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I love the pixel art and the “cheat”.

Nice looking game, but I didn’t get where the building go once I built them.

I liked this “puzzle” game, although I couldn’t find the secret debug menu.

Nice game with cute graphics. I like the teleport mechanic, it makes sneaking up behind robots really fun.

I got some codes but after a while they disappeared from the folder. None of them worked so far.

Awesome game! I like the tournament atmosphere and the simple card style. The “cheat” mechanism is subtle but really add something to the game.

It is very polished.

Very polished!

I had a lot of fun with the game, I like the fun cards, even though the categories and how you acquire them is not clear.

Great presentation and style!

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I like the tone of the game and the mechanics! Although I got stuck at the wall.

I tried on my desktop (I had the issue with my laptop) which is also a Pop!_OS 20.10 and the sound works this time.

I think TIC-80 belongs in this category:

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Same for me: it shows the Android keyboard instead of the TIC-80 keyboard.

@Nesbox: is it by design or is it a regression? I preferred the TIC-80 dedicated keyboard.

The sound is fine in other games (Celeste for instance).

I checked my PulseAudio settings but everything looks fine, except that when I run the demo I don’t see an entry in the “Playback” tab.

I can run the demo on Pop!_OS (which is based on Ubuntu) but I have no sound. Is there anything I can do to help troubleshoot the issue?