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What a great idea ! Very poetic in a way. The texts are cool too. It's funny to think you have to fight your own weapons. Very nice ! 

It's very cool to play even if sometimes the game get stucked when hero has one forever life. Great job !

Thank you for your comment. You can find it in Youtube library (free to use). The name is Arp Bounce. 

Yes I just noticed recently... I have to fix that when I will find a bit of time :) Thank you for your comment ;

Works well on Firefox ! Good Game really !

Not bad for a first try ! It reminds me a bit Might & Magic and old styled games from before :) Great job !

Graphics are amazing ! Story too ! Unless the "Gameplay" I really liked it !

Very cool !

I don't know why bu it often stays zoomed and you can't play... Chrome on Mac.So sad :(

Rohhh Damn it ! It seems I didn't test it enough :) Thank you for your feedback anyway! 

I will try to patch it as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, you should be able to restart by refreshing the page.

Thank you for your comment. Happy if you enjoyed it :)

Love the idea. It fits the theme ! :)

Thank you very much for your comment. Yes first time I tried it to before configuring the randomness system I was crashed by maybe 3 bombs and 4 spinning walls :) It was surprising. Thanks for the assets : the bomb wasn't mine but the ugly walls were.

I hope to have time for next game jam. Anyway I found this experience very cool. And people are very nice too !

I have actually ! From Stephen King, I remember the movie when I was a kid, it was very scary for me.

Thank you for your comment. I do agree ! I would love to have more time and talent to make obstacle fit to the current year as for the backgrounds.

Yes the spinning walls and bombs are generated randomly. For the "most difficult" level, the 3rd one, there is 35% chance that a generated enemy will be a spinning wall with an enemy generated every 0.8s. So Yes, it can happened that 2 walls are generated aside and it's kind of impossible to avoid them. It was pretty much ok because there are only 4 levels and the only one where you can have this problem is the 3rd. But you're right, maybe a checkpoint system could have been usefull :)

By the way, I've already told you but your game rocks... So poetic, very nice dialogs with fun also ! First time I explored to the right at the end and I was declared a coward by letting all my animals friends lol :)

lol. Tank you for your comment. No but as a web dev, 404 seems to me the perfect hell number ;)

Yes it is cool. You can find it here : The name is Strange stuff :)

Thank you for your comment. Was my first Jam but it was cool :

It was so hard ! I tried maybe 10 times to put only 1 present. But it was very fun ! Thank you guys :)

I liked it ! It was cool collecting items to improve skills in this way. The music is very calm, melancholic and suits perfectly to the main message that we have at the end : we need to keep going no matter what. And if we fail, maybe next year... :)

Thank you for your post :) It put a little pressure on the player and he has to choose between going forward immediately or not :)

It was so cool to play. Thank you very much. What a great game !!!! During 15m I thought I was a linguist ;)

Very cool ! Poetic, nice music, nice gameplay and cool graphics. I'm a dumb for ghostbusting... :)

Very nice !

Nice ! But 3 inputs are even too much for me :)

Very cool and poetic man