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you keep publishing very nice assets!!

I already bought the other tileset and some of the characters, so I won’t be getting the bundle you made (but regardless it’s nice that you made one!). do you know if you have any plans of making a collection bundle at some point (with all tilesets and sprites)?

what a delightful game!

nice little pack, hits the gbc memories for me!

are the tiles 16x16 in size, and did you use a limited palette?

really nice colouring and lighting!

nice 👍🏼

all good then! thanks

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hello again! just wondering: when you enable credit card payments, do you control the info that is shown in bank statements?

I have operations matching the purchases I did in your store, but instead of seeing something like « - dagon» like other creators it’s « pedreira» which made me worry.

nice font! would you enable credit card payments?

these crack me up every time I see them :-D

great style as always!

this is a lovely and poetic little games book!

no I was asking to enable credit card payments for them too! (which works now) I don’t know if creators have to enable one setting in their profile for this, or have to do something for each pack.

I meant the other packs with mage, knight, slime!

this pack looks great! could you enable credit card payments? (also for the characters — I don’t know if payments are a per-account or per-pack setting!)

very nice job on all of these characters!

amazing as always!

one idea for expansion: basement/workshop tiles, say a workbench with tools, boxes, pipes :]


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haa they’re so cool!

thanks for doing a per-item sale! very nice to complete our collection this way <3

pretty sweet!

personally I already have overworld from your previous bundle, so the attraction of the new bundle is a bit lessened. I understand that you want people to get the bundle, not just discount the single pack that contains a lot of work! but I think itch has a way to make a promo for existing customers? this was done for example here:

hello! could you add a little description of the tiles included here? also rar files cause problems sometimes, having a zip is great.

nice spaceships!

the steam link has no link! sounds like … forgetting

there’s no reason to waste people’s time by trolling. go draw or touch some grass.

you must be underestimating the amount of work to make this, and the rarity of 32x32 tilesets on this site.

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does that pack include hair and clothes and hats, or did you add these when making the characters?

if the pack includes all it’s very complete then but the screenshots don’t show it enough!

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me looking at the tileset: 😀 oh that looks nice

me looking at the examples: 🤩 holy cow this is dope

can I ask if you are using a limited palette, and which one? and which pack are the characters built from?

what is the last item on the first row of «misc» sprites?

this is lovely!

do you have any plan to make a bundle with the two village packs at some point? I already have the overworld tileset from a previous purchase :)

love the no-outline style!

love the side view for battles!

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hello! I finally started to try your tilesets for a little project. when you include variants, they are super convenient! (packed 8x8 to use in engine, 16x16 assembled to see the shapes, examples for inspiration)

but I realized that 2-bit images are not easy to use outside of gameboy dev. the engines I’m familiar with have a limit of colours per frame displayed, not per tile, so I have to edit each tile to pick colours from a global palette, or from the examples you make.

(note that it is fine that each tile exists only once even if we see variants in example — I can make copies if I have the space, or program palette swaps for specific environment or day/night changes)

so I was wondering if you would consider making one pre-coloured version of each tileset to help us who use other engines :) as the creator and someone who knows how to use graphics tools, I’d hope it would be much faster for you to pick colours than for me. the packs could also reach a broader audience, which would make up for the increased work.

what do you think?

what can I say except yes

yes there is an -accept_future parameter to avoid the version warning:

if you try it and the cart doesn’t use any newer feature, then you can edit the version inside the cart (P8 are just text files!) so let it load without the parameter by version 0.2.5c

zep released 0.2.5f today so if you can update and it runs the whole problem goes away!

thanks! please add zip to the other packs when convenient :)

many thanks! and the delay was felicitous as I could get this bundle with foxtale instead of the winter bundle without :)

that looks amazing!

would love to get the bundle, but I don’t use paypal (and can’t open rar files, but that’s another issue)

I understand that, and am used to seeing distorted and watermarked example pictures! but for now, we have no idea about how the overworld sprites look like in any of these packs.

hello! could you add a picture showing what the 16x16 sprites look like?

it works now after removing some things from my storage! (close to full, OS doesn’t accept the SD card -__-)