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Try moving the .exe of the game out of the downloads folder and onto the desktop it should fix it.

Check the numbers on the bathroom mirror and the doors in the bathroom.

It seems to be working fine on my end. Which door are you referring to exactly? Are you using windows 10? Is there anything else odd like does the game run really slow?

We're looking into how to make it compatible with the app, in the meantime do not use the the app to download the game, instead just download it directly from the website using your internet browser.

try moving the .exe out of the downloads folder and on to the desktop it should fix that issue.

Are you using a windows 10 pc?

I have never heard of that issue before. The game doesn't have any installation at all, it's all contained in the .exe and once downloaded will just run. 

I'm not sure what an "error in the downloads list" means but have you tried with a different internet browser? 

Yep, we have news posts every month on newgrounds and on Pateron that talk about the current state of the game as well as new features that are being worked on.

Try moving the game out of the downloads folder and on to the desktop it should fix it.

The .exe versions are basically the same as dragging a swf into the debugger. You can grab any of the .swf versions off of newgrounds and drop them into the debugger and it should work fine.

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we don't have any plans of trying to bring it to android atm. Our focus is finishing the game first and foremost maybe after its finished we would consider it.

Try moving the .exe for the game out of the downloads folder and onto the desktop.

Uh, like I said before it won't stop working. Your computer could not have flash installed at all and the .exe should still work. Windows is blocking flash content on websites. Even with the latest updates there is still work arounds to get the browser versions working like in the thread I posted.

Thanks! The cap was around 200. 

It won't stop working. Flashplayer has already been discontinued for web-browsers but the game is a .exe so it's all good. Newgrounds is also making the newgrounds player which allows you to watch / play flash games on their site. It's a little bit of a hassle to get working ATM but it does work. 

Here's the NG player.

and Here's the thread to get it working

We have a full archive of news posts on Newgrounds and Patreon.

The only difference is this is a .exe version. And yes you can use your password.

I have a test build for Mac. Let me know if it works.

Hmm, this screen shot helps. It looks like it loaded the save so that function is fine, but the second it got to the room something caused an error and caused the code in the room to fail to load. When you ran the game before did it run laggy? Is the computer your playing on particular slow like a laptop? 

I want to test a few things but I need someone who is getting the bug to be a guinea pig.

Here's a link to the Con-Quest discord

Yes you can, it will start you at level 1 but you will get a unique item based on the level you got to.

I can't seem to recreate this issue, I'm able to click on everything just fine. Being only able to click on the menu means something really screwy is going on with how your exe. is running. Are you using any anti virus software that could be messing with it? Its also possible the download was somehow corrupted. 

 Are you running it on windows 10? 

Moving the game out of your downloads folder and onto your desktop should fix the white screen.

Try dragging the file on your desktop then launching it.