly saturated/vibrant shades of color (I don't have a true black it's just a super deep purplish/gray). And the characters are from my Teeny N Tiny character based ( I just made a couple characters from that pack to put into here.

You name it and I'll give it to ya!

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Link to shop:

It's been a long while since I've released anything, but here's a complete handheld inspired RPG top down character base - ideal for turn based, farming, sims, light action RPG, tactics. It comes with over 20 skin tones across natural and gameboy styles. Highly customizable. Consider picking it up for your project and edit until your heart's content.

Store link:

This is the perfect all-in-one platformer starter pack for your game dev needs! Couple this with my Thicc N Juicy character base and you got yourself a great leg up. I've put together a spritesheet with a variety of grass-based tiles, additional propers, a variety of sky backgrounds some basic GUI needs, a pair of enemies, and tossed in a custom font you can use (.ttf file type).

Here's what you get in this 16x16 pack:

  • Skeleton enemy spritesheet (idle, walk, run, jump, crouch, damage, death)
  • Slime enemy spritesheet (idle, walk, jump, damage, death)
  • Cusom .ttf font (Boxed In) to be used however you want
  • Grass tileset (ground, two types of slopes, platforms, pillars, etc.)
  • Sky backgrounds in 6 colors (broken into layers and compiled options)
  • Hazards (lava, water, acid, quicksand, 4x spikes)
  • Color blocks small (red, green, blue, yellow)
  • Color blocks long and tileable (red, green, blue, yellow)
  • Exclaim blocks (red, green, blue, yellow)
  • Bridges (tileable)
  • Rocks
  • Flowers
  • Grass blades
  • Birds (red and blue)
  • Chains (tilable)
  • Wooden box
  • Wooden barrel
  • Exit sign
  • Heart containers (full, half, empty) for GUI or in-game collectable
  • Gold key for GUI or in-game collectable
  • Skleton key for GUI or in-game collectable
  • Coin for GUI or in-game collectable
  • 1UP for GUI or in-game collectable
  • Life icon for GUI or in-game collectable
  • Clock/timer
  • Set of digitals (: x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0) in small, medium, and large
  • Boxed In custom font (.ttf file)

Store link:

Just put out a new GUI pack on my page. Colorful, saturated and modular for those that want to make their own sizes for things like inventory, dialogue boxes, menus, etc. It comes with plenty of options for showing health/armor/mana/stamina type bars, but can also be used to make menu changes in things like audio levels. I packed in two custom fonts I made - both as installable .TTF fonts and in the spritesheet for the full effect (drop shadow and black outline).

Store link:

Put out a big update to my latest GUI pack. Everything is now in color! Aside from the handheld asethetic, I gave my pack a full color blast. Feel free to edit these little UI sprites to whatever you want!

Link to shop item:

Put together a big collection of GUI elements (buttons, keys, dialogue boxes, stat bars, etc) with a wide range of variations to give devs options! Right now, it's in line with my current Handheld line of packs (in terms of color), but I'll be expanding into full color as a planned update. If you or someone you know is in need of some very cute UI items, send em over!

Thanks! Yeah, things are starting to pick up with going back to work (I'm an art teacher by profession), but with the time I have outside of it, my plan is to implement a full roll animation (I have one for my Short N Stubby pack) that will have a slight wind-up, then hop up slightly, then roll, land, recover, and get back up into place. In addition, I'll be working on updating the pack with the skin tones I brought into my other pack. That's a high priority for me to be more inclusive and represent more than just what you traditionally see on itchio for packs like this.

I appreciate the suggestion though and look out for updates here and on my twitter @danvelasquezart - I post about updates there mostly.

Store link:

Put out a handheld style and inspired set of tiles (exterior, interior, and objects to clutter the world up!)

Everything is made with 16x16 sprites in mind

Perfect for your top down adventure games!

Thanks for the kind words! There is a "How to Play" menu on the main menu when you first boot up the game. It should have some quick directions on battling.

Put out a massive update yesterday for my Short N Stubby character base - 20 skin tones for every current (and future) animation. 

Store Link:

Store Link:

This is an animated base pack for characters suited for 2D games - top down primarily. This cute little character is yours to edit and mold into your own for your projects. I simply want to create multiple animations for various scenarios, so developers and artists can focus on customizing and getting right to the point.

All animation spritesheets, individual PNGs, and GIFs are made according to my personal preference. You can, of course, change animations in your engine and select to us the same/more/less/difference frames for your in-game animations.

Over 150 hand-drawn frames across 17 unique animations in 4 directions (north, south, east, west) - with more planned! I'm really trying to make this the kitchen sink of character bases and include animations across basic movement, shooting, melee combat, dialogue/unique, and more. If you have suggestions for types of animations you'd like to see added, comment below! 

This pack contains the following animations (you will get a spritesheet, individual PNGs, and GIFs with recommomended animation speeds/setup):

Basic Movement (4 directions)

  • Death
  • Hurt
  • Idle
  • Idle & Carry
  • Interact
  • Jump
  • Obtain
  • Roll
  • Run
  • Walk
  • Walk & Carry

Melee (4 directions)

  • Attack - Slash 1Handed
  • Idle with Weapons/Shield
  • Roll with Weapons/Shield
  • Run with Weapons/Shield
  • Walk with Weapons/Shield
  • Shield Block

I'll be working on some basic melee attacks first, I think. Just to at least have that option for people like the shooting. After that, I'll get back into some more advanced movements like roll/dodge, climb, etc. 

Thank you!

Store Link:

Is this a stand up fight, sir.....or another BUG HUNT?!

I am beyond excited to release the Bug Hunt update today. Inspried by the sci-fi/action/horror classic Aliens, the new Extra Gun on the list in the Pulse Rifle. The sprite comes in 4 color variants - Metal, Salvage, Xeno-Blood, and Classic.  In addition, it comes with the Golden Gun variant. They each have a unique and matching ammo magazine for use. If you're using the bullet sprites from the gun pack, I recommend using the Assault Rifle ammo sprites. VVVVWAP! Fry half a city with this puppy :)

Let me know if you think I should add other weapons inspired by popular culture, film, games, etc. Redownload the main file to gain access.

Remember, stay frosty!

You are more than welcome to use it for Game Jams whenever you purchase it. Share whatever you make with it and I can post it on my socials so people can check out your work.