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This is the cutest tileset for a micro-sized adventure game!

Hello! Does the CC-by license mean we can use this font in any project? Also if I make a pico-8 game with it, the font definition would be one line of code and anyone could see the source code and copy it. I would add a line to mention credit and condition, but could not prevent people from copying it. Would that be a problem?

Could you make a linux build with the monogame tools?

Reading this was delightful!

I loved reading the original and didn’t know there was a DX version! Thank you for making it and for putting it in the BLM bundle.

Small game full of charm that gives us a delightful experience!

I have found ~5 packs at 4x4 on itch, even a 3x3 one!

Love finding your reviews Toma! Thanks a lot for posting them.

It’s in a bundle at the moment!

Tiny paintings are really well made :D

This is fun! Will you add the cart to the PICO-8 BBS too so that we can find it in SPLORE and play it on various devices?

Has anyone run the game successfully with wine or proton?

I don’t like clicking, playing games that are like work or balancing finances. How come this game is fun?!

I concur! This book is incredibly in-depth and accessible.

Nice atmosphere! Could you add a pause button?

What a fantastic puzzle game!

Thanks for sharing all that, I haven’t started playing Stardew Valley yet and many of the mods are interesting!

Are there links somewhere or are we meant to search the mod titles in a wiki or somewhere to find install instructions?

Great! This is the code that can be pasted into a cart with PICO-8 2.2.2 to create the font:

--e𝘹𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯 p𝘳𝘰 𝘧𝘰𝘯𝘵
--𝘣𝘺 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘱𝘹 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘮𝘦𝘳𝘸𝘰𝘬

cls(2) color(7)
for i=15,180 do
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Hello! Thanks for sharing free fonts, they are really nice!

I program with PICO-8 (an emulator for a console that didn’t really exist with retro feeling and restrictions); custom fonts used to be costly (take much of the limited spritesheet + require custom code for drawing) but the latest version adds a simpler, cheaper way to define a custom font to use with the print function and built-in text effects. I ported Expression Pro to that system:

I had to adapt (height and width must be the same for all glyphs, no descenders, etc) and invent some glyphs for special characters (you can see arrow and action buttons for example). Had to sacrifice diacritics, but these could be done by drawing base character + superposition control char + accent or other; I saved thorn, dh and esszet :) I’m not 100% done yet and not satisfied with some of my spacing changes.

Would it be OK if I shared the code for this on the PICO-8 BBS (forum) with credit and link? Other people would be able to use the font and change it. I would also share here the commands that add the font to a PICO-8 game (it’s 3 lines of compressed pixel info, I generated them from sprites using a custom tool).

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This is the code to paste into a pico8 cart to use the font with pico8 2.2.2:


print("\14quick lazy fox dog")

Feel free to make it a downlod as a text file or a pico8 cart with a screenshot as cart label, or let me know if I should make one. Get on the pico-8 tag! :-)

My tool is a cart with the font drawn in the spritesheet and code that gets pixels from the spritesheet and turns it into the hex numbers above. I redrew your font and had to change some letters (we can’t have descenders) and I changed the spacing for some of the punctuation characters for consistency. I added some of my own characters but didn’t complete the full pico8 repertoire: the font is from “!” to “house” (ordinal code 33 to 138), there are more characters after that for arrow buttons, star, music note, etc. and katakana. Here’s a screenshot:

I haven’t published my tool yet; I’ll use your font as example with a link here when I do!

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Hello! I played level one (in browser), moving the gear character right then down and right, but when it reaches the goal (gear outline), the level restarts.

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The “load” command is useful for some big games, for example if you have an overworld (like mario level selection) and then one cart per level. Each cart needs to copy the common sprites and all of the code.

Another way is called multi-cart and relies on the “reload” command. Instead of going to another cart, this one stays in the same cart but copies data (sprites or map or sound or music) from another cart into the current one. Combined with data compression, this is a powerful option to make a bigger game. It doesn’t change the tokens/characters limit though.

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We used to have to draw sprites for custom fonts, using special code to convert text to sprites, now it’s all handled for us! (but you have to draw glyphs as binary numbers, like 0b01110 for the first row of A, or use a cart tool to generate code from sprites — a few of us are making such tools).

I will send you a text file and a PICO-8 cart with the commands to define the font in PICO-8 and the link to the BBS thread when I complete my tool. Thanks for the permission!

Hello! The latest version of PICO-8 added the ability to define custom fonts, so I ported yours as example to learn the system. PICO-8 is a fantasy console emulator with retro feeling and restrictions; this new thing doesn’t require to use sprites or complicated code, so I have a feeling it will be popular.

I have only shared the screenshot so far, not the code; I could send it to you if you wanted to publish it under your own account, or share it myself on the PICO-8 community forum with attribution, or delete it — just let me know what you prefer! (Due to how PICO-8 works, if I use this font in my game anyone could copy it.)

The art style is super cute! Would have looked just right on the GBA.

I don’t have a windows or apple computer to play, do you know by any chance if the game runs with wine or proton?

People have to make a living! Zep spends a lot of time working on PICO-8, Voxatron and the BBS; we pay a license fee to use these programs.

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Hello! This is one of the most followed tutorials:

The same person also has bite-sized tutorials on their itch page.

They are really nice!

This looks nice!

Have you thought about uploading your games on the BBS? It would let people find them using SPLORE, and download them to play offline or on handhelds.

Had a really nice time exploring!

Ah I understand! Thanks for explaining, I hadn’t read the tier descriptions on patreon in detail. I think my small contribution works as thanks for the free asset packs and I can always buy a pack on itch!

Hello! Is this pack meant to be accessible for Patreon supporters?

Thank you for finally giving us a Venusaur gardening simulator.

Thank you! Fun to see that five different people have made 4x4 asset packs (there’s even one at 3x3!), platformer and top-down. Could make a game with Ant-man / Giant-man mechanics!

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Thanks for sharing this! Looks like it could be adapted to the pico8 palette to make some neat overworlds :)

Do you mind adding license information in metadata?

Ohh this game looks great! Anyone knows if it plays with wine or proton?

Hello! I have played many games on pocket go 2 thanks to your emulator :) Is it useful to bring bugs to you? Below are copies of recent crashes (thanks for log file saving!); I don’t know which are things added to lua by pico8 that are not yet supported by tac08, or which are bugs that the game authors should fix (but I assume that games work with pico8).

pieces of cake: plays, gets some graphical glitches when there are combos, then at some point restarts

arcanenectar-0.p8.png:273: title_goblet:update(): attempt to index global ‘title_goblet’ (a nil value)

cyclo-8.p8.png:289: local disty = abs(s-j): attempt to call global ‘pal’ (a table value)

deflektor.p8.png:105: self.state.entitylist[idx]=nil: bad argument #1 to ‘remove’ (position out of bounds)

flipknight-0.p8.png:94: copytable(self, obj): bad argument #2 to ‘remove’ (number expected, got string)

frog_home.p8.png:244: local dy+=(*2): unexpected symbol near +=

moonmissions.p8.png:557: stars[star_screen_x][star_screen_y]={}: ‘end’ expected (to close ‘do’ at line 553) near <eol>

wolfhunter-0.p8.png:174: print(line, x, y, color): ‘end’ expected (to close ‘do’ at line 170) near <eol>

Go to Edit project → Metadata (it’s a tab) → Release info

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Hello! This pack is interesting! Do you mind if I make some suggestions?

  • make bigger screenshots for previews (there is an option in PICO-8’s config file, or you can scale up using any tool)
  • it’s nice to see a screenshot of example use (like the current one) and screenshot of spritesheet (for paid assets, people usually rotate and watermark the screenshot so that it’s possible to get an idea but not directly copy it)
  • use tags! 8x8, pico8, 2d, tileset
  • add a license
  • the asset pack should be one PNG file (direct import into PICO-8) or a zip if there are multiple PNGs

Hope this helps!

(P.S. this is a guide to upload games to itch: )

This is nice :)

If I can make two suggestions:

  • catched pokémons → caught pokémon
  • black background colour merges with black outline of the sprites and make them look a little weird