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thanks for the feedback vorty <3

our approach to storytelling is “subtlety is for cowards” and i’m glad it showed ;)

thank you very much for the feedback - we’re working on an updated version with less frustrating platforming and better controls. we’re glad you enjoyed the experience despite the issues!

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your criticism is entirely fair - i don’t think the level design does it any favours either ;)

we actually didn’t even have checkpoints until a couple hours before the deadline hehe

thank you for taking the time to play! we’ll implement this feedback (and some more improvements) in a director’s cut once rating time is over.

bloom go brrrrrrr

i love my marble-eating husband

really enjoyed this one! the music was amazing and i enjoyed the mechanics :)

i have a couple of criticisms:

  • the tiles are really blurry - i believe you should be able to set them to “nearest neighbour” for nice crisp pixel art goodness
  • the last level was a tad too long for my liking

good luck all!

i’m very glad you liked our game, thank you for taking the time to rate it <3