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Fun concept!  Maybe I'm just really bad at it, but I think it would be better as a local multiplayer since the bots seem to good.  But it was still pretty fun!

I really like this concept, having to sacrifice the cover of one character to get a better shot from another is an excellent puzzle.  Would love to see a fleshed out version of the game.

Nice to see a change to a scoring/punishment system instead of a movement mechanic.  The photographic proof at the end is definitely needed.  I think it is much more telling of how you did instead of a letter grade, so nice inclusion there.  I think this game would also benefit from a timer, and maybe quicker movement.  Going fast to try and beat cycles, and having to wait until the end to find out if you made them or not seems compelling to me.

Like the concept and the aesthetic.  This could be fleshed out into something really good!

Excellent concept and artwork!  Nice to see you subverted expectations twice, a shooter with no shooting and platformer without jumping.  Only critique would be a larger view of the level to set up kills and movement more effectively.  Definitely one of the best I've played.

Nice concept, I didn't think randomness in chess would work well, but I think there is something there.

Definitely not something I would have thought to make, very creative but I'm not sure what is gained by not having the character there.

Platforming without jumping, very nice.  How did you decide on the shape of the object?

Love the menu system, starts teaching the mechanics before you even start playing.