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Purple is used to mark transparency so it will be related to that.

This is a BASIC game so there wouldn't be a NEX file.  NEX files are the format for machine-code games

Damn that's a lot of information.  

Nice!  Didn't take you long!

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Yes, that is the title of the game I am writing!  In an attempt to get some basic routines working for an upcoming text adventure game I am writing, I've decided to do a little prequel for this Jam.  It's a 12 location adventure game with around 5 puzzles to solve.  So it's not big at all.

Today, I am dealing with text.  Specifically, printing it on screen, and compressing it so I can fit a reasonable amount of text (along with code) within 8K.  With the help of my father (who's a great writer), I've finished the location text and for those 12 locations it takes over 3K.  With compression is takes around 1.5K.  The compression scheme I am using is ZX0, written by Einar Saukas.  Perhaps a ZX0 compressor and decompressor might be an interesting project for the next DotJam!

I need to decompress it at start-up to a larger buffer, and write some routines that can word-wrap the text.  When this is done I will post some screenshots.  I am currently writing it within Odin itself.  I `ORG` the code to` $6000`, and decompress it to `$8000` onwards.  I also have the 768 bytes of the sinclair font compressed too and that comes to around 400 bytes.  When I want to create the .dot file, I will change the `ORG $6000`, to `ORG $6000,$2000` and add `SAVE "",$6000,$-$2000` to create the dot file itself.  If I do that initially, I won't be able to run the game inside Odin as the addresses will be all wrong.

I plan to post some progress reports here.  Not sure about live streaming.  

DotJam community · Created a new topic Progress updates

Hi, good luck next week to all those that attempt to write code.  Feel free to start your own topic on this community page and send some screenshots or progress updates during the week.  I'd love to see those.

If you have any questions about Odin later in the week when you try to convert, grab me on WhatsApp to get my immediate attention.

Great idea

First of all, as a budding digital electronics hobbyist, I think this is one of the coolest apps ever.  The game is fun, but it's the sandbox that blows my mind.  I am trying to build an 8-bit CPU using your program. 

After a few hours of using it, I'd like to suggest some additions for usability.

1) Add some keyboard bindings, especially to speed up some common functionalities like cloning and deleting.

2) Allow a way to change the order of inputs and outputs as they appear in the simulation and eventual component.

Again thanks for writing this software!