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hello! can you say if the glyphs fit in 8x8 pixels?

love this squad!

404m! would have gotten further if the metallic blocks didn’t fall faster than I move :]

make sure to call your file something.gbc and your gb emulator should use gbc mode

trees and creatures! amazing

I can see the option, but even «continue as guest» to pay with credit card requires giving an email address to paypal

hello! could you enable credit card payments for your packs?

P8 carts are meant to be the development version, and P8 PNG the release format. you can upload the PNG to the lexaloffle BBS to let people play it there, download it to their handhelds or custom consoles, find it with splore and play easily!

lovely changes and cool plans!

I think you’ll have better placement in search results if you fix the typo in the page title and tag: rouge → rogue

is that first screenshot a yu-gi-oh pinball game? 😃

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we lived in a simpler age

we had hotlines, tip books and rumours

we were children and video games were magical – if there are 150 or 250 monsters and 8 cities and berries and eggs and a phone – why not mew or the pokérus

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what a nice pack with vibrant colours! are you using a specific (limited) palette here?

the links for the devlogs can’t be opened

could you add a zip or 7z download? rar is not easy to use everywhere :)

in any case, thanks for making a collection and putting the individual packs on sale!

I know about that, but I do not use paypal!

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info is here:

people buy with credit cards, and you will get payments from itch/stripe to your account (you don’t need a credit card)

hello! could you enable credit card payments in your profile? I’d like to get the bundle!

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what a fun group of creatures!

it’s great to see some nice 8x8 packs!

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do you mean the example here on the itch page?

on the lospec page I don’t see examples:

for lospec, I think the submission requires some examples to be accepted :]

oh I didn’t consider that!

alright then, I’ll have to download and configure all by hand

frog hero! 🛡️🐸⚔️

there is no gb studio project because this is a pico-8 game!

the assets and code can be seen with the pico-8 console / devkit, under the cc by-nc-sa license which allows derived works but not commercial use

game looks great, couldn’t resist the sale!

is there a way I could get a steam key for it? it would make it easy to run with proton (I don’t use windows) and with controller.

oh cool! do you mean top-down or side-view for these settings?

hello! was curious if you have any plan to make 16x16 side-view tilesets, in a style matching your top-down packs

(thinking of the 2D sections in game boy zeldas!)

If you’re interested, I warmly recommend trying Pokemon Trading Card Game (GBC), Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories (GBC) and SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash (Neo Geo Pocket Color) to see various gameplay :)

I can’t load the game in firefox because the frame is another domain; that’s common for itch games in recent months, so I open the game frame but nothing happens after loading 100% is shown

wonderful pixel art!

incredible solution to the problem of wide characters (m and w) here 🤯

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it’s always good to see nice 8x8 packs! thanks for making it.

it would be useful if you said whether you used a specific (limited) palette, or if dozens and dozens of colours are used.

I find the number of tiles intimidating personally – will keep my eyes open to see if you make a smaller pack :]

lovely one!

no specific request, just saw these winter trees with leaves and thought about it

also I replayed zelda: oracle of seasons recently and trees losing leaves open new paths! so it’s good to have for variety or realism or level design :)

🌻 🍂 ❄️ it’s all coming together!

have you thought about making non-deciduous trees?

playing the game with gamepads on the tv is delightful! wish I could give 5 stars again

what a pretty game! can’t wait to try it