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First of all, as a budding digital electronics hobbyist, I think this is one of the coolest apps ever.  The game is fun, but it's the sandbox that blows my mind.  I am trying to build an 8-bit CPU using your program. 

After a few hours of using it, I'd like to suggest some additions for usability.

1) Add some keyboard bindings, especially to speed up some common functionalities like cloning and deleting.

2) Allow a way to change the order of inputs and outputs as they appear in the simulation and eventual component.

Again thanks for writing this software!

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Thanks for the kind words and the suggestions!

1) I'll add it to my TODO list. No promises or an ETA at the moment, but I'll look into it.

2) I experimented with a simple editor in the past ( but I haven't managed to properly implement it yet. It's definitely one of the things I'll do at some point, but again, no ETA.