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At first, we hadn't thought of unlinking, but as we went on we noticed how plain the game felt, thus, we added unlinks to the game to spice it up, I'm glad you enjoyed the presentation!

Thanks for the feedback! We intended to produce more levels but due to the 48 hour time limit, along with the creation of the expert mode levels and the tutorials, in addition to investigating upon different mechanics, we fell short of time. We will surely check out your game as well!


Thank you! As addressing the unlink mechanic, we included the explanation of the mechanic within the tutorial, which stated it was 5 moves every unlink, and the number of times you were able to do so, was listed on the top of the screen in text, and as a white bar.

Thank you!

Thanks! Will do.

Yup! I think for the future we could work more around movement ties as opposed to basing off time, as, like you said, the main focus was solving the puzzles as opposed to do it quickly. The reason we did so within this jam, was due to slight constraints with time which limited our ability to delve into more unique mechanics.

umm, im not sure how to check the level number, but on a few levels, particularly the one with a lot of colored tiles and the level before it, after failing a few times, you can walk through the door as red and it will move to the next level.

Tricky game to master, very fun to play, somehow, failing over and over again, doesn't get boring in your game, and thats a great thing! The mechanic is really cool along with great visuals, stellar performance!

Great game!, there were a lot, and I do mean a LOT of bugs and glitches which i found, primarily with how in some cases if one pigment moves through the door the next level loads and in some cases you need to move all to the doors to move to the next level, another bug was that if you join 2 different color pigments under spikes which are the color they become after combining, the game bugs out quite a lot until you split again. Other than that, I really love the mechanic, great job!

Loved how you seperated the controls, felt a bit akward getting used to it though, presentation can use some work, but overall, great job!

Interesting game, I feel like the gameplay needs some work, especially with the balancing and difficultly level, the art and music were spot on though.

pretty cool game! Loved the interpretation of the theme. 

Thanks for the feedback! We will attempt to make this change in a future patch or Dev-Log..Stay tuned if interested!

Thank you!

I dont know what to say, its addicting, fun, rhythm based, perfectly synced with the music, i enjoyed every second of it, i would love to see this game polished and turned into an actual release! 

Thank you!

Great! Im excited to see where this game goes!

Thank you! We will try to fix bugs and issues, if interested, stay tuned for possible dev-logs! 

Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed the game! We tried to get out as many levels as possible within the time frame but 48 hours just isn't much time.

Nice game for your first jam! This was my first jam too! I enjoyed most aspects of this game.

I really love the concept of the game, its awesome and you followed through with that concept very well!

Wow! Super slick game, it has you on your feet with the interesting mechanics! I Really enjoyed a lot about this game!

My first jam! Its a cross between a rhythm and a platformer.

Cool game! I love the simplistic and minimalist art. The gameplay can become a bit repetitive and circling away from mobs looking for card becomes old pretty quick. Other than that i love the way cards were implemented.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks for the feedback!  Due to time constraints and this being our first jam we weren't able to perfect that aspect of the game and we feel the same way as you!

Haha, i dont know wheter thats a compliment or an insult but i  appreiciate the feedback!

Thank you!

Thanks for the positive feedback! Since it was a 48 hour jam and we're all students its a bit hard for us to get a lot of levels done.

The excessive amounts of lights and post-processing was intended, hehe. We will try to integrate an option allowing the user to select the brightness, opacity and tone of the colors present! Thanks for the feedback!