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I just updated to the latest patch this afternoon. I can't walk onto the new dock.

Also, in the new room, the walls are not decorated with the wall pattern I bought for the rest of the house. I bought the walls before the new room was built, but I thought the walls would apply for the whole house. Is that intentional? Do I have to buy the wall pattern again to have it apply to the new room?

Everything else in the new room works great now - no more walls acting like curtains and hiding things. Thanks!

I really like the transparent trees thing. Makes nagivation much easier. I also love the new winter plants! It's fun to find different things in different seasons.

I've noticed the game is pretty laggy in certain areas - to the north of my farm, right before the bridge to the mine, and just to the west of my farm. The sound starts skipping, and my character starts moving a lot slower. It's especially bad at night and when the fireflies are out or it's raining. It fixes itself immediately when I move to a different area. This has been an issue for a while - it's not new with this patch.

I really like assembling the artifacts for archaeology. I've had some issues with a few artifacts, though. Some of the "puzzle" pieces are just one or two pixels. I don't know if other people have perfect vision or what, but for me, they can be really hard to see that they're even there, much less where they go. And they can be hard to pick up with the mouse, especially if you accidentally drop them on the wrong place on the artifact and have to move them - it's almost like they disappear. The first time it happened, I thought there was something on my screen. I'd love it if the tiniest ones were a little bigger.

How do we make dye? I can't buy covered furniture because it all requires dye.

Clay is really energy-intensive (and therefore frustrating). An entire status bar will get me like 20 clay. Could this be balanced out some? It seems like you'd just need to change the probability of getting clay with any given dig?

I wish when I clicked the ready notification over the stove that it would open to where I could pick up my cooked food instead of the default menu.

Can you make it possible for the up ladder in the mines to have the option of going only up one level as well as all the way out? Sometimes I accidentally go down when I didn't mean to and I'd like to just be able to go back to the previous level.

Yes, in  The only thing I've noticed it with so far is the new room.

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I had the same issue with the mirror, but it's fixed now. Along the same lines, though, when I walk up to the wall in the new room, my character disappears behind it now. I don't remember if that was happening before the latest hotfix or not. Also, I just noticed that although the mirror is fine, other furniture goes behind the wall as well, as if the wall were a curtain.

I upgraded, but I had to upgrade to the Adequate Coop first and then the Spacious Coop. I've upgraded my barn completely now too.

I know the Spacious Barn requirements changed in the latest patch, but I have everything and I went to upgrade and it told me I don't have enough bricks. But bricks aren't on the list. I know they were before, and I'm guessing it's from them getting pushed off the bottom of the menu in the carpentry shop? Anyway, I can't remember - I think it was 25 bricks that were required before? Thanks!

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You order Tree Taps from your Catalog, then use them on the pine and maple trees in the right seasons. I can't remember exactly which season is which - I think maple in winter & spring; pine in summer and fall. Also, IIRC, you can only use them on your own trees on your land. You can turn the maple sap into maple syrup in your kitchen.

I would also like to know this. I've been looking through all my recipes and didn't find anything. It's not worth much in its raw form, so I'm hoping I didn't just waste all those tree taps that I could have saved for maple sap to turn into more valuable maple syrup.

Huh. I had a normal coop, and I was trying to upgrade to the Spacious Coop. Do we have to upgrade in order?

I'm trying to upgrade my coop. I have all the resources. When I click on the workbench in Simeon's shop, it takes me to my land, and there's a bar in the corner that says "Right Click to cancel purchase." However, there's no way for me to place the coop. I've tried clicking on my existing coop and finding a new spot for the upgraded coop, but neither works. Clicking on my Right-Click hotkey doesn't do anything, either. Clicking on the right mouse button on my trackpad cancels the purchase and takes me back to Simeon's workshop.

I just updated today. Before that,  I was on the last hotfix (I didn't update right when the latest patch came out). I guess it's probably the rain thing. It's been raining a lot. I'll see if she's there the next sunny M/F. Thanks!

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Narbell Saplings hasn't been open at all for me for at least the last week or two (in-game). Are they closed when it's raining? It's the beginning of summer in Year 2 for me, but it seems like they weren't there at the end of spring, either.

It took me a while to figure out the truffles, too. I thought you got them from the pig the same way you got them from the cow. They work more like chicken eggs - you just pick them up from the ground. They're kind of grey-green lumpy things. I usually only get one every 3 or 4 days.

I want to say I was in the mines, but I'm not positive about that, because right afterward I ran around several different places to see if it would work somewhere else.

No, I can't walk through the tree, it just appears on top of me. I guess that's some kind of layering error.

By the way, I also noticed running around today that I'm now able to walk through some trees. I don't remember this happening before the latest update. I think they're walnut trees (it's winter so it's hard to tell, but they're dark wood). The tree behaves like I would normally expect except when I approach it from the front. When I get right next to the tree and can't move any more because the tree is in my way, suddenly the trunk is on top of me. I thought it was just one tree, but I checked, and it happened with several trees, but only that one kind. It didn't happen with other trees that I could tell. I was in the area just west of my farm. 

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I don't have a ton of details. I was doing my normal daily routine feeding my animals and going to the mine, and suddenly I couldn't interact with anything. Neither the left nor right mouse button worked. I wasn't using a mouse - I changed the left/right button hotkeys to F and G - but they weren't working at all. I tried everything I could think of - moving to a different area, interacting with different things. I also tried clicking with my laptop's trackpad. Nothing worked. I finally had to close the game and reopen it.

Haha. Yeah, again, sorry about the long post! Thanks so much for answering all my questions!

I've updated several times in the last few days. I believe I updated to the latest version a few hours after you posted it, so all the things I mentioned (like the livestock issue) apply to this version (I think it's 0.18.4?). To clarify, I am able to walk through chickens/geese, and I've seen my pig and cow walk through each other. Related, I've also noticed that if I walk in front of the pig, causing him to have to stop, he will sometimes start spinning rapidly back and forth. This doesn't stop until I leave the barn.

As far as saving, I understand your concern. Even saving every 12 hours instead of 24 would help, though. There's a lot of progress you can make/lose in 24 in-game hours. I had to go back and re-mine a hundred or so ore, turn in a quest again, and repurchase 5 or 6 pieces of furniture. This was today that that happened.

Thanks for taking our feedback into consideration. I'm excited to see how everything develops!

Let me start by saying again that I really love this game and it's a lot of fun! I'm so glad you've been working on this and updating so often. I'm really excited to see what else is going to come out!

Anyway, I'm sorry to put all these issues under the same post. I've been collecting a list as I run across them in the game.

Character Movement Issues

I've read some other posts here about this, and I've been trying to articulate exactly what the issue is. I think it's that when I move, it's hard to predict exactly where I *and* that red box will end up. For example, sometimes I move "one" space and the red box also moves one space with me. Sometimes, I move "one" space, and the red box doesn't move. 

What I've figured out is that what I think of as a "square" - the space occupied by one object, like a stone, is actually subdivided into half-squares. But moving one time sometimes moves me a whole square and sometimes half a square. This is very frustrating, for example, in the mines where two rocks are spaced one square apart, enough room for me to move between, but my character is between two half-squares instead of two whole squares. If I move once, she moves again to between the next two half-squares, and  I still can't walk between the rocks. I have to walk several squares away and then come back to line myself up correctly. Also, sometimes it looks like I'm standing with space to walk forward, but the object next to me juts out a tiny bit, causing me to first attempt to walk forward, fail, and have to turn around and back out to walk around it. This happens with tree roots as well as the rocks in the mine (it happens elsewhere, too, but those are the ones that get me the most). 

This is also a problem for trying to pick up things with the red box. When I'm moving around using the arrow keys, I don't want to have to constantly go back to the trackpad/mouse to select something, I'd rather just navigate there with the arrows, but that's unreliable since I don't know how to move to get the box lined up exactly the first time. This is an issue whether I have the box fixed to my feet or waist.

What I wish is that my character and red box moved one whole square each time and objects were on whole squares so that movement would be predictable and navigation would be much less frustrating.

Barn/Animal Movement & Spelling Issues

- there are ladders on the wall, but when I walk up to them, they are in front of me (this has happened in some other areas with ladders as well)

- I can walk through birds; cows & pigs walk through each other - this isn't an issue so much as it seems bizarre

- there's a spot in the barn next to the pitchfork on the right fence which is empty but I can't walk through it

- barn menu says "Livestoke Status" instead of "Livestock Status"

- When I first got an animal, Mel told me "Now that own an animal be sure to feed it daily" - that sentence is missing "you"

- in the Perks Menu - "sheep sheered" - should be spelled "sheared"


Is there a way that we could manually save between midnights? I've twice lost almost a full day's work because the game glitched and I had to close it, resulting in it reverting back to the previous midnight.


- I wish when I moved things to my storage or inventory, they'd combine to become the max amount in that square and then move the leftover to another square. As it is, you can't combine them at all unless the combined amount is less than the max. It would make it easier to keep track of how much I have this way and to carry around only what I need to.

- It would be great to be able to see exactly where we are on the map, like having a map in the corner of the screen. The big map just has my character in the middle of the area I'm in, but it's hard to use that to navigate.

- I would love a help section in the character menu with the tips I've received from the game/characters and how to use tools, where to find basic things, ore requirements for bars at the forge, etc. A few times a character has told me something essential and I either accidentally closed the conversation too early or later forgot it and wasn't able to go back and find it again. At the beginning of the game, it took me a very long time to figure certain things out (like that you can use the shovel to remove tree stumps, for example).

- I would love a "Wishlist" section in my character menu where I can save items from the catalog I want to buy so I can keep track of what materials I need to get for them. 

- It was weird to me when it turned into summer and the sun was still setting at 5 or 6 PM. It seems like day length should vary with the seasons.

- It seems unbalanced that basic minerals on the lower levels of the mines require the same numbers of hits as the more valuable stones. I'm on level 120 and it's taking 7 or 8 hits to get quartz that I can get on level 5 for 2 hits. You may have some reasons for this, but it's really annoying when it happens! :)

- Are there plans for more plot developments coming?? I would love to see some more development of my and the other NPCs' stories! Developing friendships/romances, narrative arcs, etc.

Verdant Village community · Created a new topic Hunting?

I'm at the beginning of my first winter, and I received a quest from Sven to hunt some deer for him. He says there are deer to hunt in the woods to the north of the Whistling Fields. 

Everywhere I've tried to go north from the Whistling Fields says that area hasn't been implemented yet. Also, what am I supposed to hunt with? I don't have any weapons. Do I jump on them? Whack them with my axe or shovel?

Anyone have tips for this quest?

Oh, fantastic! That makes a huge difference, thanks!

I love this game, too, but I agree the mining is a slog. Because I knew there was so much mining, I decided to work on things to make mining easier first (upgrade my pickaxe, focus on repairing the bridge north of my house to make it easier to get to the mines), but that bridge, one of the simplest things to build, takes 20 iron bars. Each iron bar takes 5 iron ores. That's 100 iron ores. Those iron ores are on the 20th level and down in the mine. It takes forever to run around to get down there. There are only 3 or 4 iron deposits per level max, and you only get 2 or 3 iron ore per deposit, and even with my upgraded pickaxe, each deposit takes 4 units of energy to mine. I appreciate that you've simplified getting out of the mine, but it just isn't fun to spend all my game time on mining. I'm really considering whether it's worth continuing to play if even the easiest structure takes so much work.

Cute game - short and sweet! 

I'm having an issue when the dialogue is longer than the regular box size, though. It doesn't scroll or get bigger, it just gets cut off and I can't read it.

Yes, it's still not working. I noticed when I hover over the sheep, it turns green and the "space bar" button pops up over it. If I hit the space bar, Nigel can move the sheep a tiny bit, but not much. When he hovers over the key, it doesn't change color, but the "space bar" button does pop up. If I hit the space bar, there's a metallic "tap" sound, but the key doesn't move at all, and when Nigel moves, the key stays where it was. I'm running Windows 10.

Hi, I just purchased this game for PC. I love the concept! However, I'm having trouble with the controls. I can get Nigel to attempt to pick up sheep and other animals using the spacebar, but I can't get him to pick up the key at all, no matter where I position him or when I hit the spacebar, or what other keys I press at the same time (for example, I've tried having him pick it up while moving up or forward). I also tried using the E key since you mention that here, but it just makes him squawk. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!