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Hi! Any prizes on goal?

A topic by Willian Oliva created Jul 26, 2020 Views: 296 Replies: 4
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No judging or prizes for this particular jam. This is an easy going jam for people to experiment with a form they maybe hadn't considered before. Though if this jam is a success I'll look to expand on it in the future.


Great! And how do you think tha games shoud be ranked? U plan to play all of them? You'll choose the funniest concept? Wich one is more consistent, polished and sutch of things


I'd love to play them all, and will certainly be aiming to check out as many as possible. There's no rankings for this first jam but if any bloggers or streamers wanted to feature some of their favourites that would be great. If there's loads, maybe I'll post something when the jam is over with a few of my favourites 馃槉 


If I can get one person to look at my game and tell me I did an OK job that would be prize enough. :')