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Empty hand/Full hand are two separate endings, so you got them all. Thanks for playing!

Try downloading this: That should fix it, let me know if it doesn't!

Does it give an error message? I can't look into it until later tomorrow, sorry!


Thanks for playing! Don't overthink the endings, you've already got two  :)

Cool idea on the theme! I managed to beat the game pretty easily though. it would've been more difficult if the game would've controlled the enemies hp and spawn rate instead of the player. I really enjoyed the transitioning music however, that was super cool every time it happened. Good work!

This is a really cool and interesting idea! I can't recall seeing another game that looks into what happens to shelved projects. I think you should flesh this out as a full title and go further, maybe giving the conversations between the game updates game play as well as text. I would however cut back some of the text after the branching narrative update, it bogged down the experience a little bit because the game is repetitive in nature. Other than that, nice entry!

I just released my first entirely solo effort, Sinew, today. It's a surrealist narrative game that deals with difficult topics through strange images and settings. The game is completely free and the link is here. You can also find the soundtrack here, which was composed and partially performed by me. Any and all feedback, questions, and comments are welcome, thanks for reading and playing!

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