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Surprisingly good from the writing & gameplay side (even if still pretty basic of course).

Also to leave you all with some words of wisdom: The operation done by the secret juice (post-game goodie) is called the “hyper operator” in math. You’re welcome! 🙂

- Kuri

The constant struggle for normalcy… The well-intentioned completely unhelpful suggestions… The hope that maybe tomorrow, next week, “soon” it’s going to be better… Until you don’t… Yeah… 😟

As for the ending with being lonely afterwards… Don’t know, easy to say “you could have done better there“ – yeah, kinda always true? Why bother when you don’t think there is going to be something to do that for though?

- Kuri

It might be the same bug as the 2a one mentioned by @StylishSuidae, but it’s quite severe since it causes the game to hang (needs to be manually killed):

  1. Entering using the keyboard, at Greta’s Grocery, an amount of items whose total value exceeds the currently available amount of happiness points causes the game to irrevocably hang.
  2. Just open Greta’s Grocery, select any item and type into the item amount field. Note the bug is not reproducible using mouse interaction since the + button will be disabled when the maximum amount of the food currently affordable has been reached.
  3. Happens fully reproducibly after any amount of playtime. Workaround is to avoid that field entirely and use only mouse interaction.
  4. No.
  5. (Will do if explicitly requested.)
  6. AMD Laptop iGPU/dGPU from around 2016 (GCN 1.0) using Linux amdgpu/MESA open-source drivers, game is running under WINE

As for the Android installation issue:

I just investigated the published APKs for this game and Fur Feed Battle and it’s because they both use the same App-ID and hence are considered to be the same application by Android package manager.

To fix this look for some option called “App-ID”, “application ID” or “package name” in Game Maker Studio options. It may by under Android-specific options or general options (since the same value will also be used for Linux XDG and macOS app packaging) and will currently be set to “”.

Reasonable values would include “ziul-walls.matchfur.fatness-madness” or “io.itch.ziul-walls.matchfur.fatness-madness” (it’s conventional to start the app-ID/package-name with the reverse of a domain-name you control, although not strictly necessary).

Keystore most likely refers to the signing certificate – it’s completely OK to use the same certificate for all app, just keep it private to prevent others from publishing updates under your name. Build mode is generally just about whether the APK contents are obfuscated and optimized for size (release) or not (debug).

If you need any further tech help let know, I like your games after all. ☺

- Kuri

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Liked it: Not very stressful and surprisingly hard given one has to take all their preferences in mind. Just like Chub Quest the hardest part seems to be not running out of moves/energy.

Seeing them literally “throw food away“ with the “no sugar” obstacle really feels like a terrible though. 😅

I suppose future iterations would see further use of coins and multiple dishes per cook?

Bugs I found:

  • Finishing a round with a negative rating hangs the game (no way to continue) – not sure if hitting a rating of 0 is supposed to be game over or just supposed to mean “no tips” if you finish like that
  • When popping long rows of Ians, most of them will transform as part of Ians special skill and the food of the the cock taking the place post-transformation is fed instead
  • When both the “Bad Reputation” obstacle and Moony as a teammember are active, rating still starts at 1 instead of 0
  • Spelling: For the tables obstacle the move is probably supposed to be “valuable” not “valicious” (unless it’s extra tasty maybe) I think

- Kuri

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Cassim is obviously my favourite of the cast Game’s actually got quite a few twists for something so short!

Personally liked the good Avery ending most, but damn is ze scary!

- Kuri

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“Straight from work“
Character with messy dark shorter hair in collared shirt and pants with closed eyes and exhausted expression

“All over the place”
Character with knee-long bound-up dark hair decorated with a rose in an orange half-length one-sided Kimono (I think), a light-blue pencil skirt, trousers and pinkish sandals looking at the viewer with wide-open eyes while wearing a gleaming smile – she has a single blue ear thing hanging from her right ear adding to overall appearance that she couldn’t quite settle on a style but somehow still making it work

“Puppy stare”
Character with knee-long well-kept blonde hair in just a pink bra, a black sparkly short skirt and ballerinas looking at the viewer with big puppy eyes and a tiny caret-like pouty mouth – she’s holding the rose in her left hand and somehow appears to redden a bit

Quite cute 😊! Posted my “creations” above (descriptions included). The second one is my favourite though, I think. Music is a great fit for this game – feels like a musically representation of doodling which goes along quite well with the main activity.

- Kuri

You need to manually set the file named game as executable then launch it (the ZIP file doesn’t contain the needed information to set it as executable automatically, so it needs to be done after extracting)

Glad my long comment was appreciated!

As for the activist thing: Having read the part about her talk with Laura later on it’s clear to me as well that the things she said were based what Laura told her back then, however when I first read the story and came to the part where she argues with Mr. P. my initial reaction was that it’s really odd how much she sounds like she’s just been waiting for a moment to finally and thoroughly tell someone how wrong it is “to do that”.

Ok, so I reread their dialog now and it’s not as bad as I put it… (sorry! 😊)

But since I already have the script open, I might as quote the part I found so odd (some emphasis added):

#PROF. PASCAL [filter layer=“0” name=“PROF” brightness =100 ] With what?[p]

#HANNAH Everything![p] I bet everyone is constantly talking behind your back, making fun of you.[p] I mean, that’s not normal to begin with.[p] It’s impossible to like people of the same sex.[p]

^ It’s not much, but these parts make the whole thing feel just too much like she had prior practice saying these things vs just blurting it out.

#PROF. PASCAL [filter layer=“0” name=“PROF” brightness =100 ] … [wait time=400]What makes you say that?[p]

#HANNAH That’s just not how humans are made.[p] Everything about us is proof that men and women should be together, simple as that.[p]

^ Just pointing it out because of the above, this is very minor but it again feels just a little bit too pre-studied to be something she’d just blurt out. Doubt it’d be noticeable if it weren’t for the previous lines.

#PROF. PASCAL [filter layer=“0” name=“PROF” brightness =100 ] So what’s the deal with abnormal people like me?[p]

#HANNAH Why should I know?[p] You’re confused?[p] Maybe it’s a mental illness?[p] It doesn’t really matter.[p]

… then he confronts her about the fact that she’s not making much sense and she starts to actually stumble (didn’t remember this part when writing my previous comment it seems!):

#PROF. PASCAL [filter layer=“0” name=“PROF” brightness =100 ] That’s not like you, Hannah. [wait time=400]You are a scientist, you need to be more rational than that.[p] If you firmly believe that homosexuality isn’t normal, you should be able to offer a solid argument and decisive proof.[p]

#HANNAH I mean, it’s just wrong…[p] That’s… That’s not how it’s supposed to be.[p] If you care about your friends, you should understand… that you’re only hurting the people around you…[p]

^ Much better (the extra “that“ could go, but again super minor)

… so long story short, it just felt too pre-studied on her end and given how strong the subject matter is that made it feel like she really, really meant to be homophobic, when it’s obviously not what was intended. I really hope this doesn’t sound like nitpicking – given the strong subject matter these minor things, at least for me, just made the whole thing feel extremely off and that’s what I was trying to get at.

Also sorry for the bad comparison there, I really thought about whether I should leave that part in but ultimately decided to just send it as-is and finally head to bed… Also didn’t have the script to reread until just now, so some of it was more first impressions while other parts were written with more hindsight which probably didn’t help either…

Really tried to be constructive about this the whole time, hope that shows! 😊

Hmm… It gets good toward the current end, but everything before the final scene when they hang out in her room (which was great!) has sadly a lot of issue with the way the dialog is written. In particular the opening scene on the first day was so bad I was really really close to putting it down altogether – and that just feels so unnecessary. I understand of course that this was made in a crunch during a Game Jam and that improvements will be made if you decide to continue it. I honestly hope for it.

Some observations I collected:

  • The infodump on their family backgrounds and childhoods in the opening scene isn’t very interesting and doesn’t seem to add anything to the story. (As @kanity mentioned, if it turns out to be needed it’d be better to just reveal it at that time so that it adds to the story then, rather than making it boring right when getting started.)
  • The Chikara in the opening scene doesn’t feel much like the person that is described in the intro or that she seems like later on. With the way she is later on we get a nice trio of friends, with the way she’s in the intro… It feels like she’s taking turns being Hannah or Yvonne I think.
  • The way Hannah goes into arguing in the confrontational scene with “Mr. P” it’s like she was a right-wing activist… It’s later revealed where she got those lines from but it felt really off reading through. She just says those things with so much conviction it’s hard to believe that this is the first time she’s arguing about this. I’m honestly not so sure about this anymore now that I read the later reveal, but without rereading it again… It’s like she had those exact lines at the ready for just this moment. She doesn’t stumble when she says those things, argue in circles or contradict herself. It’s just perfectly delivered anti-gay propaganda in an argument that seems like it should have caught her off guard. Gives it a certain hard edge that she obviously (later story) doesn’t have.
  • Also in that same scene for the professor, it feels like he wouldn’t just say it like that (even if he was sure) after being so considerate in previous responses before – more likely he would attempt to coat it up in that same considerate tone he used before. (Hannah could then impulsively call him out on it and they’d end up in the same place without changing anything story-wise.)
  • Cat is good. Nice details on adding the cat supplies to the room too!
  • Her friends and their dynamic together are also really cool towards the end!
  • The scene with Laura too… Been subjected to a lesser form of that at some point… Uff…

Didn’t try it but the title just made me laugh 🙂 (The whole idea of putting a “womanizer” in a Yuri story… you’re shameless, I love it!)

Just played the new update and damn… this is just way to realistic! I mean, I’ve had actual clients like that! 😁

(Not clients in Sex Advice specifically though, in case you’re wondering, but some of them do arrive being pretty desperate when we meet up the first couple of times.)

… Mini-Spoiler follows …





Also very happy with the great ace presentation! As a fellow ace it felt extremely obvious what he was struggling with, but the way the “not good enough for not liking sex“ was presented felt extremely relatable to what I felt (mostly past-tense) myself.

- Curio

Please don’t burn yourself out! Your health is more important than us getting WG Furry games, even if they are great!

- Kuri

We’ve finally finished it from the rail station scene (second CG) today and it was awesome and wholesome. Thank you!

The yarring twist I had remembered was actually in “She Already Has Someone She Likes?!” rather than this VN though. Given the similar setting and reused backgrounds between the two it’s really not a stretch to imagine Acts 4 and 5 of that VN happening after the rail station scene of this one. 😂

Love all your cheesy Yuri stuff (to varying degrees)!

- Kuri

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Despite the name it’s quite well written and surprisingly deep – to the point we’ve recently started rereading it actually. (Really makes for great bonding material!)

From what I remember from the last time reading, the twist towards the end was quite yarring, but they mentioned that it’s primarily because they ran out of time in the final screen. Still a great, lovely experience in any case.

- Kuri

It’s a very nice short experience. Having lost a very dear family member a long time ago, I feel I can very much relate to this. The kind of emptiness, the need for something to hold on to, the fond memories, … You captured it so well in such a short story, I think.

I miss her, I think I always will.

- Kuri

Someone really likes their potentially circular friend. 🙂

- Kuri

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Why does that feel like an insanely cute thing to say? 🙂

- Kuri

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Didn’t really try this yet, just letting you know that the Linux version included in the actually starts and launches to main menu at least, so you should probably mark it as supporting Linux. (Because if it gets that far, it cannot possibly fail down the line, right? 😅)

- Kuri

Maybe you should get a Mastodon account instead? /slightly s

  • Kuri

Really liked it! It’s not all that much but its very nicely executed for what it is. Also love all the Tetris synergies… like how you have to “fix” things in and digest “rows of food”. 🙂

Didn’t find it very hard, but I did play Tetris as a child, so that’s probably the difference to some other people around here. (The trick where you hold down left/right arrow to move the single squares that stick out of some blocks into a hole in the left/right “wall” as they fall past doesn’t work in this version though.)

Ending is also great with the ambient sounds and her just resting visuals.

Main issue was it would use so much memory it would crash the browser or computer on the first few tries…

(1 edit)

If you are trying to run the Windows version under Wine (like we did), note of the following if are having issues creating any Waifus:

The game’s game engine (Godot) respects the XDG base directory specification under Windows and will attempt to save the current game state at the path stored in the XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable even when running under Wine. That path is invalid under Windows/Wine, so saving fails but doesn’t display any visible error message.

To work around this, clear the value of XDG_CONFIG_HOME in the terminal or game runner before launching the game:

  • Terminal: Launch as XDG_CONFIG_HOME= wine WES_x64.exe
  • Lutris: Right-click game → ConfigureSystem optionsEnvironment variablesAddKey: XDG_CONFIG_HOME; Value: `` (no value)

A native Linux build would be appreciated as well and Godot probably supports that better than Windows anyways! In any case, thank you for the game @dev!

- Kuri

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Noone can help you from that description! Please post the contents of the log file at %APPDATA%\Godot\app_userdata\Waifus Eating Simulator\logs\godot.log if you actually want someone to help you.
- Kuri

Too bad there are no anonymous backing options, horny me might seriously consider otherwise. 🙂

Video is one big meme shitshow btw, if you just wanted to know the release date its 24.11.2022, otherwise knock yourself out, looks pretty detailed.

Note: You forgot to mark the as supporting Linux. (Haven’t actually played it yet.)

- Erin

Also wanted to say I enjoy the new updates after 0.2.4! Couldn’t get to the special Shawn scenes yet, but very glad I got to enjoy some more of your stuff again and also very glad that the horrible mood at the end of 0.2.4 didn’t last beyond the following chapter. 😅

(1 edit)

Well here it is – technical bla-bla all the way:

  • All-in-all it works fine like previous Windows build before the engine update / NW-to-Electron switch – maybe a little faster, but it’s been a while already so not sure
  • Saves from 0.2.4 load fine after moving them to the new location 😉 (${WINEPREFIX}/dosdevices/c:/users/${USER}/Local Settings/Application Data/Soft Fantasies/User Data/Default/*.vndata${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/Soft Fantasies)
  • Some minor issues I’ve found:
    • Version number on title screen still says 0.2.5 (probably not Linux specific?)
    • Main executable in archive is named just game which is a bit nondescript IMHO – maybe that can be changed to read Soft Fantasies or at least Game to highlight it a bit more between all those other files?
    • More importantly, the file is also missing the executable bit after extracting, so one needs to manually add that or it won’t start – ren’py can generate proper .zip-files like that, so it’s possible somehow at least
    • It failed to launch from the Lutris Flatpak without the --no-sandbox option, but that is true for any Electron application AFAIK and not something you can really fix
  • I also couldn’t help but notice that the content scrambling (“file encryption”) is gone now – was this intentional on your part?

Yeah, Linux build! Will try out ASAP and give feedback! 😁

You can also follow them on here on and it should send you an email every time they post the dev-log entry for the new chapter.

Oh and if you need any help with this, I can create a version of the ECCHINSFW-final.rar file that doesn’t have this problem, it would have to be a .zip-file though.

Actually liked the 1.0 Megumi and Kyoko routes a lot too, just got bogged down a bit too much in technical issues here before we could even start playing the story. 😉

Ok, so the ECCHINSFW-final.rar file also contains the gallery and some extra content. Both versions are NSFW though, so I don’t get the naming difference? The -final-version also contains the Linux and macOS versions of the game – it’s just tagged wrong (please kindly fix!).

The Linux version is also still missing the executable bits on the and lib/linux-x86_64/Ecchi_Sketch files, but manually setting them is enough to make it launch; the workaround is NOT NEEDED for this version. (Also dealing with .rar-files is annoying, but its not a deal-breaker.)

(2 edits)

What is the difference between the and ECCHINSFW-final.rar downloadable files?

Also the Linux version is broken by default and needed some tinkering to be launched:

  1. The .zip-file is missing the executable bits on the and lib/linux-x86_64/Ecchi_Sketch files – Manually set them using the file browser’s properties after extracting on each of the files.
  2. At least with Lutris runtime was missing from the game and could not be located – copy it from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ to the extracted lib/linux-x86_64/ folder and export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${LIB}${LD_LIBRARY_PATH+:}${LD_LIBRARY_PATH:-}" as next-to-last line of the extracted file using a text editor to work around that.

Was really intriguing to read about the trans-masc experience – particularly as someones currently in the early stages of going the other way (mtf) physically and working towards having those “lumps of flesh” grow using hormone that at least one of the characters dislikes enough to have them be discarded by means of surgery.

The name and pronoun things are of course still the same regardless of gender. (And plurality makes it 10x more tricky on top of that.)

Can only agree that the conversations really read like what they’re supposed to be: like two old friends hanging out, discussing a difficult subject. 🌟

- Erin & Kiera

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Can you make it produce native Linux builds as well?

The Windows-version of the game no longer works with WINE anymore and just silently quits without any error messages being generated anywhere I checked.

We’ve been seeing this too. Digestion rate is massively overpowered. I agree it should be somewhat lower too, yes.

What if the monsters in the haunted house weren’t just wearing a costume…?

It’d be furry! 😜
(Tags, hint… hint)

  • Kuri
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Just read it again and it keeps warming my heart!

- Kiera

Also if you want us to do a German translation, please contact us with instructions!

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Very short, but very touching! Strongly resonated with me and made us reflect on our relationship a bit.

Your games (particularly the “Lonely Wolf” series) tend to do that to me/us apparently. ☺️
So, thank you, your work is truely wonderful!

- Kiera