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Pretty neat idea. It's cool that it's an adventure board game, which I haven't seen before. I enjoyed seeing what would come next. 

Some things could've been caught. The dice roll should be much faster, you should be able to forfeit leftover movement points, and why is the music so quiet. Is there music? Was I imagining it? I came (I think) very close to finishing the game, but despite having a d8 and like 8 rolls left, I couldn't take down the boss. Very anti-climatic.

Re-review: the game became extremely enjoyable with that mechanic. I had a blast, even when the game broke and I became an invincible little chip, free from the restraint of my rope and dice.

Oop, it didn't. I'll replay with that knowledge in mind.

You change to a random number when you jump, but you attack by jumping? It's impossible to guarantee you'll jump at an enemy and not die.

Unfortunately I do not have another player to play with, nor do I know how to play rugby, but seems cool

Nice little PvZ type game. Hard to tell where or what my HP is...there was a number in the bottom right that went into the negatives, is it that?

Really cool design both in the game and aesthetically. Unfortunately my die kept getting stuck in a stack, which made the game unplayable.

A really cool idea and perspective. Very little in the way of sound, sadly.

Man, the presentation on this was ace. I love the underwater condition. The sound design is appropriate. Not sure what the palette swap thing is for but it's a cool feature I guess.

The physics are charmingly wonky. Love the idea of flipping the world, but it being semi-random doesn't have much of a point. Oh well, it fits the theme in that sense.

I like the concept. Though my beams never seem to go where I point. (Skill issue?) An indicator for where enemies are off-screen would've been nice - after all, they can see you no matter where you are.

There doesn't seem to be a lose state. A shame you couldn't get any sfx. The music was great, though.

Nice, didn't expect golf. There's a weird glitch with the mouse capture where the view constantly rotates slowly right.

Really dig the sprite and environment design. Props to the artist(s).

The movement is simple and satisfying. I feel like the good-luck bad-luck system could be more engaging if it were periodically rolled, instead of giving the illusion of choice with the dice pickups. The BGM is a very, very short loop...

The rocket jumping isn't bad, but the random amount of ammo feels like a meaningless limitation. Would love a game that's just rocket jumping around, though...

Really like the bouncing-projectile-that-you-have-to-catch mechanic. If the movements and physics in general were less floaty, I feel like it would have been much more enjoyable. Also, the music is clipping the mixer, which is understandable given the genre but should be fixed ASAP (it also loops weirdly, kind of fading in suddenly).

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The game was more difficult than I expected. I think it's a bit easy to slide off platforms or just barely miss them due to bumping into them. And the lack of a charge shot is a missed opportunity, but game jams.

Great game.

Oh, I was wearing earbuds. Could be a weird phasing issue. Other comments are complimenting the music, so it might be a me problem.

A great little adventure game for a solo dev, congrats. The sound design (and feedback in general) does leave something to be desired, but I was able to stick through it to the end, so maybe that doesn't matter.

More specifically, the sound mixing is completely all over the place - the boss music is barely audible, for example. The "explosion" sound for the carrot bombs are weirdly cut. But that's just my two cents.

Awesome stuff. I love the art style, and the sound design is pretty good.

The "rainfall" attack is basically impossible to avoid, however. The rest of the attacks are very well communicated, even easy to avoid. But the way the boss is invulnerable most of the time makes it kind of annoying to have to replay. You also can't attack in the air. And you can't start the fight with a gamepad, no button seems to talk to the boss.