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Heart warming words :)

Hi, thank you for your review I will definitely check out yours !

Thank you :)

Hi !

I am greatful for your feedback ! :)

Very intersting mechanics !

Love the visuals !

Great stuff !

Funky and interesting :)

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Hi ! 

Thank you for your review !

I will continue my works on this game and I will try to make it a bit more satisfying.

I will publish a screen shots soon about the visuals you asked on here :)

Thank you for this fantastic review !

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make the system work a bit better and sometimes you can get very unlucky.

Thank you so much for this review :) 

I will look at yours as well

Gonna rate yours at once

Hi !

Thanks for your feedback.

I am planning to continue working on this game and I will definetely consider updating controls :)

Like the thing with the letters !

Cool game, very intuitive :)

Love the visuals !

Enjoyed the gameplay !

Very simple, yet fun game to play

Like the style and execution !

Fun to play and intersting concept.

Very lovely style and idea.

Wish you good luck !

Thank you ! 
I will take a look at your submission too :) 

Looks great, wish you all the best !

Thank you !

I really appreciate your review :) 

I am very greatful for these words. I am going to look at your submission at once

Very well !

Wish you good luck !

Hi !

It might easier to complete a game you built :)

How about this ? :)


Welcome Everybody !

I would like to encourage you guys to make a list based on reviews you got to see what went good and what you should look at next time you participate in a Game Jam :)

Here is what I discovered

What went good

"Wow. Is all I have to say about the look of the visuals"

"The visuals especially"

"love the visuals, they're perfect!"

"Outstanding graphics!"

"Wow the visuals on this game are very interesting and fun!"

"I liked your creativity"

"I had more fun than I expected at first tbh. The gameplay keeps on getting better. The visuals are extremely cool. I love stylized art like that"

These reviews drive to conclusion that I did very well on Visuals !

What didn't go well

I realised one tendency among my reviews which made me realise that I failed on explaining how the game works to the players. I will keep this in mind for next Game Jams and hopefully I will improve my skills.

"At first I thought that the game was 3D or top down 2D,"

I am greatful for every review and if you haven't tried my games yet, I strongly recommend you to do this :)

Cool idea !

Joyful game and big wowie ;)

In case you would like to take a look at my submission :)

Love the visuals !

Had fun playing this :)

I also encourage you to try my submission :)

Thank you !

I am glad to hear this !

Good luck !

I am very happy to hear it ! 
Good luck !


Yeah but wouldn’t it be too easy If you knew next block ? :) 

Thank you for review and wish you good luck !

Thank you !

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Hi !

Yes, I agree with you that the system should be more complex than it is now. I will continue to work on this game and this mechanic will be more polished :)

Thank you !