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Interesting concept. Quite fun game. Great music and the sound ring feels right to controll.

It is clearly visible that these are placeholder graphics. Good choice to focus on gameplay for this jam! Worked out great.

Edit: Definitely better to play with a controller

Accelerating and slowing down is really missing as a mechanic. Good job. Graphics are cute and sound is ok. Gameplay leaves a bit to be desired and physics is not working (crash in boarder leaves you flipped and flying in the sky)

Coll game. I really missed the mechanic of falling in this platformer :)

Although the walking speed could be a bit faster.

Great game, really liked it. Love games using the console. Took me a few moments to find out how it works. Pizza delivery combined with memory

ok concept but not really revolutionary. Nice controlls

This game matches the theme pretty good. Nice platformer with interesting and clean mechanics. Gets hard pretty quick . Idea can be expanded with more levels following a shallower difficulty curve.

Maybe add a short animation after reaching the goal to give the player a good start in the next level. Also the invisible out of bounds wall in the first few levels were a bit confusing initially.


This sounds like a great idea. Similar like the Magic MTG 1997 game, where you travel a map, duel enemies and gain their cards to strengthen your deck. 

Solid experience, bit confusing at first.