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hello! could we buy this pack without paypal?

ESDF works on many keyboard layouts

maybe flowers, bushes and trees?

that ship can travel to many climates!

this is cool!

lovely tileset!

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pico-8 games need a modified lua runtime and 2 Mb of memory.

ezflash seems to be a flashcard for gba.

these two systems are fully different, so to port a game you would need to do a full rewrite in a different programming language and adapt for the smaller memory. at this point, better to do a sequel to benefit from the gba buttons and better screen!

not fun >:-(

lexaloffle released a free web version of pico-8:


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Yes, the games (tools / demos / carts / etc) that you make are your creation, that you can release with a license of your choosing. This includes program export or HTML exports that include the runtime engine part of pico-8.

See: + the license document that comes with pico-8.

Also this video that talks about more aspects of selling:

would it be possible to have the interior tileset as 8x8 loose tiles, like you did for the environment pack? makes it easy to import for various engines/editors :) no worry if you don’t have the time now, I can wait or do it myself

is this pack using a specific (limited) palette?

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this looks like a nice base for a dungeon! (and thank you for the other gb packs!)

if you’re ok with feedback, I would say that the rock and flat rock have a sort of weird perspective compared to the wall tiles, and are too directly inspired by link’s awakening.

really lovely art!

was stuck in the third room but I saw the solution in one of the gifs :]

it’s very satisfying! thank you for adding it :-D

these packs are lovely! happy place that reminds me of gba days.

this is just great :D

would you mind adding the game to the bbs, so that it can be found with splore and played on custom handheld? (the latter would also require adding gamepad controls, but I could try to make a mod for that and send it to you)

exactly! I found myself jumping off a few times to avoid being shot, but even if I land on a person I have to move and punch to destroy them è__é

fun game! could we defeat enemies by stomping on them?

this looks cute! would you upload an HTML version to this page? (see and )

slime goes brrr

nice sokoban! I like the additional rules.

(one little thing: the 1-tile walls (circles) could have some pixels of wall texture too, to make it clear they are solid)

wasprocessor → 5 stars

how do we play?

very cute style!

this was fun! it would be interesting to have the option to bark to make the sheep go faster, and also to have targets other than the open rectangle (like an enclosed pasture, or the night shelter). thanks for making the game!

thanks for sharing the story, the style of the game is unique and great!

are the controls touch on android and arrows on computers?

take good care!

lovely! ⚘

Even though there are more gfx, the spirit is that you just use one spritesheet even if you cobble it together

So no runtime decoding to swap sprites! Good to clarify.

oh also you can type load de then press Tab and pico8 will autocomplete the possible filenames! if there are multiple that begin with the same characters, you will have to write more then Tab again

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  • start pico8
  • type folder
  • copy the carts there (p8 or p8.png)
  • back to pico8
  • type load democart.p8 or load picotunes2-0.p8.png to load a cart!
  • type import sprites.png to import a spritesheet

(the difference is that .p8.png is a full cart with code music etc but .png is only sprites)

now I have it!! thanks so much for the special offer :)

this is nice 😊

do you have any plans to make a bundle of your gameboy packs?

aah that is super nice of you!

I hope it’s not rude to ask: could you do something similar for the character and interior pack?

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All I’m hearing here is: is it allowed to use the sprites to make something radical skateboard backflip

keen said on twitter that the mac app contains the love file that can be run with löve2d

this is great! really captures the best memories of gbc top-down adventure games. thanks for making these! big step up from programmer art to make a nice game ^^’

I have too many projects to do already but I would have got the bundle if I didn’t already have the other pack :)

amazing! going to treat myself tomorrow ’^^

love them!

another great one! nice use of colours, and outlines are always a great idea for pico8. and just when I was wishing for a bundle to get all your assets you make one! (although I understand you made it for the small packs only, excluding the oracles environment pack)