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It's a mixed bag for performance, tbh. Some of these use unreal engine, some unity, some godot, some gamemaker. I have a midrange system from 2013 and got through it all fine. My system chugged on the two most intensive games. I'd consider trying it out at 720p to smooth out the highest end.

Unity for web can be spotty. The windows build should be easier to run.

I think these are a fair critiques and they pick up on tensions that have always been in play with these large collaborative projects. - I'd say generally what you point out as negatives are areas where developer comfort and interest have been prioritized over the player's experience. This is not an accident, but an intentional decision, although the consequence is this opens us up for obvious critique when the player experience is lacking.

In the end, these collabs are a bit more like game jams than full projects with strong directions, and that's intentional. I think it's a good sign these projects are at the point they are judged with high expectations, rather than treated as oddities. It shows that the collabs ARE getting more cohesive and compelling, although there's always room to improve. In the end, I think Chain2 was structurally and thematically more successful than Chain1 as a whole. I'm excited to see how we can improve the next collab using what we learned here.

We are listening and reading everything. All player feedback, good and bad, goes into consideration the next time around.

I wish we had controller support! I think the 2021 launcher had that. Since many of the demos inside rarely have controller support, we decided to not go with it.

Extracting to the C: or root directory of one of your drives is the best advice I have :(

For anyone else with GOB problems, you might have better luck with this separately distributed version

Nope! Forever stalking the cold dead mall is your final reward.

(We ran out of time to do anything fancy)

Sorry you had trouble! The .dll should be included. It might be easier to download, install, and run through itch's official download manager.

Keep walking down or up the looping dark stairwell >:}

my chains are rattling in excitement!

I can finally stop using skypaint! 

Likely a parallels issue. The launcher asks the operating system to do the launch. To get directly to the games, go the game folder, _data folder, then the streaming assets folder. There you will see all the individual games. You can launch directly from their exe files.

Some games have controller support but the launcher is only M+KB this year. No plans to upgrade the 2022 launcher but next year may have that.

There's a button in the pause menu you can hold for a few seconds to reset the hub world.

Another fix is taking the .zip to your C:// directory and unzipping there. Windows has a character limit on path names which means the error likely comes from unzipping too deep in a directory.

For now I can recommend swapping to the itch download client. 

Do you know anything about the too-long file names? Like where they could be in the file structure?

I'll add in the next major patch. 

Smaller patches arent getting big announcements, at this point its minor bug fixes for games. 

Fun, difficult to pick up but fair. I liked how my capacity grew with time.

You launcher progress will be unaffected

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No and if something breaks that's a bug! Let us know. 

(1 edit) in lieu of spoiler tags heres the sequence from where you are, until the next big section.

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Unfortunately, those kinds of details vary from demo to demo and are outside the control of the launcher. 

If you make a list of what's wrong with particular demos I can hand that off to the respective developers, but this kind of stuff is dependent on their setup. 

We are using jam submission required fields to handle some data entry requirements from contributors. (This is an amazing feature!)

It seems that line breaks in the field descriptions are not rendered in the submission portal. (Images below) For clarity's sake these linebreaks would be tremendously helpful.

Would this be a trivial thing to fix?

Creating descriptions for form fields (top)  How those descriptions are rendered on submission page (bottom)

Really interesting mechanic! I wish I could pan the camera as I quickly hit a case where the cube terminates off-screen and I can't see. Is that intentional?

Needs an explainer introduction. The mechanic would be self explanatory in 2D but this 3D presentation is unfamiliar. "Bounce higher using triangles" would suffice. 

The bounce itself sounds like it's hurting the character no matter where you land, kinda confusing. There should be clearer audio feedback about what actions are good vs bad. The crunch of a positive land is ambiguous at least at first. 

The monster/environment should change in an obvious way when it's time to enter. maybe the music should change or everything changes color.  Could the triangles hurt you when the mode flips into 'enter'? 

Input feels clunky in a bad way tbh. You're aligning cardinally on a sphere, maybe mouse input would feel more thrilling. Orbital momentum could also be interesting. If mouse input makes it too easy, well that's more opportunity to make the triangles and bullet hell effects tougher. 

Hopefully my recent play through of Mario 64 has awakened the right muscle memories. 

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I had some covid complications and stage two was not shippable by the 25th. I will make it live in the launcher and post an announcement when it's ready. There's one other game (at least day 8) in madvent 21 that will get major updates in the next couple weeks. 

The original desktop build had spooky elements but they were audio-reactive and none of the code worked with WebGL. If and when it makes sense I'm going to remaster the project and get it all back!

Obrigado! Language settings seem to be the common factor. I'll look into fixing this but no telling how long it will take. Luckily the web version seems ok. Thank you for raising the issue, it'll definitely be addressed by next year ;) 

Do you use a language other than english for your operating system? If so, what is it?

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If you are running the desktop build, the only fix  I could spitball is browsing to the streaming assets folder in the game's data folder and deleting the local backup json files in case they came in funny. Otherwise, I couldn't guess why the json won't parse in your app. The web version I linked above should run 100% in the browser. It'd be good for testing if this is a network issue. 

The People's Tree 2021 by colter, Cyreides (

Try the web build and lmk if it doesn't load. Server could have been down or there could have been a connection problem.

he knows

he sees thru all eyes that bear his likeness!

Yep! That was an anonymous entry. More info may come out later, hopefully, because it's dope.

Day 16 will need to be patched in, visiting its house counts it played so you can still reach the ending. 

its true