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Thank you :)

Pretty cool! love the concept :

I like it... it's simple and it takes less than 8 seconds to learn the mechanics.

Really nice!! It gives me some pacman vibes, and it's a nice incorporation of the theme into the gameplay. 

Would be nice if the enemies run away from you once you become big.

I had a lot of fun playing this little gem. 👍 

Yes... I am an avid user of game creator... So not being able to use tools like that definitely put all my other skills to the test. 

I will likely be remaking this game with my other tools and assets to make the experience better... But after the jam is done. 

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yes.. that was the intention :)
I just  wasn't able to add cats without having to burn them up in the hell fire of my game

yeah... it wasn't easy to the Objects to stick.. in fact some even still bounce off.
and the "flying" animation takes longer on purpose which is also why it get's it's very own sound effect, and a different Camera shake.


Time for a date!
Pretty good, would be awesome to explore more of the world... like what happens during the Date, or  on the way to the date.

Awesome Job here dude... tons of fun!!
Very polished and nice looking

This is a very interesting puzzle game, I love the creative use of the theme attachment.

Unfortunately I was not smart enough to beat level 9 and trying for over 1 hour I gave up... but I am sure it's possible.

Really Good Job!

I have not gotten to the end, but I really like this game, very unique and fun mechanics.

Thanks for the awesome feedback.. I will be expanding on the game, however i will wait until the JAM is over.
I had already planned for a few of the items mentioned, like using strafe for the player,  and adding a different placement method., the plan for placing is more of a build then place (Left Click hold to build, release to place with visual feedback on where or not you can place)

In my internal version i already changed the base, and added a wave mechanic. but it's not fully tested yet.

and I am also adding a story around this, i just didn't have the time to fully flesh out everything during jam, so i only implemented the Core basics of the game. 

yeah... it was a mistake to use particles for the bullets... but I had a lot of fun investigating how that worked.

I was able to proceed.

the game looks fantastic!!

Maybe it's just me.. but I am stuck on the main menu...

would be nice to see an expanded version of this game

This felt like the intro to a very cool game... I would love to see this expanded into a full blown game.

it's pretty good... at first I thought it was a single level.. but then i saw in the description that there is 12 Bosses.

pretty fun, got a score of 596

Good luck y'all!! 

So... It's not working?... Ohh no! 

I like the premise of surviving... and being able to use items found around the world.

I like the game.. but, i had some issues with collisions, definitely liked the fact that i feels like a full game with all the setting options and all.

I love it!! simple mechanics that work really well! also really liked that little puzzle to get the eggs.

I like the uniqueness of the controls, like you control both the player and the ship at the same time.

I like the Text base adventure nature of the game, very beautiful to watch scenery.

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Updated... Balanced a few things. and added an Enemy Kill counter.

I really like this game, it's actually quite fun to play... Great job! 

This is a really fun game. I totally recommend to anyone just wanting have spend some time trying to beat their own record.

OMG!! what a blast!!! i literally lost track of time...I just kept trying over and over to get a better time..

the only issue i found was that when you are flipped sideways there is no way to recover, but it's a very fun game.

This is awesome!!
Photograph simulator with fighting mechanics... who would have thought!!
it actually reminds me a bit about Pokemon Snap.

I didnt know how to fight so i lost every single time... but it was still fun.

First of... I just realized this is a VR Game that's impressive to me.

I played for over 20 mins and only manage to find a three lotus flower, I manage to crash on trees, rocks and even the external wall

The only 2 changes i would suggest for this game, is to add some way to make the lotus flowers more visible or make them stand out, and increase the camera clip so that you can see the whole background at once.

yes, I had to cut my dev time short because I had to travel, but sound sliders where in my to do list.
As for nature ambiance, there was supposed to be some wind sound... but it either got drawn by the music, or the script never

I did not account for Multiple Screens or wide-screens so likely a lot of issues there.

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I really liked it, and it has tons of potential specially to be some sort of RPG/Adventure Game like Witcher 3.
I was not able to find the bull but i did kill a whole lot of cows and doe.

I also sort of got lost and ended up in one of the peaks where i took this screenshot and thought it looked pretty good.

I really likes the fact that you have multiple mechanics driving and shooting... I enjoyed the scenario a lot!!
I would love to see this as a complete game :)

Pretty cool and action packed, I really love the graphics, however I was not entirely sure of what to do besides shoot and punch other hunters and monsters.

I clamped the game to specific aspect ratios like 16:10 and 16:9, maybe that's why it appears stretched in Ultra-wide.