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I just hope I don’t forget about this in two years... (:

Museum of the Surrealist:

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love those lights!!! bing bong bing bing bong gibaeogiabeogibaoeig

Thank you for making this. This really is quite an experience!

This is absolutely beautiful! I played it for a while, and it gives me this mysterious feeling. Thanks!

This is really cool, it looks almost like real cities!

Museum of the Surrealist is a surreal museum exploration game (who would have guessed!) where you can walk around and enjoy beautiful artwork. Have fun!

I love those interactive scenes!

wowowowow so cool!

This game is really beautiful! I love the cool surreal environments, weird as they are :)

This game is absolutely stunning. The visuals are amazing, and the environment seems almost real! Thanks for this.

Can't wait for it to start, only two years left until we can begin!

Use Wine. There's a link to it.

Hi, I'm very new at making games, and this is my first (major) game. It's free here: Thanks in advance, and I hope you have a good time exploring the levels!

Museum of the Surrealist is a simple, relaxing and calm exploration game, in which you explore a large museum of beautiful surreal and abstract art.

Museum of the Surrealist:

Wow! Amazing game!! 

Really cool!