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Great little game but might benefit from a slightly lower difficulty ramp to help first time players get adjusted.
I also could not for the life of me figure out what boombox bird wanted. I assume I'm missing some kind of pun?

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Hey everyone, here's my recent entry into this year's One-Page RPG Jam:

This place isn't real, it's some weird dream! The Shift completes and you refocus on your strange new surroundings. Where are you? Who are you?

Features include:
Lucidity - as awareness wanes, your dream-shaping grows stronger.
The "Shift" - when the dreamscape changes, so too do your objectives.
Non-numeric Attributes - assign polyhedral dice totaling 18 sides...

Hacked my eratta & module together at the last minute. Will be returning for further cleanup, so we should consider this finished-ish at best.

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Earlier I participated in the excellent One-Page RPG Jam 2021, the second instance of what I hope will become a yearly tradition:

Magician & Wishmaker

I used the front and back of the page to create separate player & GM handbooks, a core focus of the game is the dynamic between the two. The GM plays as a small magical companion animal (see: anime) who secretly has nefarious intent and drags a group of teenagers into dangerous magical adventures (see: Madoka).

I'm really happy with the system as it stands now, but in creating the first playtest material it became all-the-more obvious how much upfront work is required for a new GM to gain familiarity and build content for the system. For this game to feel truly "finished" I need to clean up, formalize, and release my system errata and starter module, which is what I'm trying to do by year-end for my entry to this jam.

It's 1993 and you're sitting alone in a hotel pool...

It's 1993 and you're sitting alone in a hotel pool...

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Hey everyone, I just posted this today for the One-Page RPG Jam!

Play as an earnest teen and use your ✨magic powers✨ to defeat monsters from another dimension! Go adventuring together and discover the true power of friendship! Team up to overcome impossible odds and save the world!

The Wishmaker is your friend! It has your best interests in mind! There is no reason to be suspicious or afraid of your excellent new friend! (Look how cute he/she/it is! Aww!)

The descriptive text is a bit coy, but I think it's apparent this is a product of the times we're living in. 😅

If I can get one person to look at my game and tell me I did an OK job that would be prize enough. :')

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Hey Riley! Thanks for making this cool game! I played it with my partner a few weeks back and wanted to share the finished compilation with you: "swym: Andromeda and Seethros" PDF via Google Drive

In addition to the letters it has a handful of really lovely illustrations (my partner is an artist).

I was also inspired to make my own one-page letter-writing game, which uses similar mechanics but is post-apocalyptic in theme.