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Dan Campbell

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Going to use this asset in my game, thank you for providing it! Could I ask what size this is?


Glad you enjoyed, thank you for the feedback your ideas are definitely things I want to consider. 

Thank you so much!

Heres mine 

I was inspired to make this based off the Club Penguin pick your own adventure books back in the day if anyone remembers those haha.

Thanks man!

My first submission for a Jam,

I will check your game out!

Any YouTubers who are showcasing some of these games, I would love it if you could feature my game. Would love some feedback as this is my first game I have submitted to a Jam!

thanks for playing, I do want to improve and add more mechanics other than just pressing keys on the keyboard. Appreciate the feedback!

Music made me jump out my skin haha but it was pretty sick music nontheless :) great game!

I will check it out, here is my game if you want to leave a rating!

I'm on MacOS :( but I left you a rating anyway :)

Here is my game

Nice game man, good job!

Nice game man, good job!

I will check this out, if you can manage to give mine a try I would appreciate it!

Rated, good job man!

Awesome game man, well done for completing this for the jam!

I will check these games out, this is also my first jam!

This is my game if you want to check it out

This looks interesting, I will check it out! 

This is my game

Good mix of visuals and gameplay. Great stuff!

Thanks for giving it ago!

Took me a little time to figure out but I did enjoy, good work!

Glad you enjoyed!

Good little game that matches the theme well! Good work man.

Check out my game

I will check yours out now.

I see what you mean, thanks for the feedback!

Matches the theme well! If you would like to check out my game here it is

Wow interesting concept!

If you're looking for a relaxing game check out mine

Rated! Would appreciate if you could check out mine.

I will check it out, I'd appreciate if you could check mine out

That is something I never considered, thank you for suggesting it!

Sorry to spook you haha. Images would visualise it better thank you for the suggestion!

Awesome art style, I love it!

thanks man, will do!

A little confusing to start with but I got the hang of it, good job!

Rated, good job man!

Awesome game! Gave you a rating.