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Hey! You are in luck! I just finished updating the Teeny N Tiny character base, which I recall you picked up before. Make sure to download the new overhaul. I added a TON of new animations and some additional effects. I've been slowly working on making a colorized version of this set, but it might have some updated sprites. I might include old version of those sprites (like trees especially), but I'd recommend using the newer ones. Make sure to stay posted for the pack to drop sometime this fall. Back to teaching tomorrow for me, so my time will be a little limited with pushing them out. Thanks for the support though! I'm glad you're putting these things to use. Do you have any demos or samples you can share with me? Would love to see how you're piecing things together! Below is a sneak peak at a City Folk pack that goes with Lakes N Fields, but it uses some of the Handheld assets for buildings to get a vibe started.

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ah that’s great to hear! I saw the cool characters update (biking!) and will be notified when this one gets one. I got some of your packs but haven’t used them yet – many ideas for games + still learning + little time. but they are great and I enjoy having them and knowing they’re on my shelf when I’ll need them :-]