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Hello, we need ratings pretty bad lol. here is the game :
thanks a ton

Awesome simplistic game. like the mouse and i love how relaxing it is! You made that simple idea into a nice puzzle game, i liked playing it!

Great game, love the animations/art and the music is amazing. good job guys!

hey, man. we could use some ratings 
thanks :)

Hey dam, thx for the nice comment. we did do it inside the body haha. Once the idea like came to us it just stuck with us to try to complete it in time and make it interesting to play. We had to gamble between a new kinda game or just the regular platform or something, well of-course we went the fun route to make Bodiverse

hey, thanks for taking the time to give the most detailed review, we've gotten so far.  We ran out of time to get the tutorial to properly explain the concept, it was one of the things we kept for later. ik the tutorial is a bit confusing  hence the game page description. The shooting has some collision bug, forgot to disable collision w the cells and the body cells :3 Thanks for playing tho!

we did use Kurtzgesagt for inspiration! thanks for the nice comment

thx for playing bud, appreciate it!

after the jam, for sure. rn it wont let me upload anymore

thanks, we put so much focus in the graphics haha

This is da bomb game, the mechanics align very good with the puzzles. i like it alot. This game could sell at steam tbh, if it gets tons of improvements ofc but still its a steam worthy game!

I don't usually play puzzle games but this was fun

thanks!, i rated

nice game u got here. feels like a good mechanic,  think i've played it before tho. 

hey man, thanks for the nice comment and playing the game!

Unfortunately we ran out of time to build for mac, maybe after the jam we can do one haha

Hey man, nice fps game. was fun playing and i like the game aesthetic alot

hey, i played it. nice game!

Good, nice little game. made me play through many times but i keep dying lol, maybe im gonna come back to it later

Done. Played and rated!

Hey, im from my own post. I like this game a lot. Love how you made a mechanic where i can use the animals help to get around. and the graphics looks very clean. goodjob guys!

As the title says, Here's my game: If you're still on! we only have 3 ratings. thx

Hi, i worked on the art for this game. thanks for the nice comment. 

Hey DoritoDom, thanks for playing the game. I will play your game too!
Good regards


hey man, thanks for playing the game. The bullets can hit the cells you are protecting sometimes when the virus is infecting them, it was sort of intended. The game is about using the B cells to do most the work(The small cells). The shortcuts are like so, M for Menu, R is for restart, P is for pause, T is to show the tutorial page. we made them so players can either use the keys or click on them, just to make them alot easier to use. 

Thanks for the great comment tho! 

Hey! Here's our game, its called Bodiverse and its pretty awesome. imma go try your game now. thanks!

HI, this is Daemon. Enjoy the game! If you have ANY questions/Queries, suggestions for future updates, please reach out. Thanks :) here, thank you. imma rate yours

Great game made by me n the bois!

it's a fun game. Goodjob! easy to play and looks alright. its funny too. idk how it fits the theme tho but its fun 

i can't open it, why isn't it an exe. hi dev, can you make an exe?

i can do modeling:
Discord: Daemon#0206

i gotchu, i do 2d and 3d both, Here's my art acc
Discord: Daemon013#0206

Good luck guys

its alright, keep trying there's still time, or just do the full game and upload after the jam when u get it right. dw there;'s more jams coming up

ohh i just died. And i figured it out, but i wont say it. Anyway this game is amazing i love the silence and music when i press keys and lil ghosty thing and the character have a good chemistry. Its a good game i love the dailogues, You guys i cant believe it was done in a week

Hii, Can i join you as an artist?

Here's my website -

Thanks for leaving this great review. Try the standalone version to play the full game. hope youenjoyed it :)