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Thanks for the link! Didn't know about it! 

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As I explained in this post, it would be nice to have a way to do the refunds, resent link, fix email addresses manually from our dashboard/purchases page (just exactly as the Humble Bundle customer tool).

Humble Bundle solved this problem giving each developer the possibility to give user support in its own times, right now itch acts like a bottleneck for user support. I'm not saying that, you are doing a incredible job (and sometimes it feels better if you can do the refunds/user support in your side), but when you get volume, you will be overflowed, and that will impact in the user support of all the games/tools. I think it's something to be considered in a future.

P.S.: I know that sometimes refunds can be used by bad actors to get a free copy of a game, etc. but sometimes it's a drawback that you have to accept (and sometimes when you get volume, the impact of these refunds is negligible).

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When a customer gets a refund, we should receive a notification (or email) about the specific Steam (or external) key that we have to de-activate.

Humble Bundle does this automatically, but if cannot do it, it would be nice to get a weekly or monthly email about the external keys to de-activate. (Checking all refunds manually is not going to be fun.)

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In other sites like Humble Bundle, you have a "Customer Service" tool where you can do the refund of the purchase or get the direct link of the customer.

Just like but with the possibility to copy-and-paste the link of the customer, do the refund directly if it's requested (and possible), etc. These options could improve the user support a lot and avoid re-directing them to support. In the best case, creators should be able to complete the whole user support experience without re-directing them to

Thanks for your comment ^–^ And yeah, it's a shame that Housefly is so short :( it was made in a LudumDare in 48hs, but I would like to explore more this kind of game where you have to escape a room.

I thought exactly the same thing, it reminds me of Snow Bros too. I really liked!

Hi Arks, I'm taking note about your idea for a future version.